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  1. This is very good. You won't understand the key word until you read 2 times
  2. my name is ollarfreeman and am from Nigeria in Africa. i think am the only black man on the site
  3. That's is the first April Fool ever done on stake.... Thanks for the time taken to plan it
  4. The best way is.. I don't care.. let everyone get a share of the money and we all be happy.
  5. LoL...am ollar Freeman... That's my real name. But when I have put morenuck name that has been taken. I just add my name and other name.. 🤔🤔🤔 If that is taken, then I will just leave the site🤪🤪🤪
  6. thanks for the lesson.. you such a darling
  7. i have been waiting for the day i change the type of games i play on stake. i was so happy when i read about the new coming games i believe by the advert, they are two. hmm it just a coming soon things. its not that i have joy in the new game but the fact that i will change my type of loosing. yes my loosing because all games comes with the aim of collecting from you and i. i have played all the types of game on stake but never tried the coming soon.. so will the new games come or will they hang like chatbet. talking about chatbet, i know how i won big on that game. that was actually the first type of game i made even with on stake that makes me falls in love with it. where are the coming soon? where are the new games?
  8. i domt know if this is right, but the stake has grown to be a family things to me. there are some people that are here to help you in times of needs. so i choose my family and friends. i only TIP those in the circle of F.F to me..
  9. that is very good of you... i love your idea. please when do you want to sell your eyes. am interested
  10. seem we need to have the stake group of company to represent us...