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  1. I am a religious person, I think when everything is fine with your life, you need to think about how you can help other people, not only close ones. I consider it my duty to direct part of the income to charity. I really do not like to talk about it and few people know about it. I think so right.
  2. How about help in the war in Ukraine? Many elderly people, children and innocent people suffer, problems with the supply of basic necessities and medical care. There is a mission of the red cross, you can help through them.
  3. I would like if giveaways, in a telegram, were distributed between subscribers, so that the channel can grow, there are many interesting opportunities in a telegram
  4. These two states are temporary, as for me. A "good player" can play around and overly believe in his experience and tactics and not develop. A bad player can learn.
  5. I know one thing, Stake does not like round numbers, try not to aim at that number, aim nearby.