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  1. someone gets 2nd unmute, i mean if the rules same for everyone i should be unmute too.
  2. hello dear stakers,mods,admins and support team I'll talk about perm muted people. first of all, as I heard from many support members and moderators, perm mutes would never be removed and the rules are same for everyone. recently i saw and heard that 2 people got unmuted, their violations are pretty much the same as mine. ( they got unmuted, but my perm still going on ) shows that these rules aren't the same for everyone there are many plats and diamonds out there, that are at least as violating rules as I do, but they are still alive. I have a suggestion, give p
  3. Hello dear people! I'm sure you know me more or less, I've been here since 2018, I'm gold star. I committed many rule violations in Stake, I have mistakes, yes I admit it. I've been sentenced to perm mute twice, I had waited 6 months for the first time and they forgave me. but this time they say they won't forgive me. After two small rule violation, I asked someone who I thought was my friend for money as a joke and he complained me, He asked for money from me too. When plat users violate the rules, no one sees them, because they are valuable for Stake
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