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  1. Я человек позитивный,но только у меня есть черта,доверчивости скажем так "похуизм" Иногда я и себе противоречу и становлюсь жадным,когда самому это надо . А вот хотел бы изменить именно черту доверчивости и мягкости.А так в себе не жалую) 😄
  2. Давай ломай стакан Олег,удачи!)😄💣
  3. I bet on small x and play max bet ... And as per the law of the genre me bust 😞 But for those who lose tech, then I share my method of rest from PD) After losing, I walk out of the house and take a little walk, and then I return home and put the kettle on boiling water, and after I prepare the table with all sorts of sweets and brewing tea, I sit on YouTube) And after that either I make a documents, or I play all sorts of games that would be distracting and after already calming down I go back to the PD) And when I come back I fill up the balance for a little more, but if I win or lose, time will tell ... 😁
  4. I just started my PD.am active in rolling last 2 weeks i deposited some btc and started my earned around 0.125 btc in 2 days ... So am exited and start working to gamble around 5 to 6 hours a day... Then i lost around 0.15 . Stop gambling after x amout lost
  5. As many know, the initial miner’s reward was 50 bikoinov, then the halving of the reward occurred and it was 25.5 bitcoins, many miners were outraged, but they tried it and literally a year later there was the 1st bitcoin race to 1000 dollars. In 2016, the 2nd halving of the award took place, which reduced it to 12.5 bitcoins and again the miners were not satisfied, but again a year later in late 2017, bitcoin rose to 20,000 dollars. A year later, another bitcoin halving is expected to reach 6.25, and many people think that after this bitcoin will again begin its rapid growth upwards, as has already happened two previous times. Link to article:https://bits.media/do-sleduyushchego-khalvinga-bitkoina-ostalos-okolo-goda/ My openion:By the post, I realized that bitcoin is shrinking in the market 2 times every year. This is certainly a problem for miners, but let's see it from the other side. If there is little bitcoin on the market, then its price will rise to heaven, When will that Bitcoin for miners will be very small, then with the hype, there will be more demand for bitcoin, which means an increase in demand entails an increase in the price itself. I think that obviously there will be more than $ 20k What do you think about this?
  6. It was a long time ago, but at that moment when the site was just leaving, and then, like half the stake, I was seen on PD And then most of the chat was discussing the new site from PD and then this interest touched me too, I also went to the site. And then I liked that Stake was like Jortune Jack and Bitsler, but I liked the fact that they were less familiar and interesting a) interface. And then the tap was 1k satosh, and a lot of games for me, a man who sat only on a dice, oh god, that was wonderful. And the first conclusion from there was the same when I came in) These good memories, I would like to finish the text)
  7. Я вижу тут игроманов толком то и нету,что ж надо исправить и написать об моих играх которые прохожу с забегом) Мне нравятся легкие игры на вроде:the binding of isaac,sonic,mario,the escapists и тд А вот такие игры на сюжет и долгострой:TES:skyrim,metro,prototype,assasins creed и тд А те которыми постоянно от скуки,то :CS:go,warcraft 3 и вроде всё)
  8. I sit at home in my free time and do tasks for all kinds of boxwood, the profit is not big $ around, but even that will be enough for me to go and get half of the big x)
  9. I’m sitting on a PD for about 3 year, and on stake a glass since its opening, and in order to be in different communities I have to rush from one site to another) I think it is better for ostry attention on new sites (where there will be bonuses, etc.)😁
  10. Давай Бро,рви этот стакан!)
  11. Hello Ed, goodluck and profits and nice stream you 😁 Username: AHC4P
  12. Mines:668,365,370 placed by AHC4P Wagered: 0.00001200 Payout: 404.11x Profit: 0.00483726