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  1. thats sucks..sorry to see this because i loan her also money. and every day she come with lovely words to ask more! and more and more(just a little? tomorrow my investment will come) hi did you hitt serious that 1 bitcoin? wtf lovely pitoo can shoot me some? my phone not here for 2fa bla bla.. and also she have a load of altcoins so as i know and hear from poeple here anyways goodluck
  2. chipito

    Scamsite cryptohelix.net

    Guys look out,different people are looking for people, to whitdraw 1.2 bitcoin that guy cant whitdraw from china...so he ask if you can make account on cryptohelix.net! after that you have 1.2 btc in your account but you need to deposit first 0.01btc to open your account! to make whitdraws etc etc etc... dont fall for it guys! thnx and pleasse look out
  3. chipito

    [Closed] Stake Lottery! #4

    Sended for 1 ticket Goodluck all http://prntscr.com/m35rz8
  4. chipito

    Discord Giveaways