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  1. Im still offering 50% rake back if you sign under my referal link
  2. --Be the Greatest Duckling,Kill,Survive and be The Last Man Standing-- Join our very own LMS game in Duckdice.io https://duckdice.io/forum/topics/230-the-last-man-standing?page=14#post-d7a38276ae#post-d7a38276ae#post-d7a38276ae#post-d7a38276ae Prize pool of 0.1 btc will be given away every week. Details can be found here . If you still dont have account please register on Duckdice.io See you there and enjoy the game. Thank you and best wishes!
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  5. if you happen to join our telegram channel youll find out how actve we are,.no airdrop sao far but we have programs for our holder which they gain additonal exmr token
  6. not dead,.we are in our pre ico andico sale rght now,.listed in seme exchanger no like ED and FD
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  8. Hi everyone I'm Mharckie a respected Duckdice.io Moderator and Live Support Agent.Im inviting everyone to play Dice game with your BTC,XMR,DOGE,BCH,LTC,ETH and DASH at Duckdice.io and get 50% rake back and a chance to win our big prizes in our monthly wagering contest. Rakeback sample. 1 btc wager : 0.0015 btc rakeback 10 btc wager : 0.015 btc rakeback 100 btc wager : 0.15 btc rakeback 1000 btc wager : 1.5 btc rakeback Just pm me your duckdice username or contact me in Duckdice Live support. Play in Duckdice.io under my referal link ( https://duckdice.com/92a5b746a8 )
  9. mharckie

    Highest payout

    would u believe i hit x999 plinko:1,263,159
  10. heres my 999 hit this mornig plinko:1,263,159
  11. mharckie


    is there a contest on hitting x999 in plinko
  12. mharckie


    plinko for me is a good way to wager
  13. mharckie


    hey guys im getting addicted in plinko. check thi bet of mine.,reason why im getting addicted plinko:1,263,159
  14. Nice congratz man,.hope u will not bust it.