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  1. Man, I playing many sites depends on bonuses I can get. Best you can do is read research which is provided for example here at Stake site .. he is my first for the moment/... I like to have all sites at one places and checking promotions for each of them. in one time sure well!!! Cheers...!
  2. bicoinman

    A bet to the moon!

    yeah but you can be this lucky guy , this lucky player ... and have this luck .. bro luck is LUCK .. it is because i say that you you is same ... just hope that Greetings...!
  3. that will be good , hope again that dev team do that in near future to be nice ...lol for me sure!! i think that too. don't appear my other definition or explaination of real way..just keep staying and waching... Cheers...!
  4. bicoinman

    A bet to the moon!

    yeah my question mean in another way ... it is not one of this topis ..but just patiently ratachee to this one
  5. I will not be afraid of what you say because it is true .. May the first things to do I think is to master during his bets ... do not consider the first loss as a key factor for the gainn porchain ... because the robot has its magic little tricks in the bag .. will be only to make you predre all in one Cheers...!
  6. dangerous GAME .... cause 100% chances of bust at long term or in one in one time even.. Diamond poker i never really understood the avantage of it ?  But still it's a big win!! due .. becarefull and be lucky in the next time!! Cheers...!
  7. bicoinman

    A bet to the moon!

    Kate ? do you know a big way to be or have this luck gategory in Stake??.. i axk this question because .. my luck limits is X12 in one card.. lol in 2 days... greeting...!
  8. bicoinman

    2x betting formula

    I tried it many times ... but nothing, in fact I tried it for the first time and it's very satisfying lol I got $ 3 with in 5 hours .. but quellesque minutes, not hours but minutes, lol I still have it quite in the time lapse as if it was expected and the lines of mo games .. ahh and then I have it aban- doned to try to understand the robot in my way Cheers...!
  9. it looks like that level is still acting as a resistance level ..i hope that it will upgrate at the next time!! Cheers...!
  10. I love him completely. I think so too . Congratulations on your work, man ,,, but how do you know if all this work is not for a good reason that they even hide ?? it may not be very pleasant later .... in all cases .. it's nice for the moment Cheers...!
  11. bicoinman

    A bet to the moon!

    oh my god Chipito amazing huge win Congrats bro! just precise ..that play safe an be the best lucky guy bro ... don't let bet give your moo .!! give your own to bets.. nice won an good luck !! Chhers...!
  12. true it's just the same thing .. when you look deep inside ... just why are you doing it? this is inappropriate!! we will be able to transfer the thought to the scam! like this methoe walked up to his level let's change the shapes a bit to fool the guys it will take a little to learn about it ... Cheers...! to you dude @Kate
  13. you say Banks made money out of nothing and the government allowed the banks to do so. If ordinary people do what they do, we would be imprisoned...but if this entering money did not exist what we will live in the world?? in total misery or even the fall of the country as it is a little the case of this country? .. it's paradoxical I find Cheers,bro...!
  14. yeah i agree this option Hero .. but if we have big wagerss for example in Hight Rollers list .. how to take.. other guys in wagering.. who have not done this level? how... Cheers... ! to you
  15. ahahaha lol @OsmaNN just one ..! why .. for me i have mor than more. for example your Diamond Poker.. who is only hard, video poker''hard, but ...... Limboooo shit shit shit ... i hate this game .. it is very very... so much HARD .. because when you is there in playing you don't know what is your position about the numbers.. you just stay there an clic at the roll bottum . and bust ..simplely!!.. limbo is not mine.. signed Cheers...!