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  1. i like to use a script on dicebot personally Ocea45
  2. Happy birthday, My question is when and why haven't you guys added other sites too dinabot, Its only for three different sites when there's hundreds out there. DIna bot should support other popular sites as well, Its what everyone would want. Examples: P.S. if i don't make it to the stream my stake username is Ocea45
  3. Missleading title, but in your opinion your right
  4. THats an amaszing promotion thats guys hope i get 10bill Ocea45 btw its over anyway lol
  5. SUNDAY, OCT 06TH 1:00 PM ETPAUL BROWN STADIUM Cardinals VS Bengals Football (American) I would definitely vote for the Cardinals i would bet probably 300k Satoshi on them winning
  6. hello, I am a gold start on Stake.com I worked quite hard to get the money that i have donated too your site. I recently got a message from Mia explaining that this will be my last Vip bonus, for Abuse reasons. I honestly don't understand why i am getting this, I have never abused the system once. Never even thought of abusing the system, and thirdly i wouldn't even know how to abuse the system, I have been a stake user here now for a little bit over 1 year . 9/12/2018 was when i joined, I have done nothing but be loyal to you guys and fed you guys a lot of money over this time, and for me tro be revoked my rakeback is just unheard of. If any more information towards this is required please message me, or post on here, Anthnigt that will help straighten this around, I triyeed to message you guys directly but that didnt wok. Okay thank you stake staff and thank you for hearing me out
  7. When i first started on my steak journey i was a little hesitant on to whether i wanted to add funds,. Against all my judgement i went and added funds. not that day but not long after i managed to cash out over 1k probably closer to 1.5k in my country's currency.. it was a very surprising thing that had happened i just made quite a bit of money with very little effort. One of the best thing about stake is the people, I love people they are so kind and helpful . Although since i have been on stake i have spent a lot of money as well. but its all within the limits of my budget hahahaa i personally love stake and i dont tihnk i will ever gamble any other way. not anytime soon for sure. Thanks to Eddie and all the staff that makes stake possible CRASH!!! I am pleased to say the game crash is a big hit in my life, and i mean A big hit I you can bet 100k sat and cash out at 1.2 and you are still proffiting 20k sat. Crash aplmost always hits over 1.2 its a perfectly easy way to make some money, I have it running in the backgoround when i am playing on stake just to give myself a little extra currencie I think ofen how much i loove to play on thiss site. the only problem is it consumes half or all of my time.