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  1. Congrats on completing 1000 forums post's, it's quite an accomplishment. I hope more players will achieve this in coming days so this forum remain active rather than like of forum which is quite dead now.
  2. EpicGord

    Clash Royale

    Well I'm currently at lvl 11 and soon will be level 12. It's good game but due to pay to win factor I'm little disappointed otherwise concept is amazing considering how well they have made game.
  3. EpicGord

    Some gaming talks

    I play videogames in my free time and mostly strategy genre of gaming is my favorite along with rpg.
  4. I currently finished watching Ragnarok season 1, it is quite fun to watch if you have interest in Norse mythology.
  5. If I would have offered mod one year ago then I would have gladly say yes but these days I'm not much active on stake as I was year ago. So sorry I'm not available at the moment 😂😂 Also being mod is tough job, you have to be active and go through rough conversation's and have to keep your cool in hot situations, not easy job. Thumbs up to all support and mods 👍👍
  6. All 3 are fast and amazing but I prefer xrp because of stability factor in it's price as compared to other two.
  7. Sometimes it's better to not knowing in sports betting than knowing lol and luckily it worked for you.
  8. They are one of the finest players to play soccer ever so ofcourse they will be missed for sometime then eventually new Superstar's will arise and maybe able to achieve their legacy.
  9. Maybe there will be someone else would come with same idea eventually later and there would some other currency with different mechanisms and name to take on online world.
  10. Keep posting meaningful stuff and eventually you will be start getting paid. Post constructive and Don't break any rule and everything will be fine.