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  1. That bad people, such people should be punished.
  2. OO, this site I run every two hours, it is incredible, it drags on for hours without giving a choice between rest and play)) It can be stuck here even for the whole day that I often happened.
  3. The meaning of the cry is that they are growing and falling, the one who wants to have a constant currency has long played in casinos for dollars or rubles
  4. my favourite @neich @DarkBlood069 @DviouS @bexy1980. realy nice people/
  5. I advise you to be here only, we have a pleasant atmosphere and good admins. It is on them that everything is kept. Stake is my favorite place, cook a cup of tea and hang around ...
  6. I do not know, it's somehow weird, the currency can not take and it's about to disappear somehow.
  7. This is all fairy tales, everything depends on luck. And all, no strategies.