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    cryptofly got a reaction from mercedita ibaba in How much profit is safe per Day???   
    Having a daily limit strategy is the best thing you can do right before you respect it.  No matter the ceiling or the bottom of your limits, the point is that you will have to find those limits that fits your balance levels and your pocket and once you start gambling remember to respect it.  I would like to talk, not nominative but in percent.  This is that, what I gamble as limits is as follows:  Never have a +45% original balance loss and never go beyond +90% winnings from original balance.  If I reach one of these limits I will stop.  Sometimes greed is strong, but with this what I do is to be sure that I will be able to return tomorrow.  Good luck. 
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    cryptofly got a reaction from NoIdiotsPLS in Platinum 4 in 10 Days is Possible   
    Makes no sense if you don´t show your strategy.  Like to say "Warren Buffet can do it in 15 seconds".... because at this point is all about money, nothing more.  Not being smart gambling, or setting strategies, or setting games for  a specific rolls, only by betting big and big and big.  Not my call.  Not interested in such way as I don´t have the wealth to gamble and achieve this way the vip's levels.  Good luck and keep your strategy.  Stay Safe. 
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    cryptofly reacted to Bitcoin2048 in What superpower would you like to have?   
    And you'll know that you'll never get 3 scatters.
    To be able to dunk like Michael Jeffrey Jordan.
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    cryptofly got a reaction from Rade in What superpower would you like to have?   
    But every time someone takes your medicine they will get sick of something else ...... true story.
    I would like to know when 3 Scatters are going to show. 
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    cryptofly got a reaction from balancedplayer in Sports betting tips from my experience   
    Multi bets means big profit, this would be a good reason for many of us to go that way.  Gamblers are always looking for big profit leaving the "secure" 1.01x aside and taking the risk because, risk is all about, right?  Sports right now are being different than we use to have and for that we most be very careful when entering a bet.  But yes, multi bets can kill your win with a single loss. 
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    cryptofly reacted to Lucas Holder in Is it time to cash out?   
    The proven trick for making money with Bitcoin is to hodl and stop watching price
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    cryptofly got a reaction from skrieeee in The best altcoins to invest in   
    I would like to add that right now I am taking some coins from Sentivate the "new internet" which I think according to my Dyor, it has potential in the near future.  The coin is $SNTVT and is very cheap right now, ranked 644 at coinmarketcap site.  It is true that ROI is -65% right now, but just got its dip and for that I am getting some in my portfolio.  This one is for a long time hold.  I wonder which coin you are using for trading in order to create more bitcoins with that one.  Good luck. 
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    cryptofly reacted to skrieeee in The best altcoins to invest in   
    I used to have bitconnects (im not joking), as soon as bitconnect hits 200$, I payed out my 5.3 bitconnects (bought em for 50$~ish at that time) and got 3x of the profit. I'm so happy that I got the highest payout in my cryptocurrency investing. I thinked at that time that I want to invest it back, but damn, my guts said "no biach"! And made a decision to not do it again and move on to another altcoin. But things get real intense, as soon as my guts refused to bring the money back on bitconnect investing, months past, It slides down to hell, ya boi bitconnect dropped hard to a single penny (the coin is gone if you want to search it on coinmarketcap). I just can't believe it that the coin was once believed to be a great cryptocurrency, was once now lost into the vast of darkness. Until this day that coin is now a meme, a laughing stock and the rest is history. In conclusion, I would like to advice you to that "joke of a coin", but its a scam coin now. 
    I'm switched to BAT tokens, since brave browser supports from it and you can earn from it by just using their browser. Just quitted on google from this point and switch to "that". Before you can withdraw, it has some kyc thingy (giving your id). 
    You're giving me money at this point (please dont): https://brave.com/aiz870
    The real shi~ is here: https://brave.com

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    cryptofly reacted to Aponix in Show your LIVE STATS graphs that deserve comments.   
    greetings friend It is clear that if you change the risk the difficulty varies significantly, generally if I increase the risk under the initial bet balance and reset the statistics, I think that each action in the configuration should be evaluated independently. but that is my humble opinion, it is not advice. good topic to discuss same friend.
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    cryptofly reacted to Ali saher in Show your LIVE STATS graphs that deserve comments.   
    On mobile this feature not working I ask support team they say this live stat features work just on PC or laptop . Mines rondom select also not working on mobile I hope very soon stake allow these features on mobile.
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    cryptofly reacted to reebox in Show your LIVE STATS graphs that deserve comments.   
    I rarely see statistics when playing because it scares me when playing because I feel I will get a loss when the line keeps going down so I don't use it continuously while playing.
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    cryptofly got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in What is your favourite alt coin?   
    My "only" one favourite?  Hard to say, I think that some how if you like one then you have to have some other as many of them were build to solve different needs making them like the same as they all solve something.  I like ETH due the smart contracts but right now I am "hodling" this one called Sentivate $SNTVT which is ready to give the community a decentralized internet.  Or what about $BAT targeting security during your internet activity.... and what about those who offers complete confidence when they allow us to be 100% anonymous.... and so on.  I guess to become a bitcoin maximalist is a hard way to go trough this ecosystem.  Good luck 
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    cryptofly got a reaction from Rebelian94 in How spend time in home   
    Other than place bets in Stake?  Sure.  I am book collector, rare & antique books mostly from the history of my country so I do clean and care my volumes, I am a book worm so I read at least 1 hour a day on different topics.  Then I like fly fishing and I like to tie my flies.  Lately, my wife make my notice that some wood furniture needs some maintenance and yes, I became a carpenter too.  Never sleep or take a nap in the day, everyday I take shower, shave.  Home office included in the day.  I am following the news very close, and if I have to be in quarantine 4 more weeks then I will start to learn Phyton 3 programming.... This is me.  Good luck 
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    cryptofly got a reaction from Limbo in Which tokens should I invest in this 2020?   
    Hard to answer. Minutes ago I took a look over the Digibyte trading chart and let me tell you that that coin has been doing a moon run so bad that everybody feels #FOMO right now.  That is what we should avoid, to feel that #FOMO by doing #DYOR; and this is very important, this part of the investment, the "searching", should be done only by you and no from someone else.  This year, 2020, I am HODLING two coins (I do hodl BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, NEO as basics), those two coins are $ALGO from Algorand and $SNTVT form Sentivate.  Those projects from my point of view are carrying a high potential and the developer team works like few teams.  To me, those are the ones I am going to keep for the next months.  Good luck. 
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    cryptofly got a reaction from arkadian93 in My strategy big wager low bet   
    Thank for sharing it.  I am sure this will help many of us in order to reach the VIP goals to get the most of what Stakes offer to users.  Historically, Stake has giving us the best opportunities to earn and it is clear that the VIP program is one of the best among them.  I have been looking for the best way to wager without changing my gambling strategy and that has been very hard to find.  It can be dangerous to chase the VIP standards as those are wager based and when you decide to wager to mess with your balance and easy can be busted.  By knowing different low bet wager strategies gamblers can keep their strategy and keep staying in Stake.  Good luck.
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    cryptofly reacted to arkadian93 in My strategy big wager low bet   
    hello, i come back with my strategy for big wager with low bet:
    lets say we have 100 doge and to make with this amount of credit big wager is very hard, but i go to dice and start with bet amount 0.25 doge payout x5 and bet 2 time's manual if is not win double and like this untill we win, after base bet back, when we make like 50 dogecoin profit we bet on dice with payout 1,0102 betbase 1 doge and stop on loose 50 doge or what is our profit, i follow this strategy today and with 45 doge i make wager of 4830 doge what is 8,09$.
    i hope to help some guys who don't know how to make wager with low bet/amount of coin.
    have a good day all
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    cryptofly got a reaction from Thepug in New $10000 daily race   
    I don´t know, by letting all those whales the availability to game all day long will make this races, if not to win at least be part of the 50 winning board very very hard.  I was always willing to be present in every single 120 minutes races, and once in a while I took a good places but in this new format, to beat those giant whales is going to be hard.  Assuming that this, as all of us were told, new 24 races are only due the Covid 19, I guess is ok, so everybody will have  good reason to stay close from the computer, this means away from a safe site, and because of this I agree in this feature.  As always, I will try to be part on every single event that Stake promotes because from my own experience, every feature gives value added to site and to gambling.  Good luck. 
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    cryptofly reacted to rdbase in New $10000 daily race   
    It was created so people will have something to do while in lockdown if they are in affected areas due to the covid-19 virus going around the world.
    I think it is a perfect time on their part to do it and good timing on their part to test out how a 24 hour race would do instead of having two races per day for smaller prizes.
  19. Payday
    cryptofly reacted to gougou in 5 DOLLS   
    After 1.months playing slots I got this beautiful bet.
    Enjoy it with me
    SLOTS: 18,778,022,328
    placed by gougou on 20/03/2020
    0.00001024 Multiplier
    513.75x Profit

  20. Bitcoin
    cryptofly got a reaction from rom in National currency /bitcoin   
    you have a point when you say that currently bitcoin is a technology that is not finished yet, many thinks are being created in order to make its use friendly for all kinds of people, and just because of this its use is confusing yet.  So complicated for a certain people.  But devs are working to make that happens and in the near future, soon than we think, bitcoin will take a place in the world economy, meanwhile, those who knows are saying that we are early and we have to take the chance to become part of the initial revolution. Many countries will never accept this asset because central banks controls the country economy and you all know that bitcoin and all its technology is an enemy of centralized markets.  Fight is on the table, and bitcoin is taking  a secure place on it.  Hodl!  Good luck. 
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    cryptofly reacted to Ali saher in Perfect strategy for playing mines game   
    Hey friends.
    I join stake before one year ,and in one year mostly I play mines game. If I play other game then just I play few bets on other game. I play mines with 4 bobms I not try for big multiplayer I play small multiplayer but I increase balance very fast for example if I play 2k stoshi bet then I try to hit 8,10x multiplayer if I lose then next bet I play 20k plus multiplayer and cashout on 1.5x or 2x multiplayer then again play small amounts bet. Using this strategy I make so many time small to very big like 323 stoshi to 1.5litcoin. 2k stoshi to 270k dogecoin, 10k dogecoin to 850k dogecoin and so many this type successful season I play with this strategy.
    You think this is a good strategy and possible to play this type session in mines.
  22. Payday
    cryptofly got a reaction from Thepug in March Monthly Goal   
    My goal comes in a daily basis, not months or years or weeks, daily gambling to me is an opportunity to sharp my skills as a gambler.  I have been around since 2017, and I am not a VIP gambler yet, this because first, I am a low bet gambler as I use this site to "clean myself of my daily rush" and second because I do follow a daily limit strategy based upon the balance percent I can use every single day.  Once I reach my limit (up or down) I stop my gambling.  Wagering to reach the star is not a winning bet think, every time I wager to increase my statistics my balance goes to zero without any profit chance.  So, my goal for this month is to keep myself inside my daily strategy.  Good luck. 
  23. Love
    cryptofly got a reaction from ubbey04 in Is Stake now the ultimate Crypto Casino?   
    I am not a active online casinos but I would like to hear that I am playing if not in the most important at least in one of the most important casinos online, which I am sure it is.  The fact that Stake takes the risk to develop new features taking the time and the money to do that speaks loudly about what Stake wants for all the users.  Is not about just to get more users but about to give to those users that are already playing the best place to be.  Thanks and Good Luck. 
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    cryptofly got a reaction from JuzLegend in Best strategy to comeback?   
    Assuming that the gambler understands himself and have control of his own hands and greed when gambling, the best way to comeback is to keep the same strategy until the luck cycle comes back.  Is not easy to wait for this cycle when you are having that any reds in a row or when you balance is compromised, but the fact that you keep the same strategy you started with will help to achieve your comeback.  But you may be careful when spotting what you call a luck cycle because the fact that you are coming from a red track will make you to believe that a coupe or green hits are a lucky cycle and is not like that.  Good luck. 
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    cryptofly got a reaction from GeorgeFeb in How to play Higher Lower card game   
    There are outside some gamblers doing great with Hilo, like Eddie when he plays during mega races and does very well.  As far as I can see, and I am not a Hilo fan by the way, the best strategy is to sort some cards changing those who you don´t feel right to play with, those gamblers doing good multipliers does that very often, so if you want to be "lucky" take a look to those hands that gamblers shows in chat when they hit big and see what cards they are skipping from the deck.  I will do that next time I try this hard win game.  Good luck. 
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