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  1. Maybe it's true but for whales this is an option and not advisable for everyone. Ok think about this. If you will create 5 accounts and one by one you will make them reached atleast gold or platinum, don't you think that it will cost you much before you can do that? Yes it will lessen because of some wagering strategy but this strategy will not work for long time period.
  2. Very inspiring story now i have a reason to not transfer my earnings here in forum. I will now collect it for good and make it to very decent amount before to withdraw. From now on i will not waste my time and effort just to lose it on gambling.
  3. For me it's worth it. As long that you can finish it and make it, you will have weekly coupon don't you want it? And Mostly the VIP Challeng that gave you a decent reward if you get in to rank.
  4. Hindi pa at wala pa akong nakikitang naka hit neto even yung 9 tiles lang out of 10 wala pa, parang isang malaking swerte kapag na hit mo ito, malaki pa chance mo sa lotto kesa sa keno haha. At tama kayo mas mataas pa chance na mahit ang 5m multi sa mines kesa ma hit ang 1000x sa keno or 1m multi sa limbo dba?
  5. Saken simula naka 200 posts ako tumaas na bigayan, kapag gumagawa ako ng topic nasa 1500 to 2000 sats ang bigay, kapag naman nag cocomment ako nasa 500 to 1000 sats ang bigay which is good enough for daily income na din.
  6. As of now pinakamatas na negative ko ay ang btc since ito din ang madalas kong gamitin ngayon. Nasa -0.03 ang loss ko sa btc at ang sumunod naman dito ay ang xrp na nasa 400+ na.
  7. For me baccarat is better than diamond poker, not only the game but also in payout, baccarat gives 8x payout for its tie while diamond poker only gives 2x payout and the worst thing is 1.5x payout on full house. How rude right? That's why baccarat is more better for me.
  8. The best is hunting high payout starting with low basebet like 10 or 50 then put a good onloss like 100% to 300% till it go up and till you hit your desire multiplier. It tooks time but it gives a decent amount if you if goes.
  9. Yeah and i hope it will rise continuously like what happened last 2016 that bitcoin rise upto 20,000 usd. But now i think that xrp will rise more than we expected this year.
  10. What do you think of this game? Is it worth to play for? Or like chartbet change the game to the new mode or method like in terms of payout. Do you agree with this?
  11. Im expecting more here on stake like new games, new modes, new skin/ui, new perks for vips. And more bonuses ofcourse
  12. Oh 14 Billion bets, stake is really indeed. So many players who wager every single day, it's done so fast that now we are reaching 14 Billions bets. There's a great reward again who hit this bet exactly.
  13. As of now there's no changes or new this year 2020 but let's wait for the team stake on what they will bring to us. For sure there will be new games to be release.
  14. Sa totoo lang nakakatamad na pero dahil sa pwede na rin pag tyagaan at nkakaipon naman kahit papaano eh pag tiisan na din, mag parami nalang tayo ng posts upang tumaas ang mga bawat reward na nakukuha naten kada comment at new topic na nagagawa. Pero as in nakakatamad haha. Ako di ko nalang tinitignan kung ilan nakukuha ko basta comment at isip ng topic nalang.
  15. Ewan? Haha pero siguro dahil kahit papaano eh kumikita ako dito kahit hindi ako ganun kalakas mag sugal pero yung bonus at giveaways panalo kapag nakakuha ka, isang taon na nga din ako dito sa stake at sa isang taon na yon may mga nakita naman akong panalo o kinita ko dito. Kaya eto hanggang ngayon nasa stake parin at nagbabakasaling maka jackpot kahit 1btc lang.