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  1. BACCARAT: 3,152,422,234 placed by rhea0121 on 21/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 8x Profit 0.00000700
  2. Rhea0121

    Mines bomb

    @nuuuitsjdragondont know if seed works in mines althought seed works from plinko. For me but dont know if it will work on mines @KiXxnTRiXx yea notice that as well im being cautios now and tap atleast 3 boxes and cash it out instead of hitting the bombs again 😂😂 but still sometimes wantap work 😂😂
  3. Rhea0121

    What is the worst game you have ever played?

    @williamshennie9 idid that a lot of times still the same 😂😂 thats why i dont like that game @wilbur i havent play that game and i dont want to try seems like a trap to rip all balance 😂
  4. So far for me its baccarrat and blackjack. I win 2x before then straight 8 reds every time i hit. The game take over much more than your winning. The game i love the most is plinko and mines sometimes hilo as well. You guys what is the worst game you have ever played in stake. What games do you like the most 😊
  5. Rhea0121

    Mines bomb

    Yep i just tell the story of what i feel on the game i know its random its just my feelings to it still if your to quick to read where the last bomb is you will hit high multi in no time. Thanks for the concern just wanted to know if you feel the same as i am 💋💋
  6. Rhea0121

    Mines bomb

    Does any one feel the same as me? That sometimes you may think and realize that bombs knows your movement and the next box you will click? I feel like if i dont hit the bomb in one tap. It will follow you like 3 box open then boom even tho you check where the last bomb is. It happens all the time to me.
  7. HILO: 3,022,310,071 placed by rhea0121 on 17/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.102849960327148x Profit 0.00000610
  8. Goodluck mod shin rhea0121
  9. Rhea0121

    Plinko 5k

    @Babagucci its manual roll i dont do auto roll because of lag and sometimes the balls shoot in one spot thats why i do it manually
  10. Rhea0121

    Plinko 5k

    @DarkBlood069 i havent reach 100roll that times so i stick on 4k bb. If i hit 100rolls ill make it 100kbb but i didnt know that in day 3 72 rolls it will hit the 5k so its a shame as well for my bb. But achievement on the other side 😊 so its fine atleast i manage to hit my goal in plinko. Started to hunt ot now 500 roll everyday
  11. Rhea0121

    Plinko 5k

    @nuuuitsjdragon i start my journey again on plinko. Hoping to hit it before 3days. 500 roll everyday 😊 goodluck may you hit 5kx soon @Mistake goodluck to you my friend hope you hit it as well 😊 @psonix 1.9999 to be exact sad that i hit it low bb but still achievement to me. Hope you hit that as well goodluck 😊
  12. Rhea0121

    Plinko 5k

    @irawk0 72 rolls in 3rd day . 1072 overall to be exact i play 500 rolls every day trying to get some luck. Yea thats the worts i was planning to bet 100k but i reailize that moment i havent reach 100 roll so i still keep on going 4k bb. But havent expected that will hit on 5k 😂😊
  13. Rhea0121

    Plinko 5k

    How many days before you hit the 5k on plinko?. Mine was 3days to be exact and what more worst is i hit it low bb 😂😂 its achievement for me as well even tho it takes a lot of manual clicking 😂😂
  14. Rhea0121

    Share experiences using 2 mines and play manually.

    Lol i cant even hit the mines challenge already lose 200ksats and 2m bch on mines still cant get the heart shape 😂
  15. Rhea0121

    Losing at Plinko - What feeling does it give you?

    Well its sad but we cant do anything about it this is casino once you played be ready to lose as well. And spend what you can afford to lose