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  1. finall a stream best of luck every one. stake- yololife222 twitch- garry512
  2. PLINKO: 14,789,863,919 placed by yololife222 on 18/01/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 26x Profit 0.00002500 WHEEL: 14,790,013,499 placed by yololife222 on 18/01/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 9.899999618530273x Profit 0.00000890
  3. Hey, I dont know what happend but it was esier to hit 5/6 180x then hitting 5/9 26x it took me like 2k rolls just to hit that 26x and only like under 200 bets for 180x maby its just my luck I dont know.
  4. My best waggering with small balance was like i got rain 2trx and i in under 10min got to 300trx wagger on dice and fuew min after i was up to waggered 600trx with just 2trx and with big balance my best wagger was 0.08btc with like 500k btc i think.
  5. Hey, well it happens some times wee are just unlucky or hawe bad seed my biggest reds on dice was 17 reds, 545reds on 100x limbo, I even got 200 reds on 50 high wheels maby would got more but i busted all. once got like 130 reds or more cant remember on number 17 if im correct.
  6. Hey, well the telegram chalenges are good alredy i dont think they should change any thing or maby they should this will sound unfair, but I think they should make a telegram chalenge for vip only like no noobs no bots only loyal people.
  7. Hey, acctually i do make plan some times when i hawe bigger ballance like 250k i put it in valute and wait for megga race and try to wagger ass much ass I can if i dont get any or didnt deposit for megga race I just chill in chat watch eddies stream and just drink my coffe. ❤️ hawe fun on todays megga race guys.
  8. Hey ussually I dont set any plans i just gamble and see how it goes cuse i like to be unpretictable so stake wont know what im up to do next. But some times when i do deposit i do hawe atarget like 400% profit or more then i just leav and hawe some kalm down time by my selfe.
  9. Hey, ass many of you may know im yolo and i LOVE to do all in's. I ussually do all in after i bust like 30% of my balance or i just want some adrenaline and i do all in. I dont know why but i just love that feeling when i do all in and i win. I would not recomend doing all in if you a newbie or u dont know what ur doing.
  10. I thought i was the only one but yeah same happend to me i started with csgo gambling when i was 15 then vavle did some update which didnt allow to gamble with skins and after fuew weeks i found about crypto curency and found primedice fuew months later i found stake and im happy now.
  11. Hey, i started gambling when i was like 15 years old i gambled with csgo skins then fuw years aggo valve did some bad shit the gambling comunity fell apart and then lucully i found primedice and after that i found stake. hehehe
  12. Hey, well it depends on the amount i got like under 200k bt i ussuallly never take breaks but if its like 500k and up i some times like to take some breaks just to kalm down and think straight. I would recomend drinking some tea and lisening to some kalm music while gambling and not drink like redbull or any kind of cofein.
  13. Hey, most people who hawent played on stake or any kind of gambling say that its addicted and depressive but its not acctually. Well yes if you put a lot of money in and loose it u get depressed, but its on ur own risk cuse every one would recomend gambling with what you dont need and is spare and u are ready to loose it. I fill happy especialy when I win or im on eddies stream or any supports stream its fun and thats what its suppos to do stake was created to hawe fun. ❤️
  14. Well my jorney begun by finding stake on primedice then i got warm welcome from support. Slowlly waggered till i was able to talk in chat got fuew mutes becose of begging learned my lesson the hard way ass always. It was fun excperienc . I had up and downs just like every one else on stake when i joined.
  15. Hey, well i think it will end but I hope not any time soon 10 years and more would be cool . Youre right by saying every thing comes to an end Stake will too probably personaly i think its a 50/50 if its ends maby the will find the next generation who take ower stake and maby make it better then ever before. ❤️