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  1. Recently i thought of getting a funny slogan for stake. i have so many list from mind but they are such a funny thought. so i decided to put it here. if you are to write a slogan, what will you write aside " best place to gamble" "together we wins" " losing freedom" "your green makes you smiles" let just be fun
  2. try read the chat and please be calm.. as the race started, you may log out and log in .. all is well
  3. but to me, some post will be repeated, if not now but later.. there are no new things but edited and reposed. even in life. no new hum but regenerated human being..
  4. this is th anti-christ bet... it just like the worst thing the gods are looking for lol
  5. Well am on it for 3months.. I posted a link from stake discord on stake chat, I thought they are same just like here and stake chat.. well that's not the issue.but the addiction I have in it before.. well it's clearing off.
  6. The problem with me is that,I have change in loving a game but now love the return..100x is very hard to see on mines and keno.. You can't play blackjack and think about hitting than but. I hit 1000x on limbo, dice many times.. I have never wasted more money or time doing that.. What am saying now is that. Invest your money on where the profit is certain.. Time and money counts in life.. I think I will use this as my post either..
  7. I believe we can should an educative channel.. teaching us how to invest money in crypto life
  8. This is why I missed chatbet
  9. The fact that you have not being to hell before, does not mean you can't imagine how it will looks like.. the day I was penalised for posting on the chat room. I thought it's just going to be easy. Little did I knew that my addiction is a about to be taken from me. Wow, I missed the chat room. I missed talking to people I don't know. Those that I have not seen but have a same feelings. We win and loss. We share the pains and agony of gambling. The stake chat room.... I have solve many issueith it.. * I find where I can share my feelings * I don't waste time outside, comes home and to my PC * I have reduce my social media website *I reduce my friends list But now, I found myself doing those things back. I want you to share with me, if you have other been here (in suspension), how you feels then. I am sure this is due to my addiction to stake chat room..
  10. You know what?, i have being thinking about a funny picture. How will the day looks like when i becomes rich overnight.. i never stop thinking about it. i even have story line cook for it. let us assume the following and you may picture it to me you - you have 0.00000230btc in you account - set a limbo game to Auto be on 0.00000010 - the you target payout is 900000 - and you slept off ( you believe that is just to waste the btc) - when you woke up, - your account balance is 895.025142030btc please what will you do at first? i know, i will tell myself its a dream.... what about you?
  11. good of you... i cant even find where to run to
  12. 1btn is a huge amount of money.. if the person contact me. i will give it back. it may be for something more serious. i mean, someone life may depend on it. i have sent my late mum monthly medical assistance bill to wrong account before and the person returned it to me.. so i have no option than to return it. but the person must contact me first