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  1. DIAMONDPOKER: 2,564,557,714 placed by talatk on 28/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 DIAMONDPOKER: 2,564,596,369 placed by talatk on 28/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100
  2. I never did invest to an ICO but I know my friends got some real profit from there a few months ago. ICO was a big deal on the market for a very long time but I cann tell that it's time is closing to it's end. And for your questions, I don't think nobody can take the responsibility and give you an ICO advice since it hasa huge risk and please don't forget that the amount you'll profit or loss will be associated with the amount you invest so if you have $1 to risk, it must be your minimum, but if you have $1000 to risk, that must be your minimum. Everyone has a budget and only they know their budget. Just like you.
  3. Every year and again and again and again, those banks come out and say it's not safe it will crash and it's a balloon but everybody knows that the biggest balloon are them and they just wanna hide it by changing the point of direction.
  4. But what if someday the forum get a huge attack by those trolls and you can't manage it? I don't think trusting the community on these matters is safe to rely on.
  5. Actually that's the thing Xylber, as I said in my post, we have to define what's distubing and not for us as forum users so the moderators can make some rules about them. For example: I saw a photo a duck on fire on its head, I don't care if it's photshop or not but violance is violance right? And as you said, I can think it as a violance but you may not so we have to decide wheter it's "disturbing" or not as community.
  6. I too have a lovely cat just like that in my house so I don't think there's anything wrong about it As I said in the post, first of all we have to decide what kind of photos we don't want to see in here so maybe after that we can have a rule list for the photos and the mods can review the photos by looking that list and consider them whether they are appropriate or not.
  7. Ugghh... I waited it to hit the camera and now I'm in the purgatory and writing some notes onto your soul That would be the appropriate ending for the video, maybe I can make it done with editing it, so cringed right now.
  8. No actually your chances of doubling your money is quite around %48.5-%49.5 in here. What makes it seem like you are getting busted on a 80 percent is the way we see the long trip as that way(by remembering only the reds). But you know the chances are always the same if you play 1 unit to x100 and 50 unit to x2 in the long run. And for your last sentence, I don't think nobody enjoys loosing money in here but they always loose it and they always know it. So why they still coming back? That must be the question we have to ask ourselves as a thoughtful human being
  9. Hi forum! First of all I must say that I'm not against anyone's free will and I'm always hoping for a better world without needing any restrictions. BUT: I'm seeing some disturbing profile photos in here and wondered if is there a restriction for the photos we may put to our profiles or everyone free to put anything? And does that photos going on a review by mods(so we can don't let the disturbing photos pass) or is it automatically added? Last but not least, how can we say a photo is inappropriate and should be deleted without making some rules by the community to see what do we see as disturbing or not?
  10. People got freak out when their systems got 14-15 red in a row but nobody have still come up with a story like this. (15+ green in a row) So I think we still make our plans on the possibilities of coming red to the next one and it's kinda pessimistic
  11. Well I don't think there is a chance for the same dirt is on our screens so, yeah it's negative for sure ☺️
  12. My favorite is blackjack and its because I like playing with cards I suppose. And yeah I usually play only this one.