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  1. Wait, I thought I was the real one! I truly don´t think that Satoshi Nakamoto (if exist) will reveal to the all crypto ecosystem in such way. It has to be a very clear and in a unquestionable way. In the mean time I am sure we all would like to be him/her some how. So, like many pretending be him/her looks like they require nothing but attention in order to "pump" personal projects inside crypto. I don´t know if we are going to see the true Satoshi, really don´t know. Meanwhile, let´s all pretend to be him/her in order to promote the ecosystem. Good luck.
  2. I use any coin but with a small bets. But by my own experience, in order to get an accurate test, you have to do those by using the same amount you are going to bet because it is certain too that the fact that you use a small bet affect directly to the strategy and you will no have same results with large bets. Same with the kind of coins, those test with one specific coin will never gives you same results with different coins. That is what has happened to me during my "testing" gambling looking for a green pattern. Just is my opinion. Good luck.
  3. Keno low risk with 10 numbers is my "many greens in a row" game, as the low multiplier brings you the chance to get the most of green in a row that any game in Stake can offer (having little profit I need to say), so, when you are chasing a place in a race this is a good spot to wager taking small profit. To be honest, I have not gamble it with high bet amounts, just a kind of discrete bets is what I place here. If I am right, then I should gamble with large amount and find to myself if this is what I am looking for when talking about to get the most of the green in a row game possible. Not confidence to do such a thing move, not yet. Soon I will and will keep you posted. Good luck. Thanks for sharing. And I like to come here with yes, xrp and doge both coins. Thanks.
  4. Plinko, that game makes me feel the worst when I know that is a "taker" game but I keep trying it with no apparently reason other than my greed for easy winnings. Then, when I realise that I have been losing in Plinko, that sentiment comes to my mind and I blame myself for to be such an a***.... Deal with huge loses is just to believe that there is a big open window where I can take a look over the mistakes and errors occurred during my gambling in order to learn. Most of my time gambling I keep the track of the path of my strategy, setting limits is the best I have don to keep me here gambling every day. Good luck.
  5. Mmmmmh, somewhere in the Forum there is info related to this topic. I will say same thing, which is that I would like to see in STake a Stable Coin, there are many outside, you Stake can pick any they want. You all know what a Stable Coin means for the crypto ecosystem, and I hope that the fact that Stake includes a stable coin in the list will bring security, which is very high, for the money that some of us likes to have "saved" here in Stake. I don´t have any problem if Stake charges a fee to do the exchange, it is ok to me. Good luck.
  6. Education and learning. You have to set a strategy to prevent exactly what you are talking about. When you set your limits and respect it you will enjoy your gambling experience, no matter if you are losing, the fact that you reach you "loss limit" will keep you save when you gets a lucky day with huge profit by knowing that you have to leave at that specific limit point. Once you reach your limits (up or down) you better leave at any cost so you can never have the feeling of you were scammed, or you are stupid or any other name you want to use. Greed is the worst enemy and the only way to defeat it is by having a limit strategy. Good luck.
  7. cryptofly

    Lucky number?

    Never a lucky number, what I do is to set a number, then the color, then the row and then the 1/3 position. In that way I can take the best of hitting a specific number. That has giving me a good experience there as betting only one number can clearly take you down to dungeon getting you balance busted. To me Roulette is a classic and I try to play it once in a while, is not my favourite but I like it. Never use the only green number (zero), and maybe I should because "suddenly" it comes as a winner in a row number. Good luck. Ok, maybe the 27 is my lucky number....Good luck.
  8. I had a very good experience playing Keno Low 10 numbers during last race. It is certain that you will never get those big and high multipliers but you will get many "greens in a row" that will allow you to wager during the race. By the other hand, Keno is flexible, you can set you better combo very fast, so that makes the keno experience a very active one. Maybe switch patterns is the only "pain in the ass" when you use to use two or three different "lucky patterns"....just like I do. My opinion. Good luck.
  9. I am sure there are some other topics related to vault somewhere in forum, but because vault has been so important to me I would like to say that, yes, I use it every time I get a certain amount of each coin in order to keep my gambling away from greed. Greed has been so mean to me that I use this method to get the better gambling experience without the feeling of getting busted every time I gamble, and because there are no fee so far, well, then you have a great tool to use. Vault is secure, and withdrawals to Stake balance is so fast (maybe not the first time for each coin). Use it, keep the greed away and enjoy your gambling here in Stake. My opinion. Good luck.
  10. Gambling, a social problem. I wonder what is the source of addiction, depression? Here my answers: 1.-Yes, my boss teach me gambling during our sales travels around the States, and we spent many hours sitting on those blackjack tables. He never let me gamble, he told me to learn about the environment and understand how gamblers are motivated and how are desperately playing without success. Then I had to tell him differences between these two kinds of gamblers. Most of the time my boss loses the bets, but always stands up before busting saying....better go now so we can return tomorrow. When he died first think to did was to go to a Casino in Las Vegas, sit down on one of those blackjack tables, set my limits and hit the jacks. 2.- In my country we can´t gamble, not live casinos only slots machines, so my first experience was through gambling with my boss. He was old and with a strong passion about gambling. Blackjack tables. 3.- Not at all, just me. Will probably teach those behind me if I see some of them taking the gambling direction. But I will never encourage them. 4.- My boss understand the value of "self confidence". 5.- Nobody inside the casino or the gambling environment will help you. You have to look for help outside. 6.-N/A 7.-N/A 8.-N/A 9.- Lack of support is always among gamblers, they don´t want you to leave.
  11. Stake Dream Feature (KENO): I will call it "Pattern Button". It is a button that will allow you to save a specific pattern during your game in order to switch it every time you want. This is because, I like to play Keno with two or three different patterns switching from one to another when I am not getting results with the pattern I am playing with. So, in order to make your gambling experience a friendly one, you just click the "Pattern Button" and board will clear and will show your saved pattern. This is what I would like to have improved in Keno.... Thanks.
  12. I got that information in twitter few days ago, is not that I hold Litecoin but I follow the chicken. Seems that hackers are among the smartest guys in order to find ways to bust your balance. Better keep it away and don´t touch anything that is not yours. And yes, samurai wallet is always a target, so many users with no proper cautions when doing transactions. Thanks for the info, very helpful. Good luck.
  13. Lol, God has nothing to do with your gambling experience. Gambling is a long term activity, by trying to get lucky fast with big bets the only you are going to get is exactly that. No matter if you make a big deposit, the first rolls should be very low in order to create a path to follow. And you should know by now that, the bigger the amount of bet the hardest to win or to get "some green in a row" bets. You will note that, once you place a very small bet amount many greens will show, but at the moment you increase your bet, only reds will show until you start to see some small greens but by that moment you balance is being hit badly. Take care and play safe and learn how to keep your greed away. Is a hard job and hard task but it worth it the effort. Good luck.