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  1. exactly, Hey, in my opinion, keno is really difficult. I play only when there is a problem and I just want to waste time, I could do it otherwise I do not touch it. sad
  2. I have only really played Dice and Mines, the rest aren't profitable for me thats basically why, and I'm lazy to try and find good strategy in other games lol But what I hate the most is,Plinko (can never get a big multiplier even after playing for so long),Keno,Barracat (I dont relly get the game) andDiamond Poker (its just gei poker 😛 ) I'm still pretty new and I think i will get the hang of few other games and probably get fed up of the games i currently play
  3. same for me .... what a beautiful news !!! it makes a step of jeans in your life surely .. in addition to that you are happy with what you do .. it means becaop thing brother ... Greetings! why do humans want to destroy it? how??
  4. clair , when i look all of you , i think that it is you money that you use to play but it is not mine ,your...! Certainly, I have seen several cases like that .... I also got scammed by these people to the point or me ... even if you hate your greed it does not want to say .. that you hate your life! so be proud of what you are .. brother
  5. yeah very sick !! 15k litoshi?? how , to 1 ltc lol if i win this one .. i will be happy for a long time
  6. ahahah me too, if you try it you will be bust in one time ... for me dude
  7. Hello dear Stakers, today I have a question that intrigues me deeply ..... and I would like to share it with you. in fact it is a multitude of questions: 1 ... are you proud of the life you lead today? I would like you to listen to your heart in its deepest state before answering this question ... 2 ... if so why? and if not why? 3 ... do you want to change? 4 ... what do you like on this earth all over the world? what do you hate in this world? 5 ... why do you like this? why do you hate it? 6 ... this is not a question ... but a tip: No matter what you wa
  8. guys i wath this one all time ... i've do it one ay of all days that ive beguin to play STAKE.COM lol Since I'm a stakeholder, here is in short what I do ... I make deposits I play badly ... I lose, I redepose again, and the senario starts again .. one day I wanted to film what I was playing .... and since when I watch the video it always reminds me how much I become when I play this kind of games ... what do you think friends, ?? I let fall or I try to improve? help in fact this is what I spend free time to watch .... I do not really know what I'm looking for ..
  9. same ... bacarat too .. it is very shit game for me , already for non understanding.. how it work? i don't know but need to know to be more lucky than the past and now... Cheers... !all
  10. bicoinman


    ditto for me .. I think the evolution of bitcoin depends only on its amount in total stock throughout the entire mende and saw that whatever we do, it always increases! magres the recent hacking, he has managed to return to the level e concurence always the highest .. ahaha. bitcoin! why not me... Cheers...! dude
  11. ahahahahaaha lol !!! it will be really interesting to do that .... it's even what I intend to do not bierntot you ??
  12. "A couple of gay bikers enter a store to buy motor oil. On an ad, they read "With Castrol, we fly away" So one of the bikers said "I prefer the Motul!" " Cheers...! dudes
  13. It's true it's a bit like it's what we walk .. if you ask a message about the statistics, he will tell you that the largest cryptomonaies deposited on stake is the BITCOIN! Cheers..! dude nice way ... me too .. bitcoin is first not discutable
  14. aahahah nice dude ... luck will be , i hope , for you in all of your games ...!
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