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  1. they say coupons..... party...... i wait fckng 5 hours on my sleepy ass to see the new V2 they say (my time) 00:00 but 04:16 was there finaly some action with 4 dogecoins rain and 200keth, ow dont forget the 500k ltc from milan! lmao they have us verry deep in the system! they think we are fckng junky's or wat? give the junky's some little crack and they stay and stay and stay! still no coupon, still no action.......... fuck this shit ps: the most wagered btc is all about the hiden highroller bots.
  2. you can always tip people with /tip username /rain to make random rains /trivia to make questions for it! but trivia's in the chat is always and good greetzzz chipito
  3. i know i know! but i try to think a way to make chat better for every users! lot of people thinking about to leave stake nly for the stress
  4. hi kate! pleasse read wat i mean. rakeback system! depends on your total wagered amount XD greetz
  5. thats 1 of the reasson to delete rainbot, because there are a lot of alts online! anyways thnx for your feedback gougou
  6. there snike, is probably only possible if you wagered 7btc or more XD so on your stats i see wagered 7btc! so i think you can start it now greetz chipito
  7. Hellow Stakers.... Glad to see you here,and i know just like you that you are serious fckd up when you see people thanks the rainbot or gratz the winners after a rain catch. We know that the stake team is working about this BIGG problem, with more mute's, warnings and maybe some more(perm mute). in the first thing pleasse understand that you are in a online casino, and not in a market where you ask people for money... Otherway every rain is a free gift from stake.com and totaly a change for free users to try games and win some money. (pleasse thanks the staketeam for this,and not the public chat,because its serious annoying to regular players) If you want to play in a casino you need money, so go to account-deposit(and send some crypto to play) OK next ............................ I was thinking about a easy system where we can shoot out the rainbot and faucet,so we can play here without any angry people in the chat! I thought why not a bonus system,where you can build up your bonus, depends on your total wagered ( BTC ) why btc? the total marketcap runs on the satoshi. So lets say something like this.. 0.00005000 Daily 0.00010000 Weekly 0.00100000 Monthly (just the same system like the affiliate and rakeback 0.01% ) I am for sure that this system will help the stake comunnity ,and nice to see your bonuses in your account. Pleasse feel free to give your thought of this system, Easy Simple And lovely Have respect for every player, but this problem looks like it will be every day only more more more frustrated. Anyways thanks for your time to read this, and feel free for a reaction greetz Chipito
  8. use startcard A and make combo 4,4,5,4,4,5,5,5,1,2,4,5,4,4,4,5,5,4,5,4,4,5,4,4,5,5,5,4,4,52,2,4,5,4,2,4,5,,5,54,2,4, greetz gl
  9. heya buddy goodluck and thnx for your streamtime greetz chipito
  10. RAINBOT rainbot is here to enjoy the chat and the activ players with a nice little free gift from stake! people who play with bigg dek, will love it to see a rain as thank you... so bigg players close the stats, to shoot away all the beggers and scammers.... OKgood So wat means this topic? shoot your stats open so beggars and scammers see how much money you play here! so they have a change to hitt you... and that all for a little rain? come on be fair, you know wat i mean greetz chipito
  11. chipito


    Yihhaaaaa here we go guys! we open a new world in the chat with a lot of fun and some little giveaways(for free)
  12. Hi Stakers.... Maybe you think Chipito is going crazy.. But i have the feeling that stake V2 have a backdoor miner in the site. Because always when i play in stakeV2 my pc is going crazy with the cooler and fckng slow, like he is mine coins and use my hashpower in a secret way! When i close V2 and go back to stake 1 my pc is back to normal... I know you can put some secret monero miners in every website, so every visiter will mine some little stuff! in the time that the visiter is on the site. Can some1 explain this to me? greetz chipito
  13. yeah photoshop and not from discord, but from my paint! easy to make lol you have a point but i mean not a stakecoin to play with here.. but for investment
  14. lol kix it was a photoshop for a idea how he looks XD hahahah
  15. Hello players, and devs... Maybe it's time to bring a totaly new life in the cryptoworld ''STAKECOINS'' a good way to invest our money,and lovely to make a good and bigg marketing for stake.com i give it a YES.. goodluck Devs it's up to you lollll Greetz Chipito
  16. Sorry guys i am a free player, i am here to begg and wait for rainbot i need that money to play ,because i am to addicted to run away from stake..... can someon explaine me who the hell kidnapp the rainbot? i hope support can find him, and pay the kidnapper that 1million$ to take him back! Greetz chipito
  17. STAKE? why you shoot out the system without a warning to the players? cant believe this....serious not.. its a little time of your life, to warn us before you shoot out the system! little bit angry about this shit now greetz chipito
  18. Device: laptop hp Operating System:windows 10 Browser:chroom Do you notice smoother animations on Stake 1 or Stake 2:like it all but love the 1 Do you notice faster betting speed on Stake 1 or Stake 2:i notice on 1 faster games Are there any particular games you're having issues with on Stake 2:on 2 when yu play and push on chat yoour bet amount is gone Are you currently playing on Stake 1 or Stake 2? If Stake 1, why:stake 1 because i love the old 1
  19. so we need to find out beta with bugs.... we need to lose money, to find the bugs. We need to make a topic about this, so we can show the bugs... whats wrong in this way? i cant believe why the dev talk like'' ahhh yeah wel fuckng little problem need to fix him asap'' Did you really understand that this is not a fair way to test your new system? sorry and sorry and sorry we cant buy nothing with sorry.... @ the end we lose money (Real money) not virtual money I hope this problem will solved soon ASAP! because this is bad for the name ''stake''
  20. thats the point now dark, we all lose money in a not fair way... so that means! we lose money and play more, because we trust the bets and results, so we click more like junky's... i can say serious that i didnt think about to chek my bets before i see this topic now.. and now we feel all the pain in a onfair beta.. its not playmoney devs.. its our real money that yu cant proof in a fair way