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  1. For me is it Keno and Dice. Not only biggest profit but also biggest loss.
  2. I have same experience as Sefan. To hit 1000x is much more harder than 620x with 15 pins. And of course, bankroll management and setting the right base bet amount is absolutely most important. But set it to low can make man very unhappy in case of big luck and very soon hit of so big multiplier.
  3. pfodo

    More pins!

    For me it's enough and I don't need more pins. But 1000x in the middle is awesome idea 😁
  4. pfodo

    Skills or Luck?

    Skills are good for hunt target combination but luck is needed for profit.
  5. Today I compensated my 3M BTC loss from last 12 hours with another 1M BTC deposit and risky and lucky keno hit of 270x multiplier and 8M BTC profit. Add it to the list too
  6. Not me and 400x was mine max i quess. Zoltan was writing to chat that there is about 1/100M probability or something like that.. very hard to hit.
  7. Current Green streak with Medium Risk & 10 tiles.
  8. I become VIP status at Stake few days ago. Irena was writing me via support chatbox and activate me VIP status what mean i will get Rakeback from amount wagered from that moment. When I become VIP, I already had wagered 5.1 BTC and made 80+ deposits.
  9. I already have those coins too, but it's not possible to convert it to btc now ☹️
  10. Woow. Perfect @nattekut You are awesome!
  11. i want to win today :))) Good luck DB, don't bust!
  12. #15 RollHunt is over! Congrats to winners!
  13. #15 RollHunt! First 5 users who hits 270x multiplier or higher in Keno and post the bet here will win 10k satoshi (0.0001 BTC). Rules: higher bet ID than mine & cannot be placed with 0 bet amount. KENO: 5,682,426,399 placed by pfodo on 22/05/2019 Wagered 0.00032000 Multiplier 270x Profit 0.08608000 If you like My RollHunts and you want me to continue with making it, feel free to react to this post with your emotion
  14. I would welcome (at least unofficial) list of alts. Maybe somewhere here on the forum. It would be interesting to know it. Several times I already felt that someone was trying to ask for some tips from me in different ways and different accounts. And of course, talking to your own alt in public chat is totally crazy.