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  1. If I could change the name of bitcoin well of course I would have to call it the bmgcoin I mean what better name is there than that besides the Robincoin.
  2. The highest that I have been able to hit was x500. I haven't seen very many really high multipliers but as you said I'm sure there are a few out there but I just haven't seen the yet. I like the game though and I'm happy Stake added it.
  3. lol this is a silly question but i guess nuggets.
  4. My husband @Bigmann23 and I gamble together almost everyday here and a few other place together. When I win big I split with him and when he wins big he splits with me. When we deposit we split our deposits 50/50. It's a lot of fun having him here with me.
  5. The highest multiplier I have hit since I have been at Stake is x1000 on plinko . I don't think I have hit any higher than that on any other games but I still try lol. Good luck to everyone .
  6. Welcome to the forum I hope you find all you need here. Good luck to you .
  7. That is so awesome that you returned the miss tip. Godloft is cool people so I'm happy he got his coins back. Proud of you
  8. wow 2 years already . I was never a fan of alt coins until recently and I will say BCH sure has come a very long way and is here to stay.
  9. bmg

    Plinko instant bet!?

    I have not hyet tried to play without the animation on for plinko . I have tried it with other games and I makes the bet's way fast but with plinko I like the animation of the game. Isn't that the whole point of playing plinko.❤️
  10. Well I think soon enough most online retail store will eventually pick up the idea of having crypto accepted as a method of payment. I also sure amazon will be one that is sooner than later.
  11. I set my cashout at a way far out number and bet a low but decent amount and keep it on auto but I watch the game so that way I feel if its gonna crash then I can stop it my self. I like this game its kinda fun.
  12. It has been so much fun these past 2 years being here. I love This community of crazy fun beautiful people that make Stake an awesome place . Happy birthday Stake . I hope to be here for many more .
  13. Happy Birthday Stake!! wow time sure does fly . ... my emoji I choose is 🥳 I have had some great times at Stake. One of those was My first time winning a telegram challenge. I hit x1000 on plinko and was betting .00003 btc so I won .03btc and 2 Eth it was pretty nice I have to admit. Also great time was getting to meet @badger in person and give her a hug. But i's have to say that my very best and most memorable moments are the times that my husband @Bigmann23 and I are on here playing and hanging out having some laughs in chat. Happy Birthday Stake I hope to be here for many more !! love bmg