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  1. picosman

    Sex or gambling?

    you au are asked by your wife or GF, which will you choose? sex or gambling? a. or b. which is better stress reliever? what do you think guys?
  2. picosman

    Hi po

    hi jake nagpapanalo na ba??
  3. this is a good advice, ill try this and will try to keep more balance to be able to withdraw
  4. try the legend 5mil multiplier with only 1 sat, this will be very worthy of time and satoshi specially if you win, you will be very happy
  5. just want to know your thoughts about my situation, and i guess, other have same problem too, wife dont want you gambling, im a gambler since is was i child and now that i have a wife i still gamble whenever i have extra money, my wife dont understand me and dont want to understand me, i told he that im not losing , i win more than i lose, but still she dont want me gambling, this is a picture of my situation, my wife keeps on nagging on me whenever i gamble, then my wife get enough of me she decided to cheat on me, we fight a lot during that time, even i win alot, still im not happy i ended up like this, i hurt my wife physically, and emotional , bcoz she is cheating on me, i almost go to jail becoz of that, we decide to talk , to figure out what we need to do, i didnt stop gambling, she stop nagging on me, and give me time to gamble, she realize that she love me, and stop cheating on me, now, we are happy, i win alot, much more now that she is not mad that im gambling, i alway but her thing she want whenever i win , im keeping enough money for us not to struggle before salary comes, i dunno what happen but after all our fights and misunderstanding, she finally become better and we no longer fight now, i give also give her some of my time so that she will feel that i still love her , i only gamble for like 4hrs a day, then rest of the day is for her, this is my story, a real life story of a gambler able to win the game of life, im so happy now
  6. lol. youre right but still its a good payout, maybe try 100sat next time, better if you win with a price of BTC, hahaha
  7. wow, what happen? did you lose at 10>?? maybe much better if you choose to cashout... if i were you i will really cash it out.
  8. pls, loaning just to gameble is not good at all, better if you play wiht your extra money, in that way you will not struggle just to be able to pay the loan includin the interest, get a job, dont play when you dont have extra money, if you feel like playing , you better sleep, i bet once you wake up, you nolonger have the urge to play, hahah
  9. im so addicted, i sell all my gadget just to be able to depo, i know a person who sell all his stuff, inluding his car just to play casino, that person is so dumb , need to give up everything just to gamble, life isnt that hard, just need to be wise on every decision, and if you know that your life will be on stake for betting , you better stop and rest for a while,
  10. the highest profit i ever made is 115k out of 5k i got from forum balnce, i was lucky to win 5streak in hilo, i dunno i just follow my heart and it give the correct number ,
  11. i think its only becoz of seld control and discipline, and people always want more, even if we won a milion, we still want to win more, that is why people is sinner,
  12. d ako naniniwala sa LDR kasi same lng po yan sa imaginary BF or GF, hahah, since d mo sya nakakasama,,, pero meron parin pong iba n nagwowork, depende sa tao, kasi ung iba nmn khit kasama mo na eh lolokohin ka parin, wahaha
  13. try using desktop interface on your mobile, you can change it on your browser setting
  14. same lng po, strategy lng po nagkakatalo, ako kasi finaflood ko lng ang plinko, til i hit high multiplier,
  15. need mo wallet like coins.ph, or basta crypto wallet, tapos sa menu hanapin mo depo, dun na din ung withdraw, makikita.