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  1. pfodo

    2x betting formula

    Looks interesting strat. I mean that changing sides is key to success in Dice. I will try it and then I will write how is the result.
  2. I want to buy Range Rover but BMW is my favorite too
  3. My worst and favorit at the same time is Dice. It works for me very well unless I am greedy or make a mistake and then bust my ballance. Diamond Poker is second worst.
  4. p|fodo p - first letter of my first name fodo - first 4 letters of my surname
  5. Forrest Gump is for me the best movie ever. Very nice and inspirative Story and processing.
  6. I have the same opinion. It's nice that you needn't choose sides Limbo.
  7. Very nice hunt DarkBlood. It looks like this will be the longest post here in the forum, when you complete all Stages. Good luck!
  8. pfodo

    Hello guys

    Welcome back Mistake Safe account is important for us all!
  9. I like Jaxx wallet. It's for Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Google Chrome. You can use and pair it accross multiple devices. There is also inbuild exchange and it's 100% free.
  10. I like this new win/lose songs. Much better than before ❤️
  11. VIDEOPOKER: 3,620,618,514 placed by pfodo on 12/03/2019 Wagered 0.00002900 Multiplier 9x Profit 0.00023200