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  1. Very nice posting, thank you @hanvee i would like NEO -and- NANO (no fee, and god coins with benefits) IOTA, Stellar (XLM), Cardano (ADA), Ripple (XRP) Would be a nice bunch of coins.
  2. oh, ok. so iam again out.
  3. Nice giveaway, thank you. i hope i did all correkt.
  4. for me the same. wish you luck for the future.
  5. i am not really sure, if crypto will replace 'fiat' . But many coins will come and go before we have solid safe coins for real life. But we are just at the beginning. We try to heal the world and safe energy. But we burn massive energy for mining and internet in general. If we can do that with clean power, it will be amazing.
  6. Welcome her Antonia, wish you good greens and play calmed.
  7. Welcome Maria, you got some good advices from mates. For gambling you can try payout-1/2 = x times with same bet amount before double it. for example: payout 7x (under 14 / 85 ) -> 7-1/2 = 3 times same bet amount before you double. of course no strategy will work for ever. Good luck and have fun
  8. boaler

    Hidden tricks?

    for gambling some strats exist, but of course no work for long term. Auto betting will bust in any case also in long term. so try to see the 'wave' and ride it.
  9. Thank you for this 'friendly' way to provide information. I had a really bad (real life) last year. I was not paid for work and have many loans now, bedcause it seems i have no chance to get it. I hope for you, that you never get this real life problems. I was thinkinfg about to deposit again if i have money, but now i think i should not do that here.
  10. Hi all, i could chat till 2-3 weeks ago. now i get again a message with "You need to wager 0.02811000 BTC or an equivalent amount of altcoins to send chat messages." Why?
  11. boaler

    Boaler here

    @Laura2000 Nice to see you here too.😀 @R1ZKE Thank you! @Kristoffff Many good songs but i guess you speak about 'Über 7 Brücken musst Du gehen', that song is a cover (i was surprised as i hear that). 😀
  12. boaler

    Boaler here

    thank you i enjoy it. I dont know if he count really a german singer, but i would say Peter Maffay, because he have great songs and a very big heart! Haha, thank you. but 'Deutsche Spieler' (german players) means not in every case rich onces.
  13. boaler

    Boaler here

    thank you @DarkBlood069 and @KinAniK @DarkBlood069 i lost my doge coins. like it happen everyhwere. 😞
  14. boaler

    Boaler here

    Hi iam boaler, from Germany and hope i can find friends all over the world here.