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  1. hahaha good bitcoin is very famous for today since its price is very valued but it will always be lost
  2. that would be a good opportunity and would be a profitable high for the business related to FB
  3. I am looking for a wallet for my cell phone and also get my own address as 1Humber
  4. I want to know if it is reliable to use the program as an official use or only is it authorized Seuntjie
  5. Update: Until now I do not get the promotion of stellar is lacking does not pay in reality and the verification takes a long time
  6. good news and excellent information on the price of ltc, soon recover its price
  7. impossible that the btc reached $ 100k since every moment of this up and down then it would take years to reach this record
  8. That's why you children have to keep your wallet securely so that nobody can steal or hack the private key, if you have bitcoin try to sell you already have your cash safe
  9. I would buy a car first and live in the United States with a friend and the rest I would invest in a bank so that I would be interested
  10. Quiet nothing happens after the price will rise like crazy or at least the bitcoins bubble is broken and there chao satoshi Nakamoto: P
  11. I use my transactions mostly in paxful or localbitcoins since their confirmations are fast due to their high fee that they send in transactions
  12. But to reach this price it would take an average of 2-3 years to get that price if there is luck or the price will fall like the same story as always
  13. I prefer to invest Monero I like that coin and I'll see if I can and achieve some profit
  14. In my country they will never be authorized in bitcoins as payment method
  15. But what time it takes to verify in coinbase and claim their damned stellar because they seem to never give LOL