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  1. I agree with this, cold wallets are among all securities one of the best, maybe the best, to keep safe your alts and btc`s. I guess that, cold wallets, are one of the most significant features to really create a decentralized economy when having total and secure control of your assets. A security box at hand. In how many places do you keep your seed safe, I am talking about a plain simple white paper... I have 5 securities spots, including one in my mom`s house. And how many people knows about those secret places.... none yet. Good luck.
  2. Thank you so much for this post. Very useful and text is quite clean to understand. I Guess that, main strength of blockchain is about decentralized operations, then we come across with being anonymous which as you write, is not that certain. Wallet addresses should be change quite often, and in many cases the wallet advise that is better to do so when receiving depos. I think this is one of the best post I have read so far. Thank You. Good luck.
  3. Remember that Stake 2.0 has new rain rules. Back in the first Stake rains where much more active than today. Wager and chatting is a most and you need to pay attention to how the number of users is increasing, that gives less opportunity to get some. Eddie is helping when make rain during races, that helps, and mods somehow are doing its part too. Good Luck.
  4. I'm sure we all have the experience to teach in an easy way how to become part of bitcoin and all that is around. Different experiences will allow us to indicate where to go and where not to go in order to introduce someone into the ecosystem. Each country will meet different conditions and rules; as a personal experience, I create my own web page that I use to introduce friends to bitcoin. I use to be an evangelist, but due the "uncertain" behaviour of the bitcoin and all coins I decided to become an enthusiast, as simple as that. Any one close to me or my family knows I am in and they know they are welcome to ask me and join this adventure. You stakers, rocks! Good luck.
  5. Thanks for make it an easy question... Addicted! Suddenly, I surprise myself when stopping when making a certain percent of profit, or stopping when loosing couple hands, but most of the time I can`t stop. Good luck.
  6. Would be interesting to know what is the result of gambling success among all gambler population; sure the result will be: loss. But why do we gamble if odds are against? Even if you were introduced when young, you will find out all the risk around gambling and you will decide to leave...but no, you stay. Gambling is an addiction as one of the members above said, keep you and your loved ones away when possible. Gambling will find easy ways to bet, like the way that this post is showing, only 2 digits... to make easy bets, like 1-2, 3-1 .... and so on. By the way, my bet for the 6th. game is 1-3. Good luck.
  7. Just one game at a time. Just a single machine. What I do once in a while is to switch from one game to another when I have 3 or 4 consecutive reds. Doesn`t help, really, but at least I think I`m changing my luck a little. Good Luck.
  8. Yes, good Idea for fairness. Maybe prizes to the first places and random prizes for other "n" players. Good luck.
  9. Is one of the best sites to enjoy the cryptoecosystem. Is friendly, easy to use and you can trust which I think is the more important. Trust sites are very difficult to find when you are looking for gambling sites. Although gambling is not my favorite way to pass time while I am doing all my DYOR for trading, I can assure you that this site is perfect to clear the mind while you read all those white papers to find the gem to invest. I like it very much, never had a problem to withdraw, and yes, losing is there but also winning too. Good luck.
  10. For small balances? To make it grow I like Hilo, to gamble for a long time with small balance I like Black Jack, and maybe Video Poker. To have control of cards will buy you more time to play. Good luck.
  11. Sure, why not? That project will give an extra support to the work stake is doing right now. By offering additional services to the gambler they will get more and more users for its platform. Will be a good idea. I would visit them. Good luck.
  12. I`m not a fan of "big risk" bets, but If I have to do it I will, with only 1 hit and cash it, a 100 rolls and see how many of those I got the mine in my first hit. Then, I will do my betting. Good luck.
  13. I have read "hope" in some of the replays above, I truly don`t like that word because we leave all to faith and destiny and I strongly believe that we build our own success by doing the job we should have to do. Mass adoption is the target in the near future and with this bitcoin and all the ecosystem will recover, but we need to make thinks happen. At the beginning of my participation (2016) I became or I least I though I was an evangelist, later I came with the description of just an enthusiast and from there every time I have I would "spread" the world. This is only my point of view. Good luck.
  14. Never try this. That big multiplier is almost impossible to get and don`t think it makes any sense to get that, even you have enough budget to do it. I don`t roll more than a 30% risk. Good luck.