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  1. If they do this, it can handle billions of requests a second, heck, even Twitter uses it to get the data for each tweet. I kinda want to learn Lambda more so if the devs would like an example of blackjack done in Python through lambda just let me know, it'd be fun to learn it.
  2. It's a simple serverless response that would allow for very fast responses from the server. More bets / second == more money for you. Also, it takes the stress off of your web server which allows for more games to be running without having overhead from computing the responses of each bet. https://aws.amazon.com/lambda/
  3. I know my taste in music is pretty darn odd, but do you like any of the stuff I post in the (Multimedia)Music section or should I just not share my music? I'm asking since I don't like to post music that no one likes 😛
  4. This remix is just awesome. I love the 3d model and it turns our Kloud has a whole story about this 3d model!
  5. I love Caravan Palace, they have such good jive.
  6. I do indeed do API stuff and could program stuff using Stake's public API.
  7. I can do that, I've complete the previous code, I'm just making it pretty right now. It really shouldn't take too long to throw that on the code.
  8. Hands down the community, this is the nicest community I've been to and played with in quite some time.
  9. Sorry for the late reply, I'm just on my phone heading to work right now. C is definetly THE BEST starting language, I recommend it since it teaches you a lot about structure, formatting, and memory management. On a side note, learning programming on *nix is a lot better than on Windows since programs are faster and easier to compile. You can PM me your Discord and I'll add you as LunaKiraiZarus if you want to learn more :)
  10. I think Rust has an amazing head start however sadly the world seems to be going the direction of Typescript and Javascript since you can now make programs using those languages through electrum. Thanks for the welcome!
  11. Hey guys/gals, I'm ProfessorChill. I'm a 23 Y/O programmer and enjoy hanging out with you guys, while I don't gamble too much I do enjoy hanging out in the chat room and using the faucet to pass the time. If anyone at all has questions regarding programming just shoot me a message, while it may take me a while to reply, I will try my best to ensure you get the right answer the first time around! If you play any games on steam make sure to add me! I love playing games with people, heck, me and a friend got Oblivion Multiplayer working again (old project) simply because we wanted to play something together See you later!
  12. If you have any suggestions for the script I'm making please do request it, I have no side projects to do at the moment and this one seems like a fun one!
  13. That's cool however I'm interested in making one that plays the game for you (not a script for this website, just a script that plays a blackjack game I made in Python). That way I can multithread it, leave it on for a day, cache the results, and have a definite result for which would be the best winner all rendered in a nice HTML document
  14. Ohhhhh, okay, I understand what you're saying now. I can do that, it'll just take probably till late today to code it. I'm interested in it too so heck, why not.