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  1. I come to talk about a casino called Blackjack Fun that is just a game that is the famous Blackjack, you already know it, which was launched in 2018, you can deposit bitcoin, litecoin and dash and above all the most important that the games are results fair, it contains Probably fair, well yes sir, you can edit client seed to be more fair and more fun in your bets It contains fun chip so you can try the game. Good luck to you all Link: https://blackjack.fun
  2. Hopefully it raises its price that is the hope for investors and miners since I would love to raise its price but I think so
  3. I mean, the difference of 800 BTC of 2015 is because bitcoin was at a low price, that is, an investment and now it sells its house again and gets its 800 btc back but its price is high, that is, it achieved an average profit of 10-100x
  4. Well, for me the best place to exchange is binance and https://cryptogamblers.pub since they have facilitated me to exchange currencies within stake and the lowest market commission
  5. well, some restaurants in my city accept bitcoins and we also have bitcoin ATMs but because of my country, the government determines that the btc has no support because what is prohibited as a payment method
  6. No coins are better than bitcoin, since bitcoin is very useful for trade or exchange or investment due to its famous price, which is useful for everything, or at least that they will soon create new coin than btc
  7. Now I see that most of the exchange such as Paypal A Btc and more than 500 users work from countries in Kenya, but I wonder why there are many exchangers from that country, someone resolves that doubt
  8. investing in bitcoins is a good option as long as its price rises and in addition my earnings would give me an advantage to buy a luxury mansion and a hahah limousine is a joke but it is a good idea
  9. Thanks for the information you give us and so we can be more updated but some altcoin recover their price in slow mode, but eth is very good and also its price is good
  10. I think it is impossible to reach the end of the year of 2019 with the average price of $ 20,000, if that year there were big falls but then it has slowly recovered
  11. Paypal there is a lot of risk to sell balance and change for another method even worse than selling to a new one that has no reputation who pays you paypal and charges you easily
  12. HumberRolls

    doge on binance

    hahah is surprising news that they added that coin to binance and it would be a good investment and I think they will use more in doge-related exchanges
  13. I like Stake to win big and then I always end up losing all my money: P
  14. Obviously xrp since it was one of the best coins of the year and was also promoted and added in Primedice and Stake and was much more useful in the price and also as in the bets