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  1. "hahha, you believe jinxes?" Ummmmm. No. Did you read my post at all? I said the exact opposite. Even the title strongly suggests that I don't believe in jinxes. This is a very logical reply, actually.
  2. The instructions are in the OP. I even included a tutorial with pictures.
  3. How many times have you won a decent sized multiplier and then been flooded with PMs from friends and strangers alike? If you've been playing in crypto casinos for awhile, I'm sure the answer is "many times". This brings me to the topic of this post. How many times have you immediately lost after a big win while simultaneously answering this barrage of private messages? It seems logical to blame the people PMing you with their infinite words of wisdom. Telling you things like "Please withdraw" or "Don't bust, bro" or "Nice hit. I have no luck" or "Keep it up"...... Although the timing is perfectly aligned every time, I can assure you that with or without the flood of messages, you would've lost anyways. Here's why.... If you consider the odds of actually winning a high multiplier, you will find that to even hit one of these jackpots is ultimately rare. If the odds of hitting is 1 out of 10000000, what do you think the odds are of hitting twice in a short period of time? Well, the odds are exactly the same as they were the first time. Expecting to hit twice in the same timeframe is asking a lot from the universe. lol. Why do we feel the need to place blame on others? Whether it be a friend, the casino, the algorithm or the atmospheric pressure on mars and global warming, we, as humans, possess the desire to be in control of the events that fill our time on this planet. With gambling online, we push a button and the rest is up to blind luck. When things turn out in our favor, we like to take credit for the outcome but that too, was luck. I hate to take away your excuses but the fact of the matter is, the reason you busted wasn't because your inbox had fifty notifications. It was simply because you kept hitting the bet button trying to beat the odds.
  4. No prob. I use the verification feature often but I've only used to check what I would've rolled a few times. I never discovered anything big that I missed.
  5. Yeah. I rarely check what I would've rolled but I still think it's a cool feature. No problem. I'm full of useless knowledge.
  6. I am rarely complimented on having awesome information. Definitely not for having useful info, either. Usually my information pisses people off and ruins their day in fantasy land. lol. Thank you for the compliment.
  7. Dude spend 30 seconds on the high roller tab and then come back to this post and tell us that these beggars re just trying to be friendly. LMAO. You're trollin', right???
  8. I feel your pain. I am pretty sure half of the people that pretend to like me are only doing it because they've seen me win and drop huge rains or tips. I usually keep tips off the main chat but rain is rain. Can't rain in private.
  9. Mine is around 6k Satoshi every hour. It's really worth it if you let it stack up. I usually stack only two before I start playing. Lol.
  10. Not always. Sometimes it's good to know that you made the right decision. What if you changed your seed and then won? If you went back to see what would've happened you could find out that maybe you would've lost the next 200 rolls and made the right decision to change your seed. I usually do it when I feel like it has gone stale. Usually around 5-7k bets. Of course Stake is fair.... Even so, I feel it is our duty as players to verify from time to time.
  11. That has happened to me a bunch of times. I didn't even know I was racing until it was over and I saw the notification pop up with my prize.