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  1. so as i say! i payd a lot for you to make that bingo shit! because you was always working and in airplain! after you need to send me my back you come with your daughter story! 1 week later you send a pic with your daughter on the background dumbass! so yeah i take 0.1from you..the money that i payd earlier for you with no way back.... and so as wauwau say your the bad guy with your alt account. you scammed kinanik! 4months later when i told kin thats you..you paid him back because you was busted fucker! dont talk shit here! karma is a life and you know that.... so thnx for my money.but takes to long time to hitt you finaly Greetz chipito
  2. thats a bigg boom baby! Congratulations on that stuff buddy.. enjoy the money and dont bust it on a other place! greetz chipito
  3. Look out for this boy @nattekut he is a scammer.... he try to make good things up so he make people to his friendlist.... later he will attack you for money,be carefullllllll he did the same by me...told that his daughter was died by falling from a horse! after i pay for him a lot of money for investments! so he need a few weeks rest and cant pay back till the time! the time today just nothing back from him so pleasse be awared dont do jobs with this guy!you will be fucked verry bigg no problem chipito always there....so i hitt him fckng bigg back like x10! so thats the reason why stake not love chipito anymore.. but its oke...dont believe his shit! just like this stuff...did you guys ever see that bingosite? nope...because all he want was people who will invest in him for the test rounds! something like...can you invest a little? if yes i will make you admin and give you % from the profits! i tell this only 1 time...run away from this guy...♥ greetz chipito
  4. Pleasse be awared for fckng scammers here on stake.. all they want is your money Dont exchange in private with no person....you will be scammed.... Dont sell coins in private...you will be scammed..... Dont use crazy links that people send you....you will be scammed..... DON´T PLAY PLINKO....YOU WILL BE SCAMMED Greetz the real scammer of stake
  5. heya guys.... do you think that bitcoin will go back to the 20k$? etherium back to the 1400$ bch back to the 1600$? we will wait for that moment greetz chipito
  6. Congratulations stake on your 7 billionth bet! ♥♥♥♥♥ well done and up to 10 billionth greetz chipi
  7. they say coupons..... party...... i wait fckng 5 hours on my sleepy ass to see the new V2 they say (my time) 00:00 but 04:16 was there finaly some action with 4 dogecoins rain and 200keth, ow dont forget the 500k ltc from milan! lmao they have us verry deep in the system! they think we are fckng junky's or wat? give the junky's some little crack and they stay and stay and stay! still no coupon, still no action.......... fuck this shit ps: the most wagered btc is all about the hiden highroller bots.
  8. you can always tip people with /tip username /rain to make random rains /trivia to make questions for it! but trivia's in the chat is always and good greetzzz chipito
  9. i know i know! but i try to think a way to make chat better for every users! lot of people thinking about to leave stake nly for the stress
  10. hi kate! pleasse read wat i mean. rakeback system! depends on your total wagered amount XD greetz
  11. thats 1 of the reasson to delete rainbot, because there are a lot of alts online! anyways thnx for your feedback gougou
  12. there snike, is probably only possible if you wagered 7btc or more XD so on your stats i see wagered 7btc! so i think you can start it now greetz chipito
  13. Hellow Stakers.... Glad to see you here,and i know just like you that you are serious fckd up when you see people thanks the rainbot or gratz the winners after a rain catch. We know that the stake team is working about this BIGG problem, with more mute's, warnings and maybe some more(perm mute). in the first thing pleasse understand that you are in a online casino, and not in a market where you ask people for money... Otherway every rain is a free gift from stake.com and totaly a change for free users to try games and win some money. (pleasse thanks the staketeam for this,and not the public chat,because its serious annoying to regular players) If you want to play in a casino you need money, so go to account-deposit(and send some crypto to play) OK next ............................ I was thinking about a easy system where we can shoot out the rainbot and faucet,so we can play here without any angry people in the chat! I thought why not a bonus system,where you can build up your bonus, depends on your total wagered ( BTC ) why btc? the total marketcap runs on the satoshi. So lets say something like this.. 0.00005000 Daily 0.00010000 Weekly 0.00100000 Monthly (just the same system like the affiliate and rakeback 0.01% ) I am for sure that this system will help the stake comunnity ,and nice to see your bonuses in your account. Pleasse feel free to give your thought of this system, Easy Simple And lovely Have respect for every player, but this problem looks like it will be every day only more more more frustrated. Anyways thanks for your time to read this, and feel free for a reaction greetz Chipito
  14. use startcard A and make combo 4,4,5,4,4,5,5,5,1,2,4,5,4,4,4,5,5,4,5,4,4,5,4,4,5,5,5,4,4,52,2,4,5,4,2,4,5,,5,54,2,4, greetz gl