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  1. alberto25594

    A misconception with HiLo

    Real friend did not know that, that good to know because I always had the idea that the letter was the one that had come in my previous play but I know it is not like that. thank you
  2. alberto25594

    🎨 Wheel Redesigned

    how good and looks great
  3. alberto25594

    🎨 Video Poker Design - New Game Preview

    wao really looks fantastic and I like it a lot. since my favorite game is poker
  4. alberto25594


    Greetings friends, we do not see through the chat
  5. alberto25594

    What is your goal?

    my goal is medium btc bone 0.5 btc
  6. alberto25594

    Hello ! CryptoGambling here!

    it's good that the community grows, welcome and good luck in your bets
  7. alberto25594

    What a bizzare day on plinko!

    the truth all depends on luck and if you leave often wao excellent but I do not often leave hahaha
  8. alberto25594

    Hello Everyone ! I'm cottonbudd

    Well, welcome to the wonderful world of stake. good luck
  9. alberto25594

    Favorite Game on Playstation?

    I really like the saga of crash and the fifa
  10. alberto25594

    Marvel or DC?

    without hesitation the marvel since I like its characters and history more
  11. alberto25594

    What's your LDPPS? (Longest Diamond Poker Push Streak)

    Well, I'm not much to play this game but if I remember correctly my streak was 4 in a row
  12. alberto25594

    What's your favourite Sports?

    my favorite sport is without a doubt soccer
  13. alberto25594

    Easy way to hit x1000 in plinko ... Ninja technique

    jejejejej, very good was always so easy and I did not know
  14. alberto25594

    My first 1000x on Stake! & My first Big Win!

    good friend very good
  15. alberto25594

    OlegBarca's Stream #267! Giveaways!!!!!Stake!!

    hi friend good luck, i am btcprolucky , my account in stake.com is alberto25594