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  1. I do not think that it will lower more than its price and also its price will slowly recover as a result of lowering price due to the bear market
  2. HumberRolls

    Bitcoin 5k record!

    Again its price is falling due to the bearish market but its price will recover and it has to reach that year 20k
  3. Username HumberRoll ty eddie miroslavito
  4. Because all the time there is a drop and a rise in the price, I don't think I can get $ 50,000 by the end of 2020, but I do think it can reach twice its current price today
  5. Bet on the qualification of the Qatar 2022 soccer world cup
  6. It is a good idea to provide this information since we will know each of the sellers whether it is reliable or not, and also what we can sell to each seller Excellent contribution
  7. Well, at first, coinpayments was giving away 100 CPS COIN in a launch campaign which was worth almost $ 10 of its price and well I claimed it but it is useless and now it is just offering to exchange CPS COIN to a new coin called candles (vlx) and to change you need to verify your account with documents which I already did and now I made the exchange to CANDLES (VLX) Will that serve anything?
  8. For me at the end of September its price will be lowered, I say in my opinion since it rises like crazy at that time and then there is a drop in its price
  9. I don't care and I don't care either, since the only creator of bitcoins is Satoshi Nakamoto and but he can be a person who supported his creation project or I don't know
  10. And a question can be changed to bitcoins just by chance and I see that it is an ico I think I do not understand anything lol
  11. My suggestion to administrators and developer that the best coins they can add are XMR (monero) and neocoin in my opinion and let's see the opinion of others!
  12. Well to keep your bitcoins safe it is better to send a vault with 2fa activated so nobody can get your coins and also have your mail with double security or otherwise it could happen for you
  13. Hopefully it raises its price that is the hope for investors and miners since I would love to raise its price but I think so