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  1. hello olegg, what excitement and good luck
  2. Skarner

    Hello World!

    Welcome friend and good luck to you
  3. Skarner


    Greetings friend and welcome to this great gaming house
  4. Skarner

    What a bizzare day on plinko!

    plinko is one of my most fun games to have a great multiplier that only once touched me 1000x
  5. Skarner

    A misconception with HiLo

    I thought it had a lot to do with the letter that was coming, I was retiring to see that next letter jajajaajaj
  6. Skarner

    What is your goal?

    my goal is to reach a btc
  7. Skarner

    Longest green streak in BJ

    my longest streak of BJ was 11 green friend, although I also had like 10 red
  8. Skarner

    Which is better PUBG or Fortnite

    PUBG beats to my opinion
  9. Skarner

    Moblie vs. PC Plinko game play

    for my opinion I prefer to play on the pc to avoid possible failures of internet downtime
  10. Skarner

    Discord Giveaways

    wonderful, they are the best
  11. I hunked a stake a few months ago and I really love what you have, it is a page that allows you to move forward and like any betting site you should know when to retire, I find it very funny and great because it also has a chat where we can socialize the users. And the most wonderful thing is that as the stake rains there are not two jejejeej.
  12. Skarner

    Blackjack tips which will help you to win!

    blackjack is one of my favorite games, since you are against the dealer but it takes a lot of skill to know when to ask or not in tight moments, that of counting the cards in an infinite deck does not work and what I recommend is that you analyze the patterns and how many times you have thrown them or given them the winner.
  13. Skarner

    New withdrawal limits

    in my opinion the previous withdrawals were bn and if they decreased even better, I was one of those who reached the minimum of the coin and took and so it went, now that they are more accessible it will be easier lol. Greetings.
  14. Skarner

    Appreciate the effort

    wao friend thank you very much for the blessings, and really one of the wonderful things of this page stake is the great community that has, it is very good the coexistence in the chat and the treaty to the others. I wish you also prosper 2019 and many blessings.