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  1. yes, this should be the only time we have to stay at home in all over the world. this event is not certain to repeat itself again.. nobody wished for that. so my girl and i decided to take a pics, having at the back what we are doing.. that is STAKE at our back. yes, stake. i will love her to see the hustling daddy is into when she grows up as a single daddy.. if you dont mind, share your Stay At Home pics dont spoil the fun..
  2. i am on your stream.. i wish you best of luck.. @ollarfreeman
  3. to figure out, how that works for real
  4. Good day everyone. today is the first leap year day of stake. and its going to be next 4 years before we see another 29th-02... what a day to rejoice. i just want to know it, it worth celebrating leap year on stake. many will join us and many will leave before next leap year.. can we just have a memorial event for today, or a Giveaway? thanks
  5. lets wait till middle of the year.. but i bet you, btc will get to 15k before November
  6. from the chatroom today, we were talking about how rich the stake community is and the good progress of stake. and something came up, like stake having its own coin. i consider this a good step. many small site also have there own coin (although stake dont copy) , but this will help stake in the future. we never can tell how far its going to go. what do you think we need the stake-coin for: 1,, for easy crediting 2, for faster stake conversion \ 3, during the airdrop, it get stake advertise more 4, make stake ahead of more sites 5, we have a coin we can call our own.. i will like to know, what you think about this
  7. Oklahoma should be 14 not 13
  8. To God, stake2 is the best ever. We only have graphics display problem.. But I love the improvements in stake
  9. The more I love to play online casino, the more I learn its new rules which are more linked to real life experience. Iwas on stake trying to take my little coin higher but the funny sleeping took the whole of me. This was after the race. The limbo was actual set on 50x and the wage was small to make a profit and risk margin. After 2hours my eyes was clear. The first thing that came to my mind is my mobile( I was actually planing on mobile). I saw the trend I could have been happy but all gone to nothing. Just like real life when you are told not to Drink and drive Sick and drive Sleep and drive ... Just add all to stake Don't drink AMD stake Don't be sick and stake Don't ever Sleep and Stake.. You may loose your life
  10. that means you are the lucky gem today
  11. Ollarfreeman

    Binance donate

    that is good and it promote crypto