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  1. Sorry for not posting anything bet wise today. No action across the board. Didnt have time and didnt like any of the lineups enough to pick on the fly Picks to be coming tomorrow
  2. Updated the bets for today. Went 4-1!!! Almost went perfect again despite the loss from Golden State to Portland in OT by 1 pt. *smh* Made another easy 35k satoshi and am ready for some more betting tomorrow. I will be doing more research and matchup analysis', reviewing the odds and lines some more but I will be posting my bets for tomorrow tomorrow. That way anyone who finds my posts useful then we can keep this going! Feel free to post any comments or questions about whats going on here
  3. For today 12/27/18 Lets keep the Winning Going! Tonight as of 12/26/18: NHL:: 1. WIN Pick: Los Angeles Kings to Win Matchup: LAK vrs ARI Line: 1.425x @ 20k 2. WIN Pick: Washington Capitals to Win Matchup: WSH vrs CAR Line: 1.365x @ 30k sats 3. WIN Pick: Tampa Bay Lightning to Win Matchup: TB vrs Philadelphia Line: 1.311 @ 30k NBA: 1. LOSS 109-110 OT Pick: Golden State Warriors to Win Matchup: GSW vrs PTL Line: 1.322 @ 20k 2. WIN Pick: Milwaukee Bucks to Win Matchup: MIL vrs NYK Line: 1.247x @30k Total Wagered: 130,000 Satoshi Total Won: 164,739 Satoshi Total Profit: +34,739 Satorshi If you have made some money using my bets and analysis' and would like to donate feel free to donate: All is appreciated BTC: 1N17GB7kQUz3ubDetggUt6cTow4VajdYCF ETH: 0x7E7F8f5A70bCb3913aA43f136aF48CE6884De294 LTC: LaLLQC3eGugNKHvFdKnTgsiTeVtaP3KEM1
  4. Updated the bets for today. Went 5-0!!! PERFECT FOR TODAY!!! Made an easy 40k satoshi and am ready for some more betting tomorrow. I will be doing more research and matchup analysis', reviewing the odds and lines some more but I will be posting my bets for tomorrow tomorrow. That way anyone who finds my posts useful then we can keep this going! Feel free to post any comments or questions about whats going on here
  5. Trading is not like gambling. Sure you play odds and stuff like gambling but is in a completely technical sense. I been doing stellar this whole bear market. Technical Analysis being based on mathematics; Calculus, Stats & Probability, Linear Algebraic Expressions, Trigonometry, Algorithmic, Quadratic and Logarithmic Algebraic Expressions used and plenty more. Senior Technical Analysts for major wallstreet funds are the guys that figure out exact price targets based on these types of math. But in general, YES You can have a very good indication of where the market could end up before a support or resistance bounce is plausible based on these types of math. Warren Buffet is not a senior technical analyst for Berkshire Hathaway. He is a senior trader and his entire mindset is fundamental. So the comparison is void. You can use indicators to give you the best indication on whether or not a move up or a move down is favorable and is also why you must be knowledgeable in traders and market psychology. That way when you figure out whether you are longing or shorting you can be on the best end of your trade psychologically too. Sure there are few times where a whale comes in and buys or sells a handful of bitcoin that affects the market but even then they still wait for the indicators to show it is time to sell. So even in that situation if you have market and traders psychology you can mask the ideas that a whale could have in play. If you do then you have a profit trade. If you don't and price action goes against you well then have stop losses set to where you dont get rekt.
  6. Hey All, Just thought I would post my Bitcoin Technical Analysis for today 12/26/18. Looking for a drop off at least to the $3,450 mark which would be a last stand mark for the bulls to hold hope to full-fill this inverse head and shoulders pattern that has been in the making for the last month. The Bullish Outlook: Bitcoin ripping to the upside would need a massive move upward within the next few days and then finding support above $4100, preferably a consolidation in the $4,150-$4,300 marks. Once its found support I can see it testing up to the $4,600 and possibly even the $5k and $5,200 levels. This exhausted look of a trend would also need to stop and we would need to see this volume, RSI and momentum pick up in a big manner. (4hr Auto XBTUSD Pairing BitMEX Chart) The Bearish Outlook: Something I would like to point out is with not making another high yet in this inverse head and shoulders attempt, another bearish indicator is that we are forming another descending triangle on the weekly timeframe. Descending Triangles break to the downside 70% of the time based on classic technical analysis rule of thumb. Chart Shown Below (Weekly Logarithmic/Auto BitcoinUSD Pairing Coinbase Chart) The 50 Week and the 100 Week Moving averages are poised to Death Cross violently here in the coming weeks ahead, looking to potentially crush the small 200 Week Moving average that has just been created. Chart Shown Below (Weekly Logarithmic/Auto BitcoinUSD Pairing Coinbase Chart) My Custom Charts for XBTUSD pairing on BitMex If this $3,450 mark does not hold and have a major bounce , I am looking to discredit the inverse head and shoulders pattern as the right shoulder would have broken the last wicks of support in that range. What you can see here on my charts is the extrapolated lines for a bear flag play out as well as a bullish outbreak. As seen it looks very bearish and in favor of breaking to the downside although the bulls are making for one last break above $3,850 as i type this (4hr Auto XBTUSD Pairing BitMEX Chart)
  7. Always been big into sports and I may just start placing my bets here to see how things go haha. Keep in mind that when you look at the website the lines may be altered due to other bets being placed after mine. I play over on OneHash.com which is the best in my opinion: Feel free to use my link: https://www.onehash.com/?ap=15088e3664834440949450 OVERALL STANDINIGS: 9-1 Tonight as of 12/26/18: NBA: 1. WIN Pick: Los Angeles Clippers to Win Matchup: LAC vrs. SAC Line: 1.379x @ 20k sats 2. WIN Pick: Memphis Grizzlies to Win Matchup: MEM vrs CLE Line: 2.00x @ 20k sats 3. WIN Pick: Toronto Raptors to Win Matchup: TOR vrs MIA Line: 1.352x @ 20k sats 4. WIN Pick: Indiana Pacers to Win Matchup: IND vrs ATL Line: 1.405x @ 20k sats EDIT: ADDITIONAL BET MADE NBA: 1. WIN Pick: San Antonio Spurs to Win Matchup: SAS vrs. DEN Line: 1.528x @ 20k sats No Action on anything in the NCAA today. No NFL or NHL games played today. No Action in E-Sports or any other sports right now. Will update if i place another bet. Total Wagered 12/26/18: 80,000 Satoshi = 100,000 Satoshi Total Won 12/26/18: 139,267 Satoshi Total Profit: +39,267 If you have made some money using my bets and analysis' and would like to donate feel free to donate: All is appreciated BTC: 1N17GB7kQUz3ubDetggUt6cTow4VajdYCF ETH: 0x7E7F8f5A70bCb3913aA43f136aF48CE6884De294 LTC: LaLLQC3eGugNKHvFdKnTgsiTeVtaP3KEM1
  8. I Like to think of everyone here as one big happy dysfunctional family 🤣🤣🤣
  9. I concur, it is very important to keep a strong community and to always rise above adversity and support each other in a time of need while having fun!
  10. Thanks @Brunkey Im glad you appreciate the tips!
  11. Way to stay on topic there @ahmeddz Try looking in another section of the forum where gaming discussion is being done on mines
  12. Thanks for the help William. I had done all that already so I took the advice on getting in touch with live support. The told me to hold on a minute and boom. Fixed. haha We are good to close this topic. //close
  13. "You already have an open game of chartbet. Finish that one first before you start a new one." The error I get when I try to play a round of chartbet. Other games work. Im sure it is a stupid simple fix but hey, when you dont know you dont know, so where else to figure it out right? Thanks in advance!
  14. WARNING NOVEL AHEAD! NOVEL AHEAD! Haha sorry for the length but Lost track of time writing this, and also tried squeezing it down to the smaller version while including researching. Started researching around midnight and then started putting thoughts down on paper around 2:15am. It's now 5:30m lol and this little bit was the last part I wrote haha. NOTE** Just for the record, The event i described above has happened a 3rd time in 4 days now; First time was 1.38xx cash out with a crash at 1.37x, Second time was 1.58x cash out with a crash at 1.57x, Third time was 1.78x cash out with a crash at 1.77x So that is pretty consistent for something that is supposed to be mathematically verifiable. To answer you all as well, I will address your questions on re-creation of the issue, vulnerability danger, through my concerns and questions. Plus Ill also give a real life example of how something that pertains to a similar situation too First off. It's true, being able to replicate any situation again you must have very key components and information. Math and science can make recreating those situations difficult and almost impossible at times due to not having the same environment, materials, and workspace to back test and evaluate the data hypothesize and experiment With Math and Science we all know it has to needs to be and must be logical, correct and be in cconsensus must be achieved to allow it to work properly. Three questions I thought about so far before a hella lot of research last night were: 1. Despite being created, calculated and verifiable by its mathematical algorithm through functions and permutations that by definition MUST achieve consensus; Why does a "verifiable Randomly Generated Number" that has made not achieving consensus possible with the Cash out and Crash point? 2. Why and How has it created two separate randomly generated numbers, a Cash out number and a Crash number and still sees two different numbers as consensus (only thing i can think of is a miscalculation or typo or bug in the algorithms calculations or function setup that is causing the solutions to slightly differ one another) 3. Are the server seeds encrypted or decrypted at all times? Could this bug be exploitable when the Seed/Nonce have the calculation error? Possibly create and ability to customize your client seed in such a way to where you can control the numbers generated Could someone decode the Server Seed in order to be able to calculate the Randomly Generated Number before the bet so t Definitely do not have an issue that I am getting cashed out 0.01X higher. Dont mind bonuses haha In crypto and with algorithmic functions and encryptions to be effective within the P2P network, and achieve general consensus, Otherwise, its your loss on consensus and A vulnerability I can see right now is the discrepancy between one verifiable Randomly Generated Number, and having two Randomly Generated numbers 0.01X off each other. Where an exploit comes in is a combination of using decrypted Server and Client Seeds, calculating the Randomly Generated number from the Hash to know the exact number that will be played. After you strategize placing your bet accordingly based on the number calculated. Since the better would have both Server and Client seed Decrypted already they would also be able to verify this transaction with me at work. Remember what Thomas Edison said when he invested the light bulb " Well, I found thousands of ways that a light bulb would not work and only found one way it would work" Science and Mathematics run in the same boat when the engineering of computer code. In Prime Dice's hack, a unknown a hacker exploiting the RNG protocols, gaining access there were multiple active and inactive decrypted server seeds that were traced back to and being used by90the malicious individual and their multiple gambling accounts. One that knows cyber security/penetration testing plus has the will to figure it out eventually will. Just would rather not see a website I appreciate taken for a ride anytime in the futureSo for PrimeDice, just know that if something like this would be a big issue in provably fair gaming. Here is a quote from the article Prime Dice Released so other sites and people can learn from their mistake and how HufflePuff exploited prime dice with similar pieces of information. "main developer detected the exploit after we found a handful of accounts sharing the same server seed. To understand how Hufflepuff beat our system, one must understand how our provably fair system (RNG) works. A user is shown an encrypted random value (the server seed) before they bet and they must also submit their own random value (the client seed). These two random values are combined and used to determine win or lose. The random encrypted random value used for the bet then is shown to the user after the bet so that they can be guaranteed that their bet is not rigged. You can find the detailed and in-depth explanations of provably fair here: https://primedice.com/verify and http://dicesites.com/provably-fair Part of the functionality of our site is that we have to give out decrypted server seeds (to assure users no bet manipulation has occurred) and put a new random seed in place, essentially trashing the old revealed seed. Hufflepuff found a way to “confuse” our server, and made it give out a decrypted server seed that was also an active seed. This was done by sending it more requests than it could handle in a small time period, think hundreds of requests in under a second. The result of this is that he knew all the information required to corroborate the outcomes of his bets. He knew whether if he would win or lose, and could wager accordingly. We figured this out after frantically checking our servers after a eureka moment. We suspected something could have been going on and eventually realized the possibility of a timing attack described above. Our database had seeds that were both inactive and in use at the same time all connected to Hufflepuff. Along these “Schrödinger” seeds existed many seemingly unused seeds connected to the same accounts, indicative of the rapid fire of requests needed to obtain these."