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  1. welcome back boi ! same here i stopped for almost a month and when i came back there are so many changes. i am also waiting for new games lol
  2. i rarely play diamond poker but when i do i always won 3 streak . what i hate in diamond poker is that 10/10 of games 3-4 is tie !
  3. good strategy, i will do this when i have enough balance. for now it won't work on me hahaha
  4. when i have high balance i play blackjack and hilo but when im on the edge on getting busted i switched to dice with low chance of winning lol
  5. all day ftw ! when im busy i focus on blackjack then when i make profit i never stop until i lost everything lol
  6. i do that when i feel im lucky or green days but when red days, nope.
  7. before vault i use alt account to limit my bets, now that there is a vault already i skip to use alt.
  8. when i see new topics, first thing i do is i check their profile and start stalking them hahaha
  9. so far so good, i hope they add more games.
  10. i always participate but meh, maybe that is not for me hahaha
  11. i lost 0.1 eth on mines and now 0.1 again on plinko maybe that is not for me ☹️