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  1. I've been trying + 30000x for a long me but I'm unlucky in limbo. my max hit in limbo i think only 500x lately i was trying 15000x but it made me very sad. because i hit it 14700x
  2. rollhunt is a kind of lucky game moderators make for the community join them under certain conditions. and if you are lucky, you can win the closest to the specified number
  3. The coin ethereum that earned me the most. least winning btc. i believe it's just luck
  4. just luck bro the all games have same luck. but people may feel luckier there when they play their favorite game mode
  5. hey stake community ! What do you think about free spins on slots? free spin is one of the factors that make this game the most fun. most people would not like this game. Frankly, I wouldn't like this game without free spins. free spin excites people, And it gives us a chance to make really good money..
  6. I think I claimed about 10 times a day xd I claimed rakeback every time I lose, then I lose again it doesn't work at all 😛
  7. i think 15-20 times because I get so angry. and every time I get angry, I reflect this to the conversation 😛
  8. plinko is old game and really funny a game. but Slots more beautiful I think all players will give up plinko.
  9. I think there will be very nice things hopefully we would have very nice things for vip's eddie is trying to make us happy
  10. i don't like this. because when you play fast it doesn't work ''instansbet'' if you are playing slots you should do it in a fun way, it's too bad not to see what you win.
  11. When I heard this, I went crazy because thats really soo soooo goooddd. I think there will be very nice things and i think it will start from tomorrow.