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  1. nicvin > Morgana < GL for you all
  2. nicvin


    random numbers, then pick only 3 of them. Hard Modus, increase on lose 1,8% and then yolo ^^
  3. I think Covid and Quarantine had a very huge impact on all Online Casinos. Many people had to stay at home, and had to look for something to do the whole day long. A large number of them became new users of online casinos. And all casinos did some special giveaways, just remember the 10 min-claims here on stake. So all the many new users got addicted, and we will see what this will bring in future...
  4. Congratz to all winners! Hope one day I will win a raffle too
  5. ice cream ❤️ Even on a cold winter day I love it to eat some ice cream ^^
  6. In unlucky times, I try some new strats, but always with very small amounts. I never roll higher and higher, and I never try to recover anything in these times. Because when luck has gone, you can't force it to come back. Just take it as it is: a shitty unlucky streak. You will feel it when luck comes back. And then it's time for rolling higher again
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