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  1. Bitcoin
    EpicGord got a reaction from Darko in 🏆 [4 ETH] Soccer is Back! ⚽   

  2. Bitcoin
    EpicGord got a reaction from Darko in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Table for Six 😃   

  3. Haha
    EpicGord reacted to wynang in Why 98 percent people loss in gambling   
    May be 2% of peoples known how to control.
    stake always remind. 
    "play smarter!
  4. Bitcoin
    EpicGord got a reaction from Darko in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Gamers' Corner 🎮   

  5. Wow
    EpicGord got a reaction from yomzkie in Submit your unique bets!   
    My unique bet when I got 21 on both hands after spilt.
    BLACKJACK: 4,193,365,420
    placed by EpicGord on 03/04/2019
    0.00140000 Multiplier
    2x Profit

  6. Thanks
    EpicGord reacted to StackGod in USD Tether   
    I can't believe that nobody mentioned that iFinex and USDT have pretty stringent anti-gambling regulations in place. That's likely the only reason why stablecoins like USDC and USDT haven't entered the gambling sphere in a mainstream fashion yet.
  7. Bitcoin
    EpicGord got a reaction from Darko in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Ping Pong Mania 🏓   
  8. Litecoin
    EpicGord reacted to chipito in Sport live streams!   
    Heya sportbetters!  
    everyday people are asking for free livestreams!  
    lot of sport available and for FREEEEEEE!!!!

    like footbal basketball tennis and lot of others..
    Enjoy and goodluck peepz
  9. Love
    EpicGord reacted to jhaijhai in Real Life Pictures   
    Real People in real life😉
    Late But I want to post here😅 Hi stakers!

  10. Payday
    EpicGord reacted to lupandina in Real Life Pictures   
    Real Dina without makeup 😅

  11. Love
    EpicGord reacted to neich in Real Life Pictures   
    Little update from me
    Hi I'm neich
  12. Love
    EpicGord reacted to Paecga129 in Real Life Pictures   
    Figured I’d add another too ! 

  13. Haha
    EpicGord reacted to Dusan in Real Life Pictures   
    @Maja , by the way she was hungry AF
  14. Love
    EpicGord reacted to arielg443 in Real Life Pictures   
    This is my favorite forum topic. 
    So much better to have a face to put with usernames lol. 
    Few more. ❤️ 

  15. Bitcoin
    EpicGord reacted to Babagucci in Real Life Pictures   
    Felt I had to post a few more pics to keep spreading the love!

  16. Wow
    EpicGord reacted to winzkie in Real Life Pictures   
    Hi I’m manilyn

  17. Love
    EpicGord reacted to xtinepink in Real Life Pictures   
    Sure @Mirela 😝 
    *then delete it after lmao
  18. Love
    EpicGord reacted to JelenaR in Real Life Pictures   
    Happy Holidays.  

  19. Haha
    EpicGord reacted to defrostbyte in Real Life Pictures   
    Only the one of me in the bright colored shirt is somewhat recent. The one of me getting arrested was on christmas two years ago from missing a court date. I had actually forgot about it until digging through my photos just now. 

  20. Payday
    EpicGord reacted to Paecga129 in Real Life Pictures   
    Here is the 21 week baby bump !    

  21. Bitcoin
    EpicGord reacted to Alamar in Real Life Pictures   
    I will also add my photos that were photographed few years ago)

  22. Ethereum
    EpicGord reacted to Thepug in What do you think the Final Reward of Treasure Hunt Challenge?   
    I just realised how hard it has become. The recent video poker challenge is around a 20000x multiplier in total (to get it hypothetically) and I haven't won anything in 30,000 rolls.
    This isn't just hard, it's sad  
  23. Haha
    EpicGord reacted to wngo123 in Deposits and VIP status   
    I think every amount deposited should count automatically as wagered amount and added to our statistics so we could move faster to next vip level . What do you think?  
  24. Bitcoin
    EpicGord reacted to davinmark in Deposits and VIP status   
    Well i think its not a good way, how if some people doing re-depo only without playing? so many people will get easily their VIP level without losing anything   
  25. Sad
    EpicGord reacted to Jelanstream in What is your best strategy   
    WTF why those people spamming there username? As I read on his topic there's no Giveaways and there's 
    no task that you put your username here.
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