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  1. Now the price of bitcoin is low and it is good time for investing in bitcoin and definitely it have better future.
  2. Yeah this is the one of good coin and better coin for investment.
  3. Yeah i agree with this...
  4. Crypto trading is good and better than stock market because we can get good profit than stock market in the crypto trading.
  5. As long as you are wagering for fun and only wagering amounts of money that you are comfortable losing, sports betting can be a great hobby and past time. You get so much entertainment value from sports betting for a fraction of the price of other hobbies and activities.
  6. In my opinion both are good to use, we can use both.
  7. there are many but most like coins are DASH, 1X2 and ETH.
  8. Yeah in these days the price is gradually decreasing but no problem and no need to worry this is common thing in all crypto, crypto price always volatile.
  9. You people believe in the blockchain in the future?? What are beliefs you people have in the blockchain??
  10. Do research before involving or investing any altcoins because it will help you for make good profit and avoiding scams. so be careful before investing.
  11. I'm just asking about combination of POS and MN coins and How it will be helpful for investment ?? GOOD?? or BAD??
  12. Really good one, best of luck...
  13. What is your opinion about pos+mn over other coins??
  14. Guys one more good news, 1X2 got added on MN STATISTICS, they provide complete data and stats of 1X2.