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  1. Gueen4455

    🎨 Blackjack Redesigned

    this is pretty cool 😍😍
  2. Gueen4455

    Bitcoin Price

    Will you hold your bitcoin or there's doubt about its price now. Hold next year or maybe sell this year?
  3. Gueen4455

    Good players vs Bad players

    a good player is the one who knows how to stop playing when profit and self control
  4. Gueen4455

    Have you made good friends at Stake ?

    yes I met new friends to share strategy on some games
  5. Gueen4455

    #11 stream!!! Giveaways!!! #Stake!!

    good luck ^^
  6. Gueen4455

    Stake game classification

    this is nice thank you for this
  7. theres nothing wrong with exploring. thank you for this
  8. Gueen4455

    I love yours, try mine!

    What is the difference between stake and that website ?
  9. Gueen4455

    Lurker a person with a luck!

    If you lose a lot in stake ,theres a player that won big ,
  10. Gueen4455

    Why bitcoin has value !

    wow this explanation was awesome . thankyou
  11. Gueen4455

    Gambling to make a payment

    not literally because you can lose in gambling not anytime you won
  12. Gueen4455

    How important is Crypto in your life now?

    crypto have changed my life , I have a lot of opportunities and learning in crypto. I know it will be the future money.
  13. Gueen4455

    Gambling while being unemployed.

    its okay but gambling without contry is not good anymore. you should gamble what you can afford if ever you lose