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  1. wow thanks for pointing that out I wouldn't have noticed . Usually Stake has something posted by now. good topic
  2. Happy Birthday Dear sweet Marceline May your day Shine as bright and as beautifully as you do . Happy birthday sis . Love you always and forever your friends, Robin & Mike @bmg & @Bigmann23
  3. I'm not so much a fan of video poker . To me its kinda boring and to slow paced with not many option of payouts.
  4. It's funny how much I used to dislike doge coin but it started to grow on me so its not so bad . I haven't had to much experience playing with trx yet but it seems to be an ok coin. My fav is xrp . I am in love with the coin . It's fun to play and easy to win with.
  5. I'm a Mommy. That's a full time 24/7 job that only pays in hugs and kisses and messes lol.
  6. As much as I do appreciate all the nice things players try to do for one another it really does get kind of annoying when player rain over and over flooding chat with small tips but doing it so much it makes the site and the games laggy.. Mines gets very laggy when theres rain in the chat .
  7. That sounds great .. Start the new year of 2020 of with positive vibes .
  8. I have not played to much roulette here because the few times i have it did not go well at all. However, on another site when I played roulette I hit the number 0 three times in a row . I think thats the most I have hit .
  9. Stake forum is paying more this week as a nice gift to us all. Thank you Stake that's so awesome .
  10. I used to play mostly plinko and keno but for some reason this past year Mines has got me stuck . I have been trying so hard to hit a big payout but still have yet to do so. I think i wont stop Mines until i get a fat payout .
  11. Yes it's true myself and my the love of my life @Bigmann23 don't do what most people do on New Years eve.. We do it better .. For the the past few years we have had the privilege of spending our time ringing in the New year with all of our amazing friends here at Stake. This is our third year just hanging at home with family and chilling in chat with our friends ... 🥰Special thanks to @Irena and @Darko for making every New Years eve fun for all the stakers .. So i wanna know who will be joining us in chat through out the New year's day ?
  12. Thank you william . I wish you and everyone here a safe and Happy New Year.
  13. bmg

    Hi stake

    hello and welcome