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  1. i looked at the code and tried my hardest to make enough sense to reverse engineer it back to figure out what vairables to change but i have no clue how one would fix it
  2. Hey i was just wondering if this was still working. it seems to have stopped working for me as of yesterday?
  3. I agree with Amuna on thata remark. Cryptocurrency was built on anonymity and for us to need to give that up just for a gambling site is wrong. we shouldnt need to attach our faces too a bitcoin/Ethereum or any crypto for that fact
  4. Maybe if enough people see this post we might be able to change something a little bit, because i am sick and tired of stepping on eggshells. Thanks guys for the support!
  5. Alright so for some of us veterens we may remember a time when stake had private chat. Private chat was great we could, openly and freely chat with or fellow gamblers without worry of others seeing it. In the newer version of stake our ability to privately chat was taken from us. I understand dumb people were getting scammed by other users and people were using stake's private chat to do so. So low and behold stake removed it... We all adapeted to this and we continued gambling still with our heads held low and our wallets held open.. Now here is the thing that i dont like and i dont agree with. I got a 48 hour mute. which I did get reduced to 24 hours, for simply saying in the public chat "Add me on Tele-vision. I'm easy to find", Obviously I meant Telegram. Personally I wouldn't have even known about telegram if it hadn't of been for stake.com so that is that's fucked, to interduce someone to a platform then penalize them for using it after they remove the ability to Privately chat with one another. that is seriously some messed up shit. Oh and i might add, If were not suppose to share personal information then why is my girlfriend who is a member here at stake aswell get muted after she has put almost as much money as me into this site. She got muted permanently here because they said she was using two accounts to try and get rain, which isn't the case. My Girlfriend and I live in the same household so we share an IP address and we both play stake togeather. If it was a Personal information problem why would she need to present the site with Photo ID, that seems pretty personal if you ask me. This is an open discussion I want to know what your guys thoughts on this is What do you guys think? Is it right for stake to have removed our ability to privately chat? Should we be penalized for using a platform we were introduced to by them? Please let me know?
  6. Thanks imaginary! i was doing alrigt that day yup
  7. im the person in the sky doing the backflip wayyyy out there I am the person in the sky Backflipping up by the green treeline
  8. How about a picture of me backflipping of a bridge
  9. i like to use a script on dicebot personally Ocea45
  10. Thanks madcoin! awesome update, wish there was more options on it tho!!!!
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