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  1. cryptofly

    Mines or keno

    I like Keno much more than mines. When I found Stake I started with mines as main game to play, but then little by little I found myself gambling in Keno due the dynamics. It is much more fun to me play Keno than mines, and so far my green hits are much more better than in mines. That options you have to switch patterns, tiles, numbers, risk levels is good enough to me. Good luck.
  2. As all you know, I am not a big gambler, the fact that I am here in Stake is because is a place I feel safe and found fun when see and read all the community activity, here in forum and in the chat. Although I am in PD also, the only place I like to gamble is here in STake. Graphics and different games are awesome. Hardly will go an play dice in Prime. Good luck.
  3. It depends how fast it goes down to 2k, if happen. News around the ecosystem have been very important in order to understand how values are moving. So, if it comes with a new then this is most because a "gossip" than value, and will be going down so fast that we all barely will time to catch the bottom because this price will go up very fast too. By the other hand, if the price goes down because of the value of market itself without any new around of it, then this will never be good as buy and sell is setting the price and for some reason everybody would be selling the coin.
  4. At this particular moment, and taking that "2 or 3 years long" period for being best alt coin I will bag ALGO by Algorand. The team is very active and they are doing partnerships with main companies in San Francisco. Constant development and very well known team gives the holders the chance to make profit. My bag includes NEO, ETH, XRP also. Good luck
  5. It makes sense, most gamblers understand what the numbers mean during a gambling session, the odds, the house edge, the chances to win, and some how we all use a lucky number to hang on when rolling looking for a good green hit with a big multiplier. Good luck with your "lucky" 99 hunt!
  6. Every time I see a rain done by Eddie in a regular or mega race my first thought is about a generous person that likes to take care of users, by creating a good site to be part and by giving many ways to get rewards other than winning a hand. Thanks.
  7. Yes, I do. Very few tips mostly rains. It is important to me because when other shares I have been lucky and winning some good bets so whenever I can I send back some profit by doing rains. I am not a big bet amount gambler but I think I am a lucky one, so when I hit a very very good multiplier then I do rains. Feels so good to share, and only if you do that you will understand that feeling. We are a community and we take care of each of us. Good luck.
  8. This is a good and interesting topic. I just would like to add another questions because I came across with the problem of having invested in a coin that was very very promising according all the twitter gurus and all the information related about the questions doing here but..... this: 8. Who are the Developers? Do they really exists, are the names related to the project really in the project? Team is very important This happened to me when I invested in COVA coin where I later found that the names of team in the site were fake. The do really exist in real life as prominent people in the ecosystem but they were never together to create such project.
  9. 5000x comes with a bunch of 0.0x boxes in the middle of the pyramid....so to me that automatically becomes a No. Those damn 0.0x boxes took most of my balance when I played that Plinko model time ago. I think that is important to "recover" a little of your bet in a such difficult game as Plinko. This is my opinion. Good luck.
  10. I will go with Wheels game, so far I can see a reason to play it because I think is quite boring. By the other hand, I would like to see a feature in Keno that allow the gambler to save a specific pattern in order to change it when necessary, I really do want this feature. Thanks.
  11. Crypto would be my option due restrictions in country about gambling on line with fiat money. Those sites are strictly regulated by government tax office and by using crypto you can go and play without anyone asking "what are you doing with the money". To me is easy to gamble with cryptos as you can send it to fiat little by little.
  12. I got this bch rain long time ago and hit a very nice multiplier in SLots doing a 0.2 bch profit. That was my best performance by using a small amount of coins and those coins came from a rain. So far has been my best hit and the only one time I was wearing flame with my name. Lucky day was that, and I hope there will be some more to come. Good luck.
  13. Thanks for sharing, is a good introduction. You are most welcome and good luck here in Stake. Pretty sure that because of users like you the community here is out of standards and becomes "lunatic crazy" incredible community. Enjoy. Good luck.
  14. The December target will be the same from all other months back, which is to be sure by the way I am gambling I can keep coming back to Stake to gamble every single day staying away from greed and gambling sickness making the gambler lose all the money. Stake to me is a "escape" from my daily stress, so the fact that I can be here almost every single day from December would be great.... that is my target, to be here every single day to join the game and the chat.
  15. You are right, I forgot about the airdrops. Those can be a good opportunity to earn and to learn. Although those airdrops are not "big" in rewards (talking about $ fiat) you will get some specific coins and together with the coins you will get the opportunity to read and to learn about that particular coin and somehow to start to learn about the cryptoecosystem by reading those many white papers from all the projects you are asking for the airdrop.