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  1. I sell bitcoin , and buy myself cigarettes, alcohol and food things
  2. OsmaNN

    Mobile gamblers

    mobile gamble so unlucky I did a wrong move and lost $ 171
  3. I lost 0.025 btc by playing only 0.0001
  4. yes I believe that beginners are lucky I've witnessed this many times before a new member of the site has won a $ 1000 jackpot and only played 2 times
  5. OsmaNN

    Streaming BTC Giveaways - Ideas?

    for some games, you can organize competitions to stake users and give prizes to the winners
  6. OsmaNN

    What is your favorite and hate strategy?

    I absolutely hate Martangle I hate playing with low balance
  7. OsmaNN

    Bank account

    I used it right but I lost it every time
  8. OsmaNN

    Simple strategy to win every week.

    nice plan! I will use the
  9. OsmaNN

    How did Stake affect your life?

    I've been stuck at least five hours a day since I've been here but sometimes I win beautiful coins so it affected well
  10. OsmaNN

    The Hi-Lo dream come out!

    HILO: 3,163,207,518 placed by OsmaNN on 21/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 9425.1298828125x Profit 0.00942413 this was a great hit while dreaming
  11. OsmaNN

    [Closed] Be my Valentine giveaway!

    @EmirhanDemircio I'm glad that I think the same things and I love you and i accept ur request