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  1. just call me the tinman orshould i say tinWoman lol . if i only had a a heart haha i want a heart next to my name
  2. Ranking system for all players

    what had got bm and i thinking about this was that Stake had given out 100k tips to the top 100 players about a month or so ago and him and i both received one. so naturally we were wondering what position out of the top 100 did we place
  3. Ranking system for all players

    thank you everyone for all the positive feed back . bigmann23 and i really appreciate it
  4. chat rooms

    i dont know if i like the new chat rooms to much. alot of people are leaving english chat to go to the other rooms and im going to miss my friends lol just sayin
  5. Bigmann23 and I (bmg) were discussing how much we really love Stake and Bigmann23 brought up a really good idea and i think it should be brought to Stakes attention.... He said that it would be nice to know for personal knowledge where we as players "rank"in "all time" wagered btc. Rather than just weekly or daily leader board but instead it could be a continuous ranking system for all players... I think it would be kinda neat to see what position or place I stand in amount of btc i wagered compaired to all players here at the wonderful Stake ... anyway just some food for thought
  6. Introducing Pay per Post!

    I love this idea it really is a great way to get players involved .
  7. Wonders in Your Country

    Xtinepink that is beautiful.
  8. Displaying Bet ID's on Forum

    thanks for the information Dan and thank you for finding ways to make the site better for the players .. kudo to you
  9. NBA

    i think im going to start falloing basketball more as well as other sports
  10. John McAfee Exclusive: A Rare Call Recorded!!

    love ya lori.. keep up the great work
  11. John McAfee Exclusive: A Rare Call Recorded!!

    very well done Lori. you know that anything you write i love it ..but when u write about something that your excited about there is always that extra "pomp" thats makes is even better