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  1. When I look at @Bojana I lost myself. Specially her eyes are so pretty as her support. Hello @Bojana wanna be my valentine? 😚😚
  2. MINES: 2,934,724,740 placed by ankitpandey on 13/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 404.1050109863281x Profit 0.00040310 MINES: 2,935,020,269 placed by ankitpandey on 13/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 404.1050109863281x Profit 0.00040310
  3. 2 days ago i rolled 5k times with 1000 sat bet and got -35,000 sat profit on plinko. and the statistics graph was like sine wave ~~~
  4. I prefer to play dice and plinko. roulette and mine is also good. And I didnt tried except these till now.
  5. I didn't withdraw yet. I need to win a good amount so i can do something big with that.
  6. Its an interesting topic btw. I never bet high, so i am a low-roller . there are some people in our community who always wish for tip from everyone. They think, if anyone bet 50$ in one bet, they can tip 2$ ,3$. But we call them beggars, not friend. so simply avoid them.
  7. computer, maverick528, shinjo, eldrindcm, kinanik
  8. I know its hard to quite smoking. so you can try one of these methods. * Try anti tobacco meds or treatment. I never try this, but I heard good about this. * You can stick this picture on your cigarette packet. so when you see this, you will think about your future and it will help you to reduce the amount of cigarette. * Try to smoke one or half cigarette less every day or every 2 days thus you can take control over it. --- try this methods and thank me later
  9. I choose 50% chance and apply simply double the bet rule. of course I win most of the time, and loose some time like today i ripped 0.0015 Btc 0_0
  10. Wow congrats bro. I have not tried yet like this before. but seeing your bet, I am getting interest on this pattern. I will try this for sure in future.
  11. if you want to win big amount in less time, go for "Bet Big but small multiply" (1.2x to 1.5x). But if you want to play safe always try the first option: 'Bet small but big multiplayer'. Note: Big multiplayer doesn't come easily, so keep patience.
  12. In my opinion, you should go with a strategy and a backup plan. If you fail with strategy try the backup plan to overcome. If you frustrated, then try all in and go home 😳