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  1. Oh man. Sit tight. You going to hear some unique stuff about target profits there. Quite recently I hit the new levels of autism or god's bliss, call it whatever you want. The thing is- I discovered promo codes and other freebies. It turned out that I could gamble all the time spending money granted by promo-code use. It takes all the time in universe to find them, but with patients comes income, and for the last month I made $100, not losing a dime! hehehehe. I won't reveal my sources, but here's a small glimps.. a hint.. the new beginning mr bet casino login
  2. Though shalt not play in brick-and-mortar casinos as these cheat outrageously and it's pretty much important to win a dime there. On the other hand online ones aren't much better but at least you have a choice of all the casinos from around the globe hence the rivalry for clients among them and hence greater quality. And one can find at least a ten casinos with fine chances. My fav and wide-known among close circles is syndycate casino. Though sometimes I see qustions like is syndicate casino a scam
  3. And we should take your word for granted? It's funny when someone promotes own business and qualifies it as honest, legit, best etc I don't doubt the quality of your casino- don't get me wrong. But the self-reviewing of yours gave me quite a bad impression. And for all the other topic readers I'd suggested this guide to be on the safe side when choosing a place to gamble with your own money https://ventsmagazine.com/2019/12/11/choosing-a-good-online-casino-the-important-points-you-need-to-deal-with/
  4. No. I'm spending only what remains . I can't even see the reason to start explaining why- just look at waht have hapened for the last few years. The market and the currency are unstable. The only legit BTC activity now is gambling. Casinos are uctually legit on the ruins of fallen market. Check the article https://www.bitcasinopay.com/. Hope I've planted some Ideas.
  5. Hey man. There could be a nice place to be reviewed for you. I'f ve just came across a great blog dedicated to the bitcoin casinos. Check it here https://bitcoinslotscasino.com/. It's the nuber one source of the new bit coin gambling websites and reviews for me. Check it out for yourself.
  6. Just be sure to learn so to say YouTube SEO. It will help you enormously from the start and you'll avoid some crucial mistakes almost every beginner makes. The first is to keep your likes and comments open. Of course, you may feel a bit insecure about the quality of your videos at first close em to be on a safe side. But it turns viewers off even more than a huge share of dislikes under your video and which is, more importantly, the YouTube algorithm will push your video away from everyone's recommendations. The other thing you should be smart about is your keywords. They should be set with extreme precision and here's a good place to get them fixed for free https://backlinkvalidator.com/tools/youtube_tags_tools.php. Hope it helps ❤️
  7. yeah. though I'd recommended slots and casinos. It brings me way more joy personally. give a try to this one, for instance https://syndicate.casino/casino/top, i doubt that you'll retreat to the betting after
  8. This sounds good actually. I'd try as well. Though after the first look I'd say that the design and UI are quite outdated. Why won't you change it to something more user-friendly? Here's a good example https://syndicate.casino/ , even a granny will get a hint of how to use the website, though there're no crypto stuff.
  9. The blue pill, because Viagra is the blue pill You should also take a look at https://pharmaciegenerique.fr/acheter-levitra-generique/ as it provides almost the same health caring products, but it serves to a little bit different goals and treats different diseases, but still works tho.
  10. As a girl who's been through the wedding, I'd recommend checking out some info about the event, in general, to be ready for the craziest thing. And in addition, check this page https://daretodream.nyc/central-park-wedding-packages/ to figure out a suit style.
  11. Blockchain is indeed a breakthrough. It provides endless opportunities not only for investors and traders from a financial world, but for developers as well. I was extremely surprised when I found an ICO which is basically an alternative to play the market and app store. The terms are way better there and the platform itself is built with block chain technology. It’s called Mobile GO, and its lead by well known Sergey Sholom, check the MobileGo token price here https://icowatchlist.com/ico/mobilego. Given the condition of the ICO market in general and the recent news, the gaming segment of the market is the most perspective one at the moment.
  12. Hi! The worls is long since ready:) The block chain drastically changes both the internet and even brcik-and-mortar economy already. The craziest thing I’ve found recently is MobileGo. It’s the blockchain-based app store or play market, whatever you prefer. That makes all the transaction fast and cheap. Check MobileGo ICO by Sergey Sholom here https://tokentops.com/ico/mobilego/ If there’re some developers here, it’s going to be the first aid for you if you’re working on a mobile app.