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  1. When i first started on my steak journey i was a little hesitant on to whether i wanted to add funds,. Against all my judgement i went and added funds. not that day but not long after i managed to cash out over 1k probably closer to 1.5k in my country's currency.. it was a very surprising thing that had happened i just made quite a bit of money with very little effort. One of the best thing about stake is the people, I love people they are so kind and helpful . Although since i have been on stake i have spent a lot of money as well. but its all within the limits of my budget hahahaa i personally love stake and i dont tihnk i will ever gamble any other way. not anytime soon for sure. Thanks to Eddie and all the staff that makes stake possible CRASH!!! I am pleased to say the game crash is a big hit in my life, and i mean A big hit I you can bet 100k sat and cash out at 1.2 and you are still proffiting 20k sat. Crash aplmost always hits over 1.2 its a perfectly easy way to make some money, I have it running in the backgoround when i am playing on stake just to give myself a little extra currencie I think ofen how much i loove to play on thiss site. the only problem is it consumes half or all of my time.
  2. Thanks madcoin! awesome update, wish there was more options on it tho!!!!
  3. When is BTx COmming into play?
  4. Agreed, byfar the best bot iv ever used
  5. Hello, I have been playing stake since around November of 2018 and my girlfriend joined not long after, I was curious. She talks in chat and wagers all the time but she has yet to receive a rain, I would like to know why she hasn't receive any, i know you guys cant give away much detail about this issue. Is there like an IP limit on receiving rains or something
  6. Were you on Auto bet or did you manually do that?
  7. Any other suggestions parrerens anyone uses on the hilo bot besides 4,4,5,4,4,5,5,5,1,2,4,5,4,4,4,5,5,4,5,4,4,5,4,4,5,5,5,4,4,52,2,4,5,4,2,4,5,,