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  1. cryptofly


    Hello RickT, you will do good as long as you set a strategy before your gambling. Avoid greed....I`m sure you know that. Good luck.
  2. cryptofly


    Nice to see you here and welcome. Forum is an great site to find strategies and to share experiences. Good luck here in stake.
  3. I just bagged COVA and QKC. QKC will go mainnet next 30 April 2019, those are good news. And about COVA, they team will "re-buy" coins; pretty much as burn, which is a good strategy. So far, in less than 30 days I have a 35% profit with COVA. Doing good so far. NEO is giving me headache, same as XLM.
  4. I did, at the very first beginning. I was betting really low in order to create a path when, suddenly, changing 2 cards when I was looking for a pair, I get one royal flush. Nice multiplier indeed, but almost nothing for profit due my low bet. I have been very close to get another, but exactly as I read above, only one card left to make it. Good luck chasing it !
  5. Se convirtió en uno de mis juegos favoritos, aunque debo de decir que he perdido mucho sin embargo el hecho de que tengas el control sobre la estrategía a seguir cambiando las cartas que quieras me permite pensar que tengo mas oportunidad. Cuando menos sé que estoy jugando con un solo juego de cartas. La he pasado bien jugando ahí. Gracias.
  6. I play little wheel. I don`t like it so that makes no invitation for me to play with. Maybe is the concept, the layout, I don`t know. Keno and Video POker I play the most. I just can`t imagine what stake should do to wheel (other than let us win big) to make me change my mind. Good luck !
  7. This is what we all, the bitcoiners, need; the mass adoption is on its way! Now Amazon would be very careful in not to make mistakes with this amazing project as the ecosystem does not need a failure when trying to go to the masses. And specially not a failure with this big "internet monster". Maybe is time for all of us to become more active in the society to promote bitcoin and cryptos. Soon Starbucks will join them.
  8. Very welcome Whitney2020 ! Nice to see you here in this site. Many many things to learn ahead but most of all, many many friends to make. This is a place to win if you find the way to keep your greed under control. Learn to do that and you will do good. Strategies all over this forum. Enjoy and welcome.
  9. The word "savings" is a one with no much use these days and in sites like Stake. Greed is bigger than strategy. It is nice to see that Stake has this "vault" section in order to help the gambler to achieve objectives; but very few uses it. I may start to do it. My opinion only.
  10. Gamblers are taking high risk because they like the adrenaline of gambling more than the strategy. Most of gamblers (me included) does not have a strategy to follow when gambling, and if they do they do not respect it. Yes, high risk gamblers are just that, gamblers. A professional gambler never takes high risks as he follows a path to maintain profit in the long term. My opinion.
  11. At this particular time, BSV is 22.5% down. Only 24 hours before binance decided to delist it. Surely this will create a reference point for the crypto ecosystem. I`m not a hodler but I am always aware of the news and from my point of view it is happening mostly because Craig attitude (remember the picture with cuban dancers) than the technical issues. Technical issues can be fixed. My point of view only.
  12. I like this site very much, that is the reason why I will never use STake in other place than my desk/lap computer. Being quietly sited gambling, reading chat is important for me.
  13. I like the community most. The fact that you can create effective communication among gamblers when playing is incredible difficult. Moderators are important piece to achieve this. Raindrops are important too. Graphics and friendly site.
  14. I do not agree that Telegram is used for only challenges. I think it should be used for other things.
  15. Sign me in ! Who is with me in the winning team ? Let`s do it !