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  1. Can someone let me know if this legit looked through the code and stuff to make sure it doesn't do any harm just wanna make sure before I would use it
  2. Not entering but i see a lot of users posts without usernames make sure to include it
  3. If you ask your vip host i'm sure they can get you in contact with one there is the telegram for affiliates if you haven't joined that yet its sent to your email once you get one affiliate.
  4. Has anyone else randomly been changed from VIP hosts? Mine was Eddie -> Vasu Does anyone know the reason why? I did nothing wrong I had Eddie as a vip host for years
  5. yeah but then there will be people requesting in support for it to be unlocked
  6. Contact support@stake.com if you still need help you can still reach them via email if you cant contact through the livechat. You probably need to verify your account I would assume
  7. support@stake.com takes the same time to reply to as if you make a ticket I believe.
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