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  1. Thanks steve, i got my bonus on the race. the bonus is i also predicted the race winner, yay !
  2. When you start gambling you should know that money is easy come, easy go. on my experience my problem is i don't know when to stop, so when i'm winning my greediness is activated the "i want more" and you know what will happen next ..... busted.
  3. i am ready eddie. happy second birthday stake. more years to come
  4. Thank you so much i really need this today :D. i'm gonna use this later.
  5. my first deposit was way back december last year 20$ worth of ethereum and the first game that i played is mines.
  6. The most memorable experience on stake is that it was a race time and after i claim my coupon (16 XRP) i played LIMBO my first setting is 1.01 then i miss input 1000.01 and it hi 1101 !! LOL. Instant 1K XRP baby. by the way, HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY STAKE !!! MORE YEARS TO COME 🥳
  7. i always change my seed every hour hahahaa sometimes it works very well, sometimes not.
  8. Same here. only yesterday i noticed that there is a giveaway every mega race, but atleast now i know LOL.
  9. In 20 years stake will be the one of the pioneer in Online Gambling Casino with million of users.
  10. welcome back boi ! same here i stopped for almost a month and when i came back there are so many changes. i am also waiting for new games lol
  11. i rarely play diamond poker but when i do i always won 3 streak . what i hate in diamond poker is that 10/10 of games 3-4 is tie !
  12. good strategy, i will do this when i have enough balance. for now it won't work on me hahaha