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  1. I would choose to invest for a return .... and the game to bet with this return the ..but say that we replace the games by the investment, I do not agree Cheers...!
  2. bicoinman

    Player Vs Player Game

    yeah i see it .. style of external miner for slow wins or slow lost .. it depend of your game.. but the way that you deconnect and the game keep continous same as you is conected ? it is not really possible!! but if you have great suggest you can try to send it to S guys...
  3. bicoinman

    Your wife or gambling?

    yeah i agree this option because my family is my wife and my wife is my family , cause my love is my family so love = family = wife !!!
  4. bicoinman


    loool DB, yes I want to stop playing for a moment on Stake for several reasons ... but to say that I'm going to let Stake go with my ponion ??? it gluts very deep because I count after my departure come back and make a fortune little by little ... do not worry I'm still there for the moment Chere Dark ... so Good luck to you brother!!! Cheers...!
  5. bicoinman

    Player Vs Player Game

    it is a very good idea but who knows in this type of games the bot can decide that none of your bets will leave only him .... to a number or a letter that you have not chosen .. This will make him win big in the short term! but anyway .. I think it's a nice initiative Cheers...!
  6. ahahah .. all this is usual, if you test a strategy that makes you win, do not try to multiply more to win more because if you do you may openly lose a very high sum of your money. .. I am the living proof .. lol but anyway play moderately as if you have not done anything since you arrived .. I think test this strategy but I have not yet the funds so good luck to you guys Cheers...!
  7. bicoinman

    [Open] The Ultimate High Roller Video Contest!

    so we can edit our replied topic?
  8. bicoinman

    [Open] The Ultimate High Roller Video Contest!

    Stevy .. pls how about my video .. is it passible ,?admissible ?
  9. I think that this image of cryptomony known worldwide bitcoin that we all do is just an image. Because Bitcoin Gold derives from BITCOIN, it is hard to say that bitcoin can not can not give way .... honestly let's see a bit bitcoin system together .. it is present since, which means that its tree structure, its way of working, its lines of codes are already associated with our daily life not to say that these systems are based on the life she had! So I would say that for those who love and love Bitcoin, it's true it's a good thing but if you want adventure and fun like from the beginning, you'll rub a little bit BITCOIN GOLD Cheers...!
  10. bicoinman

    [Open] The Ultimate High Roller Video Contest!

    okay nice, that is my video ..thank you for waching... Cheers...!
  11. bicoinman

    Real Life Pictures

    my job I would get a doggie like that! oh that he is adorable ...
  12. bicoinman

    Are these the starting signs of bullrun?

    I think yes I go and even have to buy them because they can in view of the intiability of Bitcoin, make a percentage increase of up to x2000 who knows. maybe. so I should do it Cheers...!
  13. bicoinman


    Hey guys welocme here at Stake gambling site .. just be best luck for next time! Cheers...!
  14. bicoinman

    My first 5000x on the plinko!

    wooow guy.. with one doge you have done 5000x at plinko ! .. how is been the game? lol your wagered doge ear been rewarded... good game guy .Cheers...!
  15. bicoinman

    Funny Jokes #1

    ahahahahaa lol ...so if he turn in and see this book what he will do with that?