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  1. The only strategy I have to wager is to respect no matter what the limits I set from my balance to gamble. No matter if I am getting a very lucky green path, I will stop once I reach the up limit. Same thing when I am going down with many reds in a row, I will stop once my balance reaches the limit I set. That is once of the reasons I am no a large big amount gambler but I am surely one that is here every single day. Good luck.
  2. Best game to me is Video Poker, because you are only gambling against one single deck of cards and you can easy track your own statistics in order to perform your game. You will probably get small multipliers but the fact that you can have a little control over the odds will keep you in the game longer than other games with much more risk and much more "high winnings". My opinion. Good luck.
  3. It will be the future, no doubt. Changes are coming and big economics gamblers are now taking that way, take a look to the Bank of International Settlements, those guys (with Agustin Carstens as head officer) where in constant fight against cryptocurrencies and now they are changing direction. Bitcoin, criptocurrencies and Blockchain are the true future.
  4. It is for sure that a good limit strategy is needed even you are lucky or not. So my first advise would be that, to have a limit on winnings and losing strategy so you can leave the place with a profit or with a balance that let you come back later because "luck" is not there every single day, luck is scarce and you need to be gambling many days and hours but to that you most be sure to have enough balance to be there. Find your game and find your limits. Good luck.
  5. To me, underrated game is Video Poker due the small multipliers you can get. Most of gamblers are looking for high one bet winnings and clearly Video Poker is not the place. The fact that you deal against one single deck of cards gives you better chances to win but small ones. My opinion.
  6. No easy flames, no easy winnings also. Luck is hard to find some days. Suddenly you can have it without looking at! Good luck next time pal !
  7. I am ready for slots, even I am not a VIP yet and as far I understand VIP will get the exclusive first I look forward to roll the slots. New games bring new opportunities, lets use it! I am sure that graphics and designs are going to be a state or the art work, as everything here in Stake. Good luck.
  8. Although I am not a fan of sports betting, I think this new sportsbook feature will bring to the community a new and fresh way to be active and to create a different way of gambling with new strategies and thoughts. I am sure it will be a success, like all STake does. Team will take care of everything for it to work like a fine swiss watch. Good luck with the sportbooks !
  9. I am not a fan of Hilo, because many times I can´t take more than 4 cards and for some reason I don´t like to skip cards so every time I take my chance I got hit with a red strike. And I am not mention those ugly K and K or A and A cards, and also I hate those 7,8,9 number cards... you see, I am not a big fan. But I play it once in a while just to make my gamble different every day. Good luck with those large roads to get big multipliers!
  10. Mmmh, maybe, but the truth is that when I do tip by rain or by user I never think on what I am going to get back, I just decide to share what I can no matter if I will get thanks or any way of feeding in chat. When I do tip is because I can, and I think in that rain as an extra balance and tbh the fact that some other get something from me some how make me feel that a little me is gambling outside. So far I don´t think that the fact I do tip/rains helps me to my luck, just to my recognition in chat. My opinion... good luck pals !
  11. I like Video Poker very much, is the only card game here in Stake where you, as a gambler, play against only one deck of cards so chances can be calculated pretty accurate, much or than to have "n" deck of cards such as in Hilo or BlackJack or Baccarat. Maybe that is the reason to have such small multipliers there, and yes, you are right when noticing that big multipliers are needed in order to get some excitement to the game. I am not a high roller, but I have been playing Video Poker in order to achieve my daily targets, and even I can not get that achievement in a daily basis, my green path shows quite often there, playing Video Poker. Clearly is that, when STake says no means No! and those +n reds in a row shows like a storm eating balances....but as a gambler, you and we all know can happen. Good luck.
  12. Crash game is not my choice when placing money in a bet but the concept seems pretty original in order to bring some more ways to give users the opportunity to earn. Maybe this will be a good feature, let´s see how devs are thinking about it. Thanks for sharing. Good luck.
  13. Maybe will be enough to post a picture with date and user name in a paper sheet in a montly, bi-monthly basis. I don´t think a full KYC procedure is needed for this forum as we are not trading or moving such amount of coins.... my opinion. Good luck
  14. I am not going to change my monthly target, so I will keep my gambling in a low profile while a don´t get a nice green path. My target is always get at least same balance I started with at the beginning of each month. Everything beyond that is profit, which is good to me as I like to use Stake as a place to "rest" from my daily activities. October will not be different....I will change nothing for rest of year. Good luck.
  15. When you ask for that amount of reds in a row you mean it? I never stay in a game or with a specific combo if I am getting more than 6 or 7 reds in a row. From my experience I always got busted if I keep it. So when I have 5 reds in a row I change either game or combination or pattern, or risk in order to make some "lucky" changes to my gambling, then I come back to the original configuration and keep tracking and chasing my target. But I always as a strategy set a daily limit gambling amount and try to keep inside this strategy as far as my greed allows me. That is the only way I can handle those many reds in a row. Answering your topic, I always stop gambling with that many reds. Good luck.