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  1. good luck my friend olega wich u big luck to day bro
  2. good luck yaro i love u man i like ur videos all congrats
  3. Good luck Edward win big!! Username: niceone6
  4. Stake username: niceone6 i wich u good luck carol Number of cards won in a row: 16Bet ID:HILO: hilo:69,969
  5. wunderful info guys i like to know every thing in site
  6. big big good luck stake ..i wich big good luck to admins
  7. so many thanks guys .wunderful see u posting here love.u
  8. hi ppl Hi you know me already. niceone everywhere, I am new here at stake.com, because this is new too. i wich u Good luck to all.
  9. 6 houre maybe or more i like it is nice site have fun time here