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  1. Lol CEO did not literally meant SN as dead. But instead he meant the world will never find out who SN is and considered it dead end if ever someone tries to find him.
  2. I agree. I want to see for newbies too how many bet amounts are lacking to qualify. It will encourage stakers to bet more until they reach that certain level.
  3. Im sure once Eddie can no longer support that many contacts, he may increase the or add more requirements. Right now, he must be testing out regarding how it can affect Stake.
  4. I dont sleep. (kidding) Of course we do need that. I am a returner and before I play stake more than half a day the for 1.5 years I stopped playing stake and now I return I spend the same day. I think stake is very addicting ones you get to know the games.
  5. no way! thats so hard to identify...
  6. Okay! Thanks for the warning Kargai.. I will post clearer next time..
  7. nice idea... i will try this... Hope i win... God Bless!
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