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  1. all the best today♥ jvlivs
  2. sport:591691 here we go copy it from oleg! @OlegBarca if we win this.. i share with you♥
  3. Goodluckkkkk enjoy the day and keep going♥♥♥ greetzzz JVLIVS
  4. Heya sportbetters! everyday people are asking for free livestreams! http://www.rojadirecta.me/ lot of sport available and for FREEEEEEE!!!! like footbal basketball tennis and lot of others.. Enjoy and goodluck peepz
  5. Dash would be a verry good coin to play with! We need a bigg coin. not a doge coin♥ keep going guys respect♥
  6. forum name chipito stake name jvlivs Goodluck in stream♥
  7. guys what do you think? Btc is a little bit crazy this days! will this coin go back to the 10k$? Greetz chipito
  8. chipito

    slots strategy

    Hi slot player! whats your best strategy in slots game? 1-20lines..... wich 1 is the best? And wat is your biggest hitt? for me i play only 14 lines.but it seems like there are better ways to grind a high payout! Highest payout for me is 380x Greetz chipito
  9. whats the point to change your nickname? i dont know!
  10. looks like a hott way! congratz on this run greetzz chipito