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  1. I don't care if the bitcoin rises or falls I don't buy or sell bitcoins. I only gamble and try to win.
  2. Thanks for information, i'll read it right away and I will try.
  3. I don't want to deal with autobometry. The automatic bet is always good, but do not try martingale.
  4. I'm using paribu. because everything is too fast, deposits and withdrawals. I recommend you to use.
  5. First of all congratulations it is a nice hit. yes sometimes the luck laughs at you and you win beautiful coins. I have received 9000x payment with 100 sats totally luck
  6. Yes, maybe. I only gamble in my family I wouldn't let anyone of my family gamble.
  7. man, no strategy I know but there's someone I think you know, I'll tell him to help you.
  8. i am not using strategy. but I know some strategies work, I hope someone else shares a strategy for you.
  9. you can't understand this is just luck bro no matter what you do, just luck.
  10. You're 2nd and you win 0.25 eth but you feel sorry instead of being happy. what did you use, man? xd
  11. martingale worst I don't recommend. I usually play hilo for high multipliers but I play dice for low multipliers.
  12. I made good money on vgo gambling site about $ 700
  13. you only live once but you always lose when I am constantly losing I bet high to save everything.
  14. I play both but usually ETH. because it looks more in quantity and more fun