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  1. Boyka

    Do you like this method?

    I depo 15$ and lose it on 5 bets rigged site i will never invest again
  2. Boyka

    Picking of tiles.

    Let the random to chose mines better
  3. Boyka

    Have you won a giveaway on Stake's discord?

    Nahh i Entered 50% of giveaway and none won
  4. Boyka

    Prefer game?

    Hilo give me proffit like 20$ one day and bust it
  5. Boyka

    Prefer game?

    Hello people i wanna just ask what's your favorite or prefer game on stake. My prefer game is hi-lo at moment Good luck all
  6. Boyka

    1000x + 620x

    Wow nice proffits o_O 0.01+ proffit
  7. Boyka

    Join the hunt, or perhaps skip it?

    I actually want to join on mines challengees only because are more easier
  8. Boyka

    Stake Discord!

  9. Boyka

    High and low balance games

    i use hilo for hugepayots like 500x+but with 50sats or + mines to 5mil x
  10. Boyka

    How many times you visit the site ?

    I visit stake 4hours and leave it forum 5-10 times a day to check new posts
  11. Boyka

    Discord Giveaways

  12. Boyka

    Which pet is better, Cats or Dogs?

    Dogs because are very smart example belg malinois its very clever dog!
  13. Boyka

    Yehawww! 17 hits in a row

    Maybe a bit latter u should bet larger next time