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  1. nicvin lucky color: Steve ðŸĪŠ
  2. nicvin green Happy BDay Stake
  3. No Chance, Slot still doesn't work... 😞 "We're sorry! This game is currently under maintenance and cannot be played in real money mode. Click the button below around this Play game in FUN MODE."
  4. PLINKO: 49,819,104,556 placed by nicvin on 14/07/2021 Wagered 0.00001542 Multiplier 13x Profit 0.00018504 PLINKO: 50,123,174,996 placed by nicvin on 17/07/2021 Wagered 8.96500000 Multiplier 29x Profit 251.02000000
  5. 1. nicvin 2. usually about 5-6 hours, sometimes even more 3. A moderator should ensure that users follow the chat rules, to keep the chat free from any disturbing content like begging, scaming or private disputes between users. He can mute or ban users if they don't follow the rules. Nevertheless, he should communicate diplomatically and sensitively and not allow himself to be influenced too much by his own emotions. Main goal is to create a good atmosphere so that users like to stay on stake for a long time 😉 4. I like the german chat on stake. In the last 2 years a nice community has formed here that is constantly growing. It's fun to chat with so many like-minded crazy people. I want to become a mod here, because I would like to do something to further develop this community. And most important reason: I could annoy RealCoinMarcel even better than now ðŸĪŠðŸ˜˜ 5. Yes, I was muted once in my stake life, about 2 years ago for posting a forbidden link. It was stupid.. But I learned from this and I never did something like this again 😇 6. No. But why not trying new things 😃
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