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  1. this shit sounds like.. fuck no1 loan me more.. fck i am perm muted! and fck lets hitt other people to give them a perm mute! dont blame shit on others dude. repay your shit and play for money
  2. godluck in the stream buddy! and also in the race chipito
  3. goodluck all and happy birthday greetz chipito ♥♥
  4. good luck in your stream buddy greetz chipito
  5. Today is stakes second birthday..... Whaduhekkkk 2 years already....that means we celebrate this day woth bigg love and lovely 🎁 My best moments are my 1bitcoin winnings on plinko 1000x.... I wish the stake team and all other players a lovely day.... With kind of regards chipito
  6. chipito


    totaly agree with this buddy.... since days every site ask for fckng ID verify and pictures of your faces! thats why i buy only btc in little amounts..everywhere! bitcoin is not secret anymore...in all the worlds the states are scared to lose bigg tax or something... greetz
  7. pleasse can the chat a little bit bigger? my eyes are old and cant read it normal in this fast way! more people the same problem? goodluck all
  8. yeah brother! we all know that AJAX will winn this game! ajax joden superjoden! goodluck brother! lets the best winn this fight
  9. Jackpots always nice buddy... But just a lovely livestream from of the team with some giveawaya would be nice 💪💪💪 congratulations stake...my gift is bring my account back open❤
  10. Hey stakers... Daily i see in chat a lot of people askinf to where they can buy bitcoin with paypal or itunescard...or other ways.... https://paxful.com/roots/buy-bitcoin/index?affiliate=5Zxk7wV5kpW Www.paxful.com (clean link) Trusted and legit since a long time... Greetz chipito
  11. yeah when i have a fckng good green run...we all know the red streak will come to fuck you... everytime the same!
  12. sounds great i need to try it out... did you winn good with it? Greetz