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  1. bmg

    Rainbot in chat

    I think the rainbot is causing way too many problems in chat it's bringing in way too many alt's and farmers that are really annoying and disruptive and rude. I wish there was some way we can get back on a level system where people with higher levels get the rewards of the site instead of the noobs who are just farming and lurking and begging
  2. . I would love to say that I would cash out if I one a Bitcoin however bigmann23 and myself have both 1 Bitcoins at one time each and neither of us cashed out but we did have a lot of fun with all the players making massive storms in chat and to have shared it all with our friends was worth every penny๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ’
  3. bmg

    Mexico is tightening up on Bitcoin regulations

    I think it's good to Mexico's taking action to protect their people when it comes to investing and all things related in the cryptocurrency world
  4. bmg

    Bitcoin Analysis and Trading Idea

    I am a loyal Bitpay customer and its cool they added bch but i really would like to see them add etherum or Litecoin I'm not a big fan of the coins but they're easy to accumulate and since I use bitpay often I would really like that option for my wallet
  5. bmg

    $250 Twitter Giveaway 9/18/18

    Let me ask you a question Steve if that's your real name. Why is it that 95% of the accounts you're tipping out right now and chat for the giveaway we're just made yesterday or the day before and I've never wager here. If the giveaways are just going to go to players that don't even have accounts here then why waste your time and waste our time because God knows I went and I retweeted that damn thing more than once and it's a pain in the ass and it takes a lot of data to get on Twitter just saying
  6. bmg

    Missing the way it was

    I had never spent hardly any time on the Forum until recently and I really like it here especially since I discovered that all you wonderful people are here with topics that are interesting and conversing like adults should. Don't get me wrong stake chat is one of my favorite places still but lately it's becoming less and less the place I want to be due to the fact that about 50% of the time now when I go into chat on the site it's crowded it's annoying it's frustrating and it's rediculous with all of the bot lurkers waiting around like children waiting for the ice cream man to arrive. Lol im dying to get my hands on a mute hammer ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ€โ˜•๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’ž
  7. bmg

    Alt wallet

    I have used jax wallet in the past and it was ok . It has a larger selection of alt coins that it holds so that might be something for u to look into.. good luck
  8. bmg

    Upbit to launch in Singapore

    I have a lot of friends from Singapore that are on these sites and it's good to know that Singapore is doing well in the cryptocurrency world it makes me happy for my friends
  9. As we all know BTC e t h and LTC all have the same value worldwide but when it comes down to it what is the value of a coin compare to your cost of living. What I'm trying to ask is if you had one Bitcoin at the price it is right now which on average is about $6,400 what could you buy in your country or your hometown with 1 btc 1eth or 1ltc. The reason I ask this question and would like to get a general idea is that I noticed that some people get excited over LTC & Eth just as i do over btc. . So I'm curious if you had 1 btc 1 Eth and 1 ltc what would you be able to buy in your county?
  10. I've been player here since September of 2017 and im so happy to be a player here I'm here quite often and as of lately I know myself as well as others don't really want to be here as quite often as we used to because things are changing and they're not changing for the better. Stake used to be not just a place to go gamble but its a place to go hang out with your friends and chat and when I say friends I mean regular players, support staff and the mods . That was the best thing about stake was closeness of the community. I miss being able to go into chat and actually have a conversation with somebody but now chat scroll so fast because there's so many alts and noobs driving everyone insane with there lame begs and rainbot stalking that you can't even get a word in. I miss the way that steak was and the good times we all had in chat . I'm sure majority will agree with me. I would love to hear everyones opinion on this. I really hope Stake gets back to normal soon ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ”จ๐Ÿ”ง#unbreakStake๐Ÿ’”
  11. I totally agree 100% with what you're saying chat really is not the same anymore and it sucks. About 85 to 90% of the people in chat we've never seen before this rain bot. And like what Badger said chats not fun anymore what happened to the support in the mods tipping and having chat games roll hunt trivia Etc. I'm not sure if you guys have noticed this or not but none of the regulars are really there anymore because of all this going on . if something is not broken why try to fix it stake was fine and now it's broken.
  12. bmg

    Happy hour

    i got the notice from twitter and i didnt believe it until i checked faucet. It was a nice to see something positive happen around here after all the let downs from the updates.
  13. bmg

    Bragging about btc isn't safe

    I can kind of understand that but unless you're showing personal information along with that then I don't see any harm in it. LOL I wish I had BTC to brag about
  14. bmg

    Will Amazon Create Their Own Cryptocurrency?

    I really don't see any point in them doing that. I agree with weary the Amazon cash and gift cards gift cards seem to be enough. But you never know it could be successful we'll just have to wait and see
  15. bmg

    Share your fav porn site

    Well of course PornHub would be number 1 and also PornMD I watch a lot of porn so take my word for it those are good ones๐Ÿ˜‰