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  1. The Discord challenges are more of a social thing . The support staff try to make it fun for the users in Discord chat. The Tele challenges actually involve the games on Stake .
  2. bmg

    I tried the wheel

    After all the long waiting for the wheel to come out when it finally did I have to say it was a big disappointment to me. Other sights have the same game but they have way more payouts on theirs . Also i never win on it.
  3. bmg

    Your lucky numbers.

    I haven't really had any luck here with roulette but I also really never play it here unless its for a Challenge. When I do play though I choose the numbers 0, 8 23, 34, 36, 19, 26, 22... I don't use them all at the same time but I always make sure I play on 0 no matter what other numbers I'm playing at that time.
  4. bmg

    8 out of 8

    Even though it was just a few trx you were playing with that right there is still a very nice bet in my opinion . Getting an 8 out of 8 on keno is not very common. kudos to you.
  5. I hope you find all that your looking for here . Welcome to the Stake forum. Enjoy.
  6. That is a very good point to make . Yes everyone should read carefully and follow the rules .. In the past I got a warning and it was on my forum profile for like almost a month before it was removed .
  7. I change me seed all the time. I used to never change it at all but to me either way i wont know the outcome so to me it doesn't really matter any more . either way i'm gambling im gonna win or lose i don't feel the seed has anything to do with it since i can use a smiley face for my seed if i choose lol.
  8. Honestly I have been playing mines on manual but I've been using the hot keys and i tell you it seems to make a difference in my opinion. I am not really a fan of the auto bet on mines. I never win on auto.
  9. I have never noticed it saying VIP Battle. But thank you for bring it to our attention. I will go now and check it out to see what it is all about.
  10. welcome to the forum .
  11. I just want you to know that i love you bot . I thank you for making it so easy on us players to exchange. kudos to you sweetheart 😘 luv ya Lup Luv
  12. As I see it the problem with underage gambling starts with "attentive parenting" . If someone underage is gambling online then sorry its not the casino's fault but maybe we should focus on why parents are allowing their children to be unsupervised with a credit card and the internet lol.