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  1. thank you ! i hope 😁 Video Plinko X1000 coming soon !🤑
  2. I'm new so for now my best friend is the plinko 😂
  3. Yes but there are less views compared to other sites for now
  4. New video ! Plinko video ! If you have any suggestions, I'm listening!
  5. Thank you ! I am a regular of his big payout! I hope to retouch a quick lol
  6. Thank you and congratulations to you, there is not really any logic in gambling haha... I have relaunched a session there I hope the hit
  7. I didn't expect it haha... too happy:)
  8. Hello thank you, I made a video blackjack I hope you like it I created a topic in the video gambling section
  9. Hello everyone, I share with you my first video on stake.com. I started with BlackJack because it's one of my favorite games:) Some people must know me my old nickname on Youtube is Bitbitsler. I hope you will like the video!
  10. Thank you ! Yes I started to look at the strategy topic tonight I post a BlackJack video for Stake.com I hope that pleases you
  11. Hello hello! My name is Jack! Passionate about gambling for a few years! I love to play and discuss strategies/crypto. Good luck to all and see you soon.