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  1. Way to go. It is quit the accomplishment to get to the 1000 mark on the forum that is a ton of reading and writing . Kudos to you.
  2. To be honest with you in my opinion video poker is a fat waist of time unless your making a few big bets . Getting a royal flush is near to impossable and dont let me get started on how the auto bet screws you out of trying to get that royal flush.
  3. All players hope to reach a goal and stop cash out or whatever but we are gamblers thats what we do . we win some and lose most.
  4. I always play high risk 10 numbers picked . The first week the new stake was here i hit x500 and x63 about 5 times that week. Then I had a long losing streak and just this week I have hit a few x63's .
  5. My very first big epic win of my bitcoin gambling time was so unforgettable... I had just started at a site called bit-exo and I had no idea what bitcoin was @Bigmann23 was playing there so he wanted me to play there to since I would just sit by his side and see how fun plinko was. Anyway I hit there JackPot and won 1.5 btc from one drop on plinko and my bet was only 0.000068 btc and btc was about $750 at that time. Since I didn't think it was real money (stupid me ) and all my new friends were like beside them selves that I had just won that much I tipped @bigmann23 and pretty much him and I rained the rest for like 2 days it was a poppin party . .25 btc rains and .02 btc tippes to all my friends hell yeah that was EPIC!! Oh and not to forget bm and I ordered our Visa bitpay card and it came 2 weeks later with $300 on it lol.
  6. @Bigmann23 CrashGame: 76b853a6-07a5-4014-894f-a628dfa56867 bmg : Crash: 7263116135 bigmann23 : :
  7. @ahmeddz changed his mind so im picking a new partner
  8. For me it i guess it all depends on my balance , my mood , my financial point . Most of all I think it depends what game I'm playing . some times i like to play safe but sometimes I like a little risk.
  9. When I try to stay chill after a bad run at the games I try to remember that my phone and my pc are very expensive and my friends are non replaceable so don't get angry and break them or take it out on them lol. Also just keep in mind what's done is done and move on to the next bust.
  10. I have been here for so long that I cant remember quit well what I did with my first profit but I'm almost sure that I tipped part of it and put the rest right back in to Stake.
  11. Looks like it works . Everytime the beggers ask him it seems soon after we all get coupons lol. I dont think it's right at all . I'm just going off what i have seen.
  12. With all the loses I have had I can say that I have had a few nice wins here as well. Its not just about the games and winning or gambling it also about the whole site and that is the community that keeps most of us here.
  13. I very interested to see how well this coin does.
  14. This has already been done twice . It's was a lot of fun so I think it should be done again. Hope to see it happen soon.
  15. I have had this happen to me so many times. Yes it's a gear grinder for sure to say the least. You get so excited because it's on the outside then boom it hits a peg and jumps all the way to the center just to crush your dreams.
  16. bmg

    The explorer

    Welcome to the Stake forum I hope you find all your looking for here.
  17. I was never interested in Ripple until Stake added it to the list of coins. Now that I have gotten to know about it more and also play with it I like it. Thanks Stake.
  18. In all honesty I think if your gonna buy then do it now. It's only a matter of time before another big price increase. I wish you the best of luck.
  19. I agree with you . I don't think that it should be allowed at Stake of all places . This place is crawling with scammers , skeemers , and scabs.
  20. Omg!! @Zoltan that is so awesome!! You have been working so hard these past few months at your job and this happens while you were working I'm sure. You deserve this so much and may I suggest you treat yourself to a little vacation. Congrats I'm happy for you dear. what an amazing hit.
  21. All I ever hear is players talk about how much they have lost using this Martingale system or strat. Ihave never heard any decent stories of great wins.
  22. I was the same way when I first started gambling bitcoin but like you said the price went up and the faucet dropped. I don't use the faucet here at all anymore in fact I cant remember that last time I used one here.
  23. As mush as I used to play dice I don't play it that often anymore but yes I used to go to dice with my rains/tips . Now my go to is Mines for that.