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  1. you bet low but when you bet high 92% win rate is not safe anymore :< or luck is not good to me? :< I noticed that when u bet high its always One tap even though you chose 92% win rate card. Did u noticed too or just me? :< Thankyou in advance when you share your experience here I appreciate it and i hope HiLo will be good to us Someday.... hahahahahahaha
  2. Yeah hahaha my lucky coins is Eth, ltc and bch but i sucked at playing Xrp,doge and btc. Eth my 60k eth to 4.1m then withdraw, Ltc 40k ltc to 13m ltc, Bch 10k to 2.5m but in my other coins. i depo 150 xrp, One tap in HiLO 92% win rate but still one tap. Doge i exchange my btc to doge, 4000doge wantap in 84% HiLo and Btc in livestream i won 25k sats but one tap in Hilo 92% winrate :< so basically eth, ltc and bch is my only lucky coins the rest is cursed hahahahahaha no profit, just bust.. bust... bust...
  3. I hope i got that speed hahahaha so when i have a girlfriend she will not get mad at me for replying late I will play the game that you recommend, i hope my skills get improve Hahahahahaha keyboard warrior!!
  4. Wow, thankyouuuuu madcoin This is great help for us, ez hunt of payout in mines This is a great contribution in Stake community, i just amaze that u put time and effort to create this app just to help the community in ez hunting payout in mines Thankyouuuuu again, you gain my respect Madcoiiin
  5. Salamat mokyo sa iyong magandang stratehiya na iyong ibinahagi sa aming mga kababayan mo, akoy nahihirapan ang purong tagalog ngunit akin paring susubukan upang mag iwan ng komento sa iyong ibinahagi. Maraming salamat dahil marami kang matutulungan, sana ay maging maganda ang kalabasan ng resulta kapag itoy aking ginaya, salamat ulit mokyo sa stratehiya ninyo ni johmz Gud lak sa atin
  6. Hmmm for me its basically pure luck, for me dude seed is just a seed in my opinion. Because i hit 20000x in Limbo and 9900x in Dice without changing my seed. It just bet id 777 is so damn hard hahahahaha, i never get that Bet id challenge. Still hoping to win in bet id, if u want to win in challenge. just roll and roll until u hit the target payout or Bet Id 777 Luck will be yours if your patiently rolling hahahaha goodluck in challenge
  7. Hi sped! I always play roulette when i have a huge balance, always red hahahaha and put a chip in 0. thats is always my strategy in playing roulette, but still made me bust. Hahahahah just if you are lucky enough to win consecutive, congrats bro Roulette and HiLo is the best game for me Btw RED is the best in roulette, it always green in red but dont get greedy because eddie is watching u Kidding hahahah. Well goodluck in playing Roulette
  8. For me its 101% safe because you`re the only one who have access to it, so basically it safe as long as u keep it safe hahahahaha, as long as it have a tight security. i think it will be safe, just relax but still we dont know sometimes even though it has a tight security. great hacker can still access to it, so idk. just protect your crypto hahahahahaha
  9. Goodluck MrJoker I hope u win a lot and also reach the top in race
  10. its great idea tho, devinmark we have same idea when we hit 1.01x payout in dice or limbo whats is the reaction of the voice system "congrats for hitting 1.01x" Hahahahaha its akward hitting that and they celebrate it. but the voice system is sounds promising stake take the next level, its like a live casino where people gathered and someone win they celebrate it and ask for tips Hahahahhahahahahaha.
  11. I always play BCH coins coz the minimum withdraw is small in stake but recently playing DOGE coins its easy to play and low value in market Also it depends on my balance hahahahaha when i dont have BCH or DOGE, i play all crypto here hahahaha. So well it depends when i first play in stake in way back 2017, Bitcoin is the famous crypto that time. so basically bitcoin is my favorite that time but time pass it gets high priced in market so i dont have such money to waste if my btc gets busted i will regret it , i like low value crypto so no regret when it bust.
  12. Hey, Kippo! I feel you bro, thats why i prefer pc than mobile. its hard to compete in challenge when u use mobile, no bet id shows, too much lag when so many people in chat. Thats why when challenge is started its better to use pc than mobile no lag, no hassle, it shows bet id too. unfortunately i dont have computer so i have to go in computer shop nearby to get join in challenge :<
  13. Hmmm my luckiest profit is 0.12 eth without depo hahahaha, 0.00080000 eth from eddie`s rain. 0.00080 eth to 0.12 eth ❤️ thats my best profit
  14. First thing that im doing in morning is check the time, wash my self and open telegram for updates. Also eat breakfast hahahahaha dont forget that folks
  15. I hope stake staff will hear u Hahahahah and Esports Betting is good tho. Trust your money to your favorite team ❤️ This is lit btw hahahahaha thanks for suggesting and i hope this idea will approved
  16. Its already here, the rewards when u get referral and they deposit. 10% commission to 20% commission check it in affiliates you will see the rewards, withdrawable, commission and your referrals
  17. kiziah

    Has anyone noticed...

    i dont noticed it but thanks for your information When i play mines i always skip animations and Always instant bet So i didnt noticed that going slower..
  18. kiziah

    Easy 7's

    HiLo is great game, 7s sometimes i based it on previous cards example 1st card is Q next 10 , 7 and i will pick High because of previous cards. thats it
  19. password with 2fa thats how we protect it from hackers but sometimes even u protect it someone can steal it tho..
  20. Old challenge were only 1 game and 0.10 eth prize or New challenge different game and $10 worth of xrp prize. what you prefer old or new?
  21. you bust 1000xrp and u win 100k sats... stake race good to you or not?
  22. How many rolls to hit that? woooow good old days bet nice hit demarkus hope u hit that again
  23. I miss Trivia that allowed people to participate, compete and bond to everyone. sadly only support can make trivia now :<