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  1. Man it was the easiest review and 5 stars to give. Love this place Trust Pilot- Honky Cracker Stake- Fatsmcgee
  2. you know about that artificial skem.
  3. thank you and your thought to having a 200k difference? As well as the lack of transparency stake and support are doing with information know to them. I mean if there was some notification or something making users aware before hand. Not just one minuted having your balance at 200k (down from 1.4 million) to 0 and support pretty much say well not our problem. And i will add i have talked to several people now that have had that same issue. you know it baffles me that no one besides a few care about this. First i didnt post in the bugs & issues section because i knew it would not get its views here. And my issue is not with the bug its with the fact stake has known about it for months. I have talked to several people now all having similar issues. Why some cared and some didn't is not for me to decide. I will say that this has effects on all of you. For stake to idly stand by and let this go on has severely changed my view on them. The fact that for months who knows how many have experienced player balance discrepancies and not informed in some way or made active steps at correcting the issue brings into question the trust that i and you should have. This isnt an issue of provably fair. Its an issue of a responsible and trustworthy casino. To have my balance deplete steadily but not fast and the whole time looking up at it to see where im at was 200k off of its real balance is unethical if they knew about it and did not make active steps to correct in a timely manner. And might i add i dont thing its a lag issue as after i tired to bet and got the insufficient funds warning. I could be wrong but what i do know is stake has known about it, makes not effort to warn players and when a player says something we get a sorry about your luck attitude.. I just want you as players to ask yourself why id it not an issue to you. Im sure that like me that most of you deposit your coin here. and we just take their word that everything supposed to be fair and the casino trustworthy.
  4. I will not go into a lot of detail as you can read my post at bitcointalk. But i am shocked over this issue just made aware to me by way of it actually happening. Trust in stake is a two way street. How can i trust my balance is being reported accurately or even all bets are as i dont verify mine up until now; Please refer to the thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2072589.1400