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  1. Blockchain is indeed a breakthrough. It provides endless opportunities not only for investors and traders from a financial world, but for developers as well. I was extremely surprised when I found an ICO which is basically an alternative to play the market and app store. The terms are way better there and the platform itself is built with block chain technology. It’s called Mobile GO, and its lead by well known Sergey Sholom, check the MobileGo token price here https://icowatchlist.com/ico/mobilego. Given the condition of the ICO market in general and the recent news, the gaming segment of the market is the most perspective one at the moment.
  2. Hi! The worls is long since ready:) The block chain drastically changes both the internet and even brcik-and-mortar economy already. The craziest thing I’ve found recently is MobileGo. It’s the blockchain-based app store or play market, whatever you prefer. That makes all the transaction fast and cheap. Check MobileGo ICO by Sergey Sholom here https://tokentops.com/ico/mobilego/ If there’re some developers here, it’s going to be the first aid for you if you’re working on a mobile app.