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  1. ollarfreeman thank you Eddie.. More love from Africa
  2. I have been on stake for years now, i looked at my years of playing games, Depositing and Withdrawing winnings.. i just looked around and asked myself. WHAT HAVE I ACHIEVED SO FAR. ................. so i picked up my pad and write many stuff that i have used stake winnings to buy but one is the most amazing, because the money was paid at a go. although it a used item from local used site. but i just get it at a go. i mean the car i brought in 2019 for my kids school drive. ........ i wish to know how well you have done, what is the special item you ever use Your winning to buy??
  3. Ollarfreeman#5826
  4. this is a ladder am trying to climb.. should i keep climbing
  5. i want to believe we are from different countries and many of us have different taste to music.. i will love to hear your music,, in any language *enter your country name *Drop a youtube link *video music will be better *if it has subtitle will be better * it is not necessary to be English example : Nigeria ... : Davido Let have fun
  6. to be in the race is not just easy.. to me i believe 100 people should be rewarded but not with same bonus.. just to make the fun get round
  7. lol .. this is a very interesting question.. i must tell you, i believe everyone on stake must to have been mute one way or the other. we are all going to have a taste of it.. i should be the high racking in this, i have been ban once but with appeal, i was put back.. *now let forget about the one of be posting discord link * or fighting with a guy in chat * what about sending tip to wrong person after a Trivia *posting more musical link in chat * capital letter is sure *what about covid-19 talk in chat but the one that got me muted for a long time before they answer my appeal was when i was playing with my age, that am 16 years .. wow before that could be resolved, i have to snap my life picture, my family.. submit my document.. i have been on stake since 2017, so you should know more would have happen