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  1. I just want to add that I am keeping my same position when doing rains. I have to get a pretty good multiplier and profit in order to share with the community. There was a time when I did raindrops without having a profit, even without being gambling, just for fun but somehow I realised that that activity bring me bad luck in my betting sesion, so I stopped that and now I wait to have profit to rinse the chat. Good luck and thanks for the rain.
  2. Nice topic, looks like you have a crystal ball and could see the future on what coins were going to be added in Stake. Certainly BCH, Doge, LTC were added. Nice eye you have. What is important to notice also is the fact that Stake has been improving all kind of features including the new coins in order to create a better environment for us the gamblers to enjoy. Thanks to all Stake developers for your hard work. The all Stake team rocks! Thanks again!
  3. It's incredible and fun to watch how market tendency goes on each season. If you take this topic and bring those numbers up to date you will notice that any of the coins mentioned here were a good investment by the time this topic was created. This means that you certainly should invest in any "strong" coin that are among the top 10 listed in coinmarketcap so you can, some how, be sure that your investment is, if not secure, at least will no disappear as many shit coins does. I would like to hear about Florence by telling us if she did "hodl" those litecoins, because as far as I know, that coin will hit 100 dlls each soon. I will be very happy to see her comment about it. Enjoy this altseason and do never forget to do DYOR and buy bottom to avoid FOMO. Good luck.
  4. cryptofly

    XRP vs Plinko

    What I have noticed through my activity at Stake is that, if you take an entire unit to bet, such as 1 Doge, 1 TRX, 1 XRP, the odds of winning are close to void. For some reason the algo can notice that you are betting with one unit and with that is so hard to win. If you low your bet you will have much more chances to hit a good multiplier. Happens all the time, gamblers in chat are posting about this, small bets gets the best multipliers, all kind of increase will result in a loss. By this, I think that XRP has nothing to do with the results in Plinko but the amount of it. Bet 0.5 instead of 1.0 and you will see the results. My opinion. Good luck.
  5. Always for fun. I am here gambling and chatting and being part of the forum only to escape from my daily rush. I do like this site because is a friendly and trust one. Community is always willing to give a great time to anyone who respect the rules and if you pay attention you will notice how this community thinks, and many of them are pretty good compromised gamblers who will teach all sort of different ways to game and earn....and loss.... I like the site because of this, and because is inside the cryptocurrency ecosystem which I think is the future of economics. Good luck .
  6. I do play 5 or 6 different games, but only in Keno I have been creating a strategy which is basically to create 3 patterns of my own with 10 numbers and switch from one to another during my Keno rolls. If I am having +5 reds in a row then I change risk between medium and high. If the reds in a row keeps showing then I do change pattern and repeat. My bet remains the same, never do 2x nor Martingale, always same bet amount. Bet amount helps me to keep me in game respecting my daily limit strategy. My limit strategy is based in percent and not in a nominative perception. Always do percents. Good luck.
  7. So far, have you get another good luck cycle? Those Keno cycles can be extremely big for both, bad and good luck. I like Keno, and I understand what you explained. Now I am waiting for other superb cycle but to be honest, it has been a while since my last big hits and I became lazy to keep chasing it. Right now I am rolling Slots, but I am sure I will come back to Keno to chase your numbers and join to the winning hall of fame! Don´t hesitate to post your winnings again. Good luck.
  8. Flash betting sounds pretty cool, specially for those moments when gamblers are wagering for race. That will bring much more "spicy time" to race.... would be nice to try it. I will do what I was told few lines above, to star the autobet option and turn animation off. Let´s see what the results are, specially in race as I told. Good luck.
  9. Eleven different symbols + Wild Symbol + Scatter + Free Spins.... good enough to increase to edge house. Doesn´t mean you will hit green more often, but when you hit one you will probably have a good enough multiplier... and yes, as someone just said above, those free spins can kill the house and that my friend, Stake will never allow that happens. I would like to know how many different figures are for each column, can any of the devs please share the secret? Thanks and good luck.
  10. I stand in my same daily strategy, to set a limit for my daily bets. Don´t kill your balance in one session, try to stay safe as long as you can. To me that is the only strategy that really works because I strongly believe that luck come in cycles and when you are in you are......same with bad luck. It is hard to identify when a good luck cycle is coming because two or three green hits sometimes is not enough, so be carefully with the misunderstanding. Good luck.
  11. Looks like this game is good for wagering, and nothing else. I don´t find this game attractive, I guess I will try it soon in order to achieve my vip goal. Would be nice to see a statistic of what is the most game played during races. Good luck.
  12. My choice would be Dash, that is a coin with a very long story in the ecosystem and untraceable also. Stable coin would be good idea too.
  13. Mostly all the games are won by the scores they place during game, best teams always beats other teams. Major teams always look to have best players with them and pays big money to get them. I am in no doubt that somehow a low profile team will beat a favourite team in a specific match, but that happens very few times, I truly believe that, if money is in the middle of a decision, place your bet with the one who has the more chance to win due the statistics of each team. Don´t wait for the tiny teams to beat the monster teams, make sure you have a profit.
  14. Most sports team success is based on statistics, so this will be a good starting point before place any bet on it. As usual, make a DYOR on each team and take a deep look over its statistics and then bet on the one who has the best. Sport teams needs the wins and they usually pay to have the best sport team equipment. Don´t look for big profit but for strong possible winning team no matter you get a low profit. I am sure there are sports were "luck" plays an important roll, or sports than can be manipulated such as boxing, with those you can look for large multipliers and profit, otherwise take low profits. A win is a win. Good luck .
  15. Hard to say, changelly is a well known site and is used by many. Don´t know about fees. What about to go to a traditional exchange and there change from one to another? I would do that.