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  1. boaler Milrive - (Steve said it is a color. no idea. )
  2. Hi Ghostnipple, very good statement and i agree completly with it. IT is in most cases a bit unfair, that the verification is only one way. Not really personal information about the service provider / site owners. It should be in both way a verification to stay a bit safer.
  3. boaler mikado (lucky color)
  4. MINES: 42,496,626,458 placed by boaler on 26/04/2021 Wagered 0.00021615 Multiplier 166.39615x Profit 0.03575038
  5. i know what you mean i had still 3 month ago 67000 Doge. and lost now all my coins. but i have always same luck.... if i have a coin it grows maybe a bit but fall most of time. if i have none it raise like hell. LOL, you are not alone.
  6. boaler ivory - color ...and a not uknown color.... lol
  7. SLOTSSAMURAI: 40,664,902,753 placed by boaler on 06/04/2021 Wagered 0.00020990 Multiplier 73x Profit 0.01511280 thank you for this giveaway
  8. SLOTS: 34,944,846,676 placed by boaler on 25/01/2021 Wagered 0.00070340 Multiplier 60.15x Profit 0.04160611
  9. well, can happen, but it doesn't matter in some month anymore. lol
  10. Here you see example of freespins in Pumpkin Smash stored as video to share with friends: https://player.yggdrasilgaming.com/watch/?eyJnYW1laWQiOiI3MzQwIiwiY2xpZW50IjoiaHR0cHM6Ly9zdGF0aWMtcHJvZC0wMi15Z2dkcmFzaWwuc29mdHN3aXNzLm5ldCIsImFwcHNydiI6Imh0dHBzOi8vc2VydmVyLXByb2QtMDIteWdnZHJhc2lsLnNvZnRzd2lzcy5uZXQiLCJ3YWdlcmlkIjoiMjEwMTE3MTU1NDQxMDEwMDAwOSIsIm9yZyI6InByaW1lZGljZSIsImxhbmciOiJkZSIsInNvdXJjZSI6IkJvb3N0VUkiLCJzaGFyZU9yZyI6IiIsInNoYXJlT3JnTmFtZSI6IiJ9
  11. MINES: 33,342,394,434 placed by boaler on 29/12/2020 Wagered 0.09000000 Multiplier 2163.15x Profit 194.59350000
  12. the rtp is often not the house edge... it is much lower. sometimes around 1% of rtp...so it feels. All slots kill you at the end. sometimes they give you, but most time you have no chance to win there.
  13. WHEEL: 30,587,027,287 placed by boaler on 30/10/2020 Wagered 0.00001600 Multiplier 9.9x Profit 0.00014240 WHEEL: 30,587,029,755 placed by boaler on 30/10/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 9.9x Profit 0.00000890 HILO: 30,606,557,532 placed by boaler on 30/10/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 10.1745
  14. casino:30547005802 thank you for challenge Greetings boaler
  15. i just got 3 requests from several sites to be a mod. But i was never interested in. All guys above spent more time as i do. so good luck for all here.
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