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  1. omg I really want to do the halloween costume contest like we did in 2017. that was so much fun ( i won .02btc in that one)
  2. Plinko is not a scam. You are gambling so you should know that the odds are not in your favor. Better luck next time .
  3. bmg

    Plinko - ideal basebet?

    My idea of a good basebet for plinko is anything higher than .00005 btc . I always like to play on high risk and mainly use 16 pins but sometimes I do use 15 pins and 14 pins if I feel like I'm not doing well on 16 pins.
  4. I would never wanna be Satoshi. Can you imagine having millions of people looking for you and wanting to know all you business. The thought alone makes my skin crawl. I would almost wanna pass on the 1.1 million in bitcoin do to the fact that the IRS and everyone i know would surely find a way to get there hands on most of it anyway lol. I mean it sounds great until you think of all the headache that goes with both choices.
  5. Hello Stake community it me bmg wanting your input on something that's be brought up a few times in chat. In all the challenges and giveaways players are not allowed to be hidden. Well most of them anyway. The race's allow for players to win this event in hidden.. My question is do you think that it's ok or fair for this to be allowed?.. In my opinion I think that the races should be just as any other challenge or giveaway and it should be against the rules to race hidden and win... Tell me what you think.
  6. bmg

    new at forum

    Welcome to the forum .
  7. Interesting I have not yet heard of this . Thank you for the info @wry . I need to tell bm about this so he can look in his email to see if Bitpay has sent something about this.
  8. Keno is a great game here . The odds of winning on keno here are much better than any other site I have played keno on. You can be losing your balance the keno will pop out wth x63 or you can be winning then all of a sudden your balance is gone. Same as any other game but still is fun .
  9. No one has hit 10/10 that I'm aware of but there is hope still that someone will hit it soon. Just have faith in the numbers you pick relax and enjoy your game and maybe it will be you that hits it.
  10. I have no doubt that crypto currency will one day replace fiat. It will be a very long time from now maybe 10+ or even 20+ years but it will be the future of all money.
  11. If I were to max bet on any of the Stake games then I think my first choice would have to be plinko. If nloy plinko then I would have to go with Mines.
  12. bmg


    hello and welcome to the forum.