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  1. username is : bmg I heard about Stake from Bigmann23 my husband
  2. username is : bmg I heard about Stake from Bigmann23 my husband
  3. Sorry for your lose... It's gambling face it people your going to lose most of the time. If you didn't then casinos wouldn't be open .
  4. I am looking forward to reading more of your writing on the forum in future posts. I am going to say the same as everyone else... well written indeed. I just like to press the bet button on plinko as fast as i can like I did a few days ago. on plinko and I hit x1000 and won .03btc from .00003 btc and 2 ETH because it was during telegram giveaway. . I feel that if you are to focused on a win then you will have a harder time getting that win. Relax open your mind just chill and bet freely because its better that way. Plinko is Awesome!
  5. Great topic @Shaniqua I like that your bringing up the subject of the design here on stake . I agree with you on this as I my self have wondered the same . Whom ever is doing this really should know that we all appreciate your good work.
  6. Yes it does freeze alot when on mobile there is a definite lag. If at all possible I would stick to using a pc for Stake.
  7. It has been some time since I have really played a good long stretch of plinko. It used to be my one and only game but we all get a little bored sometimes. Last night I had a few sats in my balance and it was time for the Telegram giveaway and when I heard it was plinko I was thinking ok I haven't played plinko in a while this should be fun, so I decided to join. Well, I had forgotten how much I missed it because I was so into my game that I could feel the win coming. And then there it was.... x1000 ! Instant winner of .03 btc and 2 Eth. Thank you plinko & Stake for making me a winner
  8. I was just thinking the same thing that William said when I read this . isnt that wha most players here do anyway? lol just keep depositing, bust, repeat...next one is depositing, bust repeat.
  9. I am a very opened mined person with a very big heart . I tend to trust more than I should and I have gotten hurt by some"friends" on here in the past who have asked for funds ( which i dont mind giving if i have) but got caught being an alt doing the same to me acting as if they were someone else. However with that said I will say this it's is only you that can decide whom you feel is real , fake, con, or even just desperate or as Id like to hope all people are and that would be of course a "genuine friend". I could go on about this subject for days because there are just some many different aspects to the subject . Just be you and keep it real because life is a lot simpler that way
  10. I have deposited quit a few times without withdrawing. I think 10 maybe 15 times is about my average. Give or take a few on that.
  11. There are many thing that make Stake unique. I would have to say the different amount of games. Also such a wonderful Support Staff that works so hard to keep this place and all the players as happy as possible. Lets not forget the awesome community of people that are here.
  12. If I had won more than a few btc of course I would withdraw most of it. I also would still play with some of it. I like playing but I would make sure I was responsible and use it wisely.
  13. I had no idea there was a max bet option. Guess I need to pay more attention to the games.
  14. good luck Twitch username : bigmannsgirl Stake user name : bmg
  15. bmg

    Limbo. 1000x +

    I still have not hit x1000 lol heck I can"t even hit a x100 . I suppose I have no patients for Limbo.