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  1. I wanna say thank you to Admin for the positve response to this as seen in chat today.. Thank u @Mladen
  2. In 2018 - bitcoin for $ 40,000

    i think that the price of bitcoin will rise and fall in bigger amounts than before and yes i even think at some point it will hit 40,000 might even go to 69,000 but time will only tell.. nice topic
  3. in my opinion all are hero's and should be valued
  4. u know that i love all of you in support staff so i want to make it clear this was in no way aimed at any of you .. Mladen has been coming on here tipping the players who catch fire at "random" times but it always seems to go to the greedy hr's that dont bust or show love to other stake players wich is fine whatever.. but it seems to go to the same ones.. well i asked him today why he was tipping and he said it was for getiing on hr today... coeg hit hr 2 times and shared his whole winning with all of stake chat also velten hit hr 2 times in 24 hrs and he wasnt shown any love but kule and humberroll always get tips from Mladen and they are the ones that take awsy from stake . meaning they withdraw there winnngs . im just curious why Mladen never shows apprectation to the players that put all ther money back into stake and stake chat when a few of us are just trying to make it a funner vibe .... so basically what im getting at its ..: why does Admin reward the greedy players who keep there shit and run and not even give to shits about the ones that keep all there winnings here by losing it or in most cases, giving it away to other players to make a happy place to play....... just sayin
  5. ok if anyone knows myself or bigmann23 (my husband) then u know we are more than happy to show love when we win . ( he usually wins ) so in turn he tips me about half or vise versa... when we win big we always make sure that we take 1/4 but usually 1/2 of our winnings are tipped out keep our awesome friends in good spirits and to keep chat alive.. we have sponsered many social chat games (a few of you like my most recent game:" ill tip u if u pick another player that deserves a tip and a good reason why" .. lol its been fun) we have also seen a few great people do the same ... Heres my issue: The Admin have recently decided to tip those whom are the ones that withdraw and dont tip out ( by " tip out" i mean : when we players share winnings with one another to keep the wonderful community here at Stake alive and active.. i have seen in the past few weeks THE SAME " flammers" get shown love. .. 2 awesome players shared alomost there whole winning thiis moring but the didnt get crap for being "on fire " but one of the hr's that has been shown love this week by admin was once again praised for having a flam but yet not tipping anyone but his alt hmmmm... hmm just to be clear: i am not in anyway saying i should be tipped because i tip or anyone else for that matter but when u "the admin come out arms open for "greedy flammers but dont give 2 thoughts about the ones that pretty much keep your players happy" then its a sad place for us all . ... i hope that came out correct and if anyone has a comment i would love to hear it ..... gotta run bm's grandma needs my help to walk to the restroom I LOVE STAKE and I HOPE ADMIN OR ANYONE DOESNT TAKE WHAT I HAVE SAID IN THE NEGATIVE LIGHT BUT TRY TO SEE WHAT YOUR DOING IS RUDE AND BELITTLING !! luv u all thank you ..
  6. 20K trivia giveaway !!!

    Tmobil My Touch
  7. Stake chat muteeee

    skilful can get a little over "drunk Stupid" at times but chat isnt the same without everyone and there fun, crazy sometime annoying, but cheerfulness. so i hope this all blows over
  8. Litecoin Cash

    thank you for the information its really good
  9. Happy Love day

    just wanted to say thank you to those that took the time to reply to my topic
  10. Happy Valentines Day everyone! I thought it might be kinda nice to hear what some of you all did on the day of Love or in the name of Love.. please share how u spent your day .. maybe it was alone or cuddle up watching cartoons with your kids or on a romantic date .......
  11. birthdays

    hux your a sweetie mine is december the 8th and bm's is April 1st
  12. Word game / Stars bonus 50 K

    oh crap its never going to end then lol
  13. Word game / Stars bonus 50 K

    i thought it was sportsd stars or am i wrong?
  14. good luck Shinjo ... go go go #rainbowsheep
  15. Meet the Filipino Food

    ok so it took me a minute to think of a few things that are worth mentioning to eat where im from .. - fried chicken, mashed potato's and gravy - bbq boneless ribs , home made mac and cheese , twice baked potatos, oh and double fudge brownie cookies with vanilla frosting i couuld go on for days but those are some popular dishes that i like to make .. the pic below are actually my cooking https://imgur.com/WlXTSVZ https://imgur.com/bMJ0PK9 https://imgur.com/OMyS9iG https://imgur.com/MGDFdEW