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  1. marsh

    Etherum decrease in value

    Yeah in these days the price is gradually decreasing but no problem and no need to worry this is common thing in all crypto, crypto price always volatile.
  2. marsh

    Future Blockchain

    You people believe in the blockchain in the future?? What are beliefs you people have in the blockchain??
  3. marsh

    How to avoid altcoin and ico scams

    Do research before involving or investing any altcoins because it will help you for make good profit and avoiding scams. so be careful before investing.
  4. marsh

    POS+MN Combination

    I'm just asking about combination of POS and MN coins and How it will be helpful for investment ?? GOOD?? or BAD??
  5. marsh

    Do you like this method?

    Really good one, best of luck...
  6. marsh

    POS+MN Combination

    What is your opinion about pos+mn over other coins??
  7. Guys one more good news, 1X2 got added on MN STATISTICS, they provide complete data and stats of 1X2.
  8. marsh

    Is the world ready for Blockchain?

    Yes blockchain is ready to rock the world and already it is spread in many platforms and companies. this will come soon in all ways.
  9. marsh

    Etherum decrease in value

    It is common thing in crypto so no worries about decreasing the prices keep waiting and do trade when price is increase.
  10. marsh

    For your hold or sell?

    As a investor my opinion is this is the time for buy coins and hold for long time because the price is low and price will increase in next days for sure.
  11. marsh

    Very Unpredictable

    yes we can't predict the market price and it's very complicated to know the trading market and if you want to make huge profit then you should know the market well and involving well.
  12. marsh

    Why most people loss in gambling?

    just because of lack in the basic knowledge about gambling and they didn't think in smart way to play games and it's not easy to win in gambling. knowledge is very important.
  13. Now it's great to see that 1X2 is trending on MASTERNODE ONLINE. the price is good and stable... already 283 masternodes are active. Soon it will reach the goal...
  14. marsh

    Wallet Suggestions for BCH?

    In my opinion COINOMI better and it is mobile wallet so it will more helpful and good.
  15. marsh

    The next Bitcoin ?

    No one altcoin will replace bitcoin for sure... because bitcoin is father of all crypto.