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  1. I feel like i`m a different person in stake Because in reality i`m just a coward but in Stake i risk my balance and all in then bust but smilling like an idiot I feel that i`m not alone.. because i meet so many people here in stake and they are good to me. I can share my thoughts here freely without being judge I can be an instant millionaire here if i won huge like 100btc is enough, right?? Hahahahaha I feel that i`m belong here because in real life people make me feel that i didnt deserve to be one of them... I think i`m unique hahahaha, Also i feel so happy in here. Meet new people, Friends and also they gonna make u feel u dererved to be happy So that`s it hahahahahaha
  2. Winning every game in a row? This challenge is not good, if its no minimum bet require this is good and also the prizes :< You will bust $100+ to win that challenge and the prize is $75 :< Solid no for me, if anyone wants to try that challenge Goodluck to you guys, i hope luck will be on your side Also if it have a huge prizes, People will get hype and accept that challenge. Its my opinion guys Still i respect that challenge, that`s why its called "Challenge" it will challenge u and also your balance
  3. Wow, thankyouuuuu madcoin This is great help for us, ez hunt of payout in mines This is a great contribution in Stake community, i just amaze that u put time and effort to create this app just to help the community in ez hunting payout in mines Thankyouuuuu again, you gain my respect Madcoiiin
  4. For me its 101% safe because you`re the only one who have access to it, so basically it safe as long as u keep it safe hahahahaha, as long as it have a tight security. i think it will be safe, just relax but still we dont know sometimes even though it has a tight security. great hacker can still access to it, so idk. just protect your crypto hahahahahaha
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