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  1. Happy Birthday, good day and good luck in your day !
  2. Before I asked Eddie when I was new you had to refund my deposit but now not anymore, if I lose money I do not give a damn
  3. BLACKJACK: 4,011,575,428 placed by HumberRoll on 26/03/2019 Wagered 0.00060000 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00060000
  4. Hahaha $ 300k in fee, is something crazy, I preferred in vice versa, jajjaaa must be someone millionaire who gives money to the miners
  5. Well my best two cryptos is LTC and BTC because the bitcoin is famous and interesting worldwide and the LTC is feeling rich or millionaire when 1 ltc
  6. Well, I think that someone should be interested in finding a job super easy and it is fascinating that they pay in crypto and not have any risk of their life
  7. Who knows, it can reach 10k $ or $ 50k but it is very complicated with the rise in its price since there is inflation with the bitcoins but soon it will reach its record of $ 20k
  8. Now nobody knows about its price if this year goes up or down, since it always happens two at the same time, who knows, only karma knows
  9. I have heard that xapo can give you a debit card and you can top up with btc or credit card and withdraw them at an ATM
  10. Currently you are prohibited in this channel.
  11. that we buy bitcoins with paypal and it has us fucked up with the commissions and worse so much that it asks for the verification