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  1. SLOTS: 36,877,236,664 placed by cryptofly on 23/02/2021 Wagered 4.00000000 Multiplier 100.286x Profit 397.14285714
  2. But every time someone takes your medicine they will get sick of something else ...... true story. I would like to know when 3 Scatters are going to show.
  3. Don´t forget.... never keep gambling when you hit a good one! Take a break and withdraw if you can. Luck comes when a solid strategy is around. Same story, once you get a recovering hit stay away from gambling.... take your time and your profit.
  4. I am a Slots fan, and I have been rolling that for a long time and never got such a good multiplier. I have got 5 scatters twice but not with that big results, good multipliers but nothing close to 1000x. How many spins you have to roll once you change your seed to get this big multipliers? Thanks for sharing, keeps the hope alive!
  5. Multi bets means big profit, this would be a good reason for many of us to go that way. Gamblers are always looking for big profit leaving the "secure" 1.01x aside and taking the risk because, risk is all about, right? Sports right now are being different than we use to have and for that we most be very careful when entering a bet. But yes, multi bets can kill your win with a single loss.
  6. Stable Coins would be a great idea for Stake to include it in the coin options. Every gambler needs to keep both, balance and profit safe during this particular roller coaster price behavior. By including Stable coins we all can take the option to keep our gains in a safe place. USDT would be my choice. Good luck and thanks for this idea.
  7. I am pretty sure that is about to bring quality content into the forum. This forum has become very important for those who come to look for info to perform their betting and for those to come to post to create balance for gambling. So, the better the content the better the place. They are "cleaning the house" from all those post with no value or doubled. My opinion. Good luck.
  8. What is true is the fact that times goes fast and fly when people is a place where they feel secure and when is having fun. Stake takes both ways, is a safe place and funny. Maybe the secret to keep a place safe is the responsible gambling based in the strategy of daily limits and only put in the table those coins you can afford to lose, yes, this is the oldest maxima in gambling and crytpocurrencies as well. Nice you are having a good time. Thanks for sharing. Good luck.
  9. I am in Quarantine, and what I do is home office, reading, fly tying, trading cryptos and learning python 3. I always try to keep me busy doing something. Reading is important and I am becoming a worm book. I hope this shit ends soon. Economy is going to drain in my country. Good luck.
  10. Hard to say as I mixed the balance from my deposits with the reload received when placing bets. What I can tell is that, in that specific time most of my gambling was in red numbers, lately my luck is not with me yet, I guess is around the corner but don´t know which one. No matter what, I keep the bets in motions as that is the only way to get a good hit. Keep the bets moving, good luck.
  11. So Whiskey is not a solution? Sad. My guess is that each of us needs something specific according our own nature. Maybe some will need vitamins, steam, exercise or drink water, who knows. What I have seen is that a healthy life is a solution to resist most diseases including those related to viruses. Meanwhile, better keep safe and obey as much as possible all those warnings in your country. Good luck and take care.
  12. I am pretty sure that we all have different perceptions on how to manage risk as each of us has different amount of money "invested" representing some percent of what we have for savings. 50% is what you are thinking is the best to do? Is all right, as this 50% represents confidence on your choices and strategy. I just read about "not to worry about price" and hold it for the long therm which I think is the way I would take. Once I get some "satoshi" the prime reason to do it is because first I am confident about bitcoin and second because has been proved that direction of bitcoin across this year is going up. Just remember, in case you are planing to hold it for long period of time that you don´t need that invested money so you can take the benefits of the lung run. Halving is coming, expectations are high and yes, we all will be experimenting different feelings when price go up and down like the roller coaster it is, just set your strategy and if you decide to "sell in the news" is all right. Good luck.
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