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  1. Morty13378

    Long time to load.

    Idk for me it works not so fast, sometimes it's really slow so I think your advices could help me too. Thanks 😁
  2. Morty13378

    How about doing Chartbet online(Same PO for all)

    Yeah yeah it will be funny to said guys, who won't cashout on 10kx) Or who cashouting at 1.01
  3. Morty13378

    How about doing Chartbet online(Same PO for all)

    haha you know where I get it from? ha-ha) About Fair it is, lost 100k just hitting 2x... There wasn't any 2x in about 9-10 games so I hope if they'll do online crash it will be better
  4. Morty13378

    Leveling system

    Ok ok understood
  5. Morty13378

    Leveling system

    wow, cool, and why their removed them?
  6. Morty13378

    Leveling system

    idk I think it's a good chat where highrollers can discuss their bets without begging and other shit
  7. Morty13378

    Leveling system

    Why? Nowadays Faucet is soooo low
  8. Morty13378

    Leveling system

    Lol, I didn't know, xD. If they will add it back, it will be very cool
  9. Morty13378

    Leveling system

    Hi guys😜 I was thinking about level system, and I think there will be useful and cool. In my mind it will be works in this way: Level Depends on your bets: More you bet, More yours lvl(The more yours level, the more you must bet to reach new lvl) The more level, the more Faucet Reward When User reaching new level he gets reward There will be chatroom for high-levels(Highrollers) Everyone could see your level
  10. Morty13378

    How about doing Chartbet online(Same PO for all)

    Yeah, yeah, it's so cool idea
  11. Morty13378

    Is stake entertainment or casino for u?

    For me is just a way to spend my time)