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  1. Hey, i hawe seen many post about people saying how its getting harder to win any thing at all on stake. Persoanly i can confirm this that maby stake is don some thing that wee just give the money to stake so they can afford to but the confirmation to stream in some countys.
  2. Lmao why people ask tips on here thats insta mut right there. One good strat you can try is Going to deposit buttong and faking depositing ur own money mate. ❤️ hehhe . Try auto 3 bombs 3 diamonds on loose increas by 10% on loos reset. But... if you got the balls go all in hilo lmao
  3. Hey, well if you know when to stop you can try playing roullet all in like 1.20x and switching side fuew times and stoping at the right time its hard and stress full but you can win bigg. Or you may try small bets on hilo and try hitting bigg X. Maby if hilo is not ur thing then the last thing you can try is limbo maby go bigg x.
  4. Hey, i dont know why but i dont wrlly like playing with sound on the only game i play with sound is Slots and thats it. I just dont like the sound of the games.
  5. Hey, yeah I thought no one saw it but me like nothing is changing I think maby the hawe some thing more important in there heads maby the hawe some thing hugge coming for use wee just hawe to wait, I'm getting boored like nothing new I hope they do some thing. .
  6. Hey, well if i hawe to wagger i'd best choose xrp its more ezy to wagger with it, but if i hawe small balance i would take doge to just spend my time hawing fun and not staring at the screen doing nothing. So I would say XRP for sure out of theese tree is the best.
  7. Well persoanly i like hi-lo the most but recently i hawe kept on busting on that with no wins, I like keno and slots at second place idkn which is better.Mines was good game dont know what happend it hasent been the same since.
  8. Hey, well its stake same is happening to me no matter how much i deppo i still keep on bucting, its gambling what did you except you wont always win it doesnt work like that, . I hope you recover that bigg money best of luck ❤️.
  9. Hey, well i dont remember how i found pd i think one friend told me about it or i heard some thing about crypto gambling so i seached up found pd and others sites after 2 months knew pd was the most legit one and then fuew months later found stake cuse one guy was talking about it in pd chat. glad i did