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  1. Hey, you cant wrlly do much the one thing you can do is change seed thats all. dont worry if you dont hit in first 10,000 rolls for some it takes 100,000 rolls if you want 1000x dice or limbo will get it much faster.
  2. hey,So theres the riski one where you do all in 10 time then do 1k btc till 1 red win and again red then do again 10 rolls all in till you win or bust. You can hawe 2 or 3 devices or tabs open do aut roll limbo and dice 1.0105x 1k or what ewer base bett you want. Roulette select 36 out off all 37 numbers do insta bett do 20 rolls if no red if you want switch numbers if not keep on rolling. Mines 1 bomb do some all in that will get you 1.03x and then do what you won till you bust then do again all in. and so on till you reach waht you wanted. Hope that this will help. Best of luck ❤️ Yololife222 #SFL
  3. I dont think that will work but if it does tell me pleaz update me Best Of Luck ❤️
  4. yeah its more fater but dont you think manual is more fun?I prefer doing all manual.
  5. Hey,thats prety sweet and almost imposible to get,one guy told me he got 5 in a row at first i didnt belive him but then he showed me the screenshot.I will newer get this i cant get ewen in 50 roll one of those yes im that unlucky .
  6. Hey, i dont play that often roullet but when i do i ussually bet on like 1to12,13to24 or 25to36 all in one one off them and hope for the best.Theres plenty of strats to do you can do like select 30 out off all 36 numbers and do insta bett and hope that you will end up in profit.
  7. Hey, Theres ower 20 topic ower slots so think if wee keep on talking and asking to add slots maby in next 2 months they will they cant add so fast cuse they need to look at all mistakes and so on and they are working on sportsbetting too.
  8. Like i said before i think the price wont get ower 20k usd in 2019 it might happen in 2020 cuse it cant just go up to 20k from 11k in fuew months thats just my oppinion.i think to before 2020 starts the btc will be at 15,000$ then fall to 14k and go up to 17k then fall to 15k and then goes up to 20k .
  9. well the beggars will always find a way to begg,I think it just was sites fault that it gliched but they should improov,time to time beggars will undersatnd that begging is wastlest and better just depo own money and gamble.
  10. Hey, I mean who wouldnt like to play pvp ? Personaly i would love it. Theres been a lot of talk and i think they might acctuall add pvp but i dont know to which games.
  11. I dont wrlly know how it works too but i think when people react to youre meassage or post you get one point.Thats how you get reputation.
  12. Hey, I think theres no strat which lasts for ewer you can try martinagle like 2x on loose increas bye 100% you can do manual like 10x frist 10 betts dont increas and on 11th increash and after ewery 2 or 3 betts increas by 100 You can try doing 5x on loose increas bye 22% so moore profit. Or it youre balance is bigg do 2.75x and on loose increas by 150% Best of Luck ❤️
  13. Omg cant wait to see when they add sport betting to the site, I think its taking so long for them cuse they are probably checking ewery bugg ewery corner so theres no mistakes to find when they relas it.
  14. I think if they do that that would maby make a lot of spam and they dont want that to happen. I dont know theres alredy two ways they anounc it on discord and telegram.