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  1. Qvvaser109

    Plinko. 8, 9 and 10 pins. My Sweetspot.

    Yes, of course. There is a possibility to win big on all the pin settings. I've done very well on 16 pins hitting the 130X and 26X back to back. I haven't hit the 1000X yet but I'm just as happy with hitting 43X ten times..
  2. Qvvaser109

    Plinko. 8, 9 and 10 pins. My Sweetspot.

    I noticed everyone talks about the 1000X slot on plinko..... all the time. I've dropped more balls aiming for the 1000X than any other pin variation. When something just isn't working, best thing to do is try something different. Well, lately I've been playing 8, 9, and 10 pins setup and I've been consistently staying green on my lifetime stats.
  3. Qvvaser109

    Why most people loss in gambling?

    Here is my take on this topic. I think most gamblers win a lot. There will, of course be times where your balance goes straight down but from my experience, if people would have just a bit more self control and a little less greed, we would have more people seeing green on their overall stats. I am guilty too but I have developed a skill for cashing out and many sites I play at I am in the green for lifetime stats.
  4. It's only profit if you cash out.
  5. Qvvaser109

    Who is your best friend on stake?

    Bromances are naturally awkward. Especially long distance ones.😎👍
  6. Qvvaser109

    Who is your best friend on stake?

    I would have to say Lilyflow is definitely my favorite Stake patron. Oh my god. I was going to say the same exact thing about Bigmann. I'm glad I didn't. That would've been super awkward.
  7. Considering it's only considered profit if you cash out, Mine is 0. My biggest win was 11,318X on a tiny 0.00001024ETH bet. That would never happen if I was betting higher. believe me, I've tried.
  8. Qvvaser109

    Turbo speed mines without spamming the bet button

    I noticed that it behaves differently based on the timing of the first stop. There is a way to get it to work without all the visual bugs and the forced stop. I've done it many times. Maybe it's just dumb luck. So this one is already well known. That's ok. I am a master of finding patterns and anomalies. I will find a non-exploitative, glitch in the Matrix.
  9. This is a trick I discovered recently and no one in chat seemed to know what I was talking about when I mentioned it. How to achieve turbo speed auto bets while playing mines: 1.) Set up your automatic betting to your liking. (Pattern, Wager Amount, Win/Loss Behavior) None of that effects the turbo speed bets. 2.) Once you're all set up, click the "Start Automated Betting" button. The timing has to perfect for this next step... 3.) After a few rounds click the "Stop Automated Bets" right at the same time as the results appear on the screen then immediately click start, stop start again. That is all. If you do it right you will be betting 5 rounds per second on auto. This has only been tested on Opera Browser. Enjoy. ~ Q