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  1. exactly, Hey, in my opinion, keno is really difficult. I play only when there is a problem and I just want to waste time, I could do it otherwise I do not touch it. sad
  2. guys i wath this one all time ... i've do it one ay of all days that ive beguin to play STAKE.COM lol Since I'm a stakeholder, here is in short what I do ... I make deposits I play badly ... I lose, I redepose again, and the senario starts again .. one day I wanted to film what I was playing .... and since when I watch the video it always reminds me how much I become when I play this kind of games ... what do you think friends, ?? I let fall or I try to improve? help in fact this is what I spend free time to watch .... I do not really know what I'm looking for ..
  3. "A couple of gay bikers enter a store to buy motor oil. On an ad, they read "With Castrol, we fly away" So one of the bikers said "I prefer the Motul!" " Cheers...! dudes
  4. good news ! we will not know how to bet and win or lose quickly as usual does the robot take into account the detais that those of stake ?? or it's just the kind of request: I bet that sum for this payout ... and I do the same thing every time .. in fact I ask if it's identical to stake?
  5. yeah i agree this option Hero .. but if we have big wagerss for example in Hight Rollers list .. how to take.. other guys in wagering.. who have not done this level? how... Cheers... ! to you
  6. Good evening Kate, if this type 'option is on stake ... how is it going to happen the 10 minutes consecutives rains of rainbot? I think that the rain replaces it .... but the ptc is an alternative! yes .. the extent or all users, exactly all can get a commission e their lost time on Stake ... "according to them" .bref any request is a nice idea for me because I understand it well ... so nice !!! Greetings...!
  7. ahaha nice .. me same .. except for cases like this one ... brother, it will learn to do if you want to know a little everywhere ..! Cheers...!
  8. yeah ... i think 100% rewards for claims... 50% rewards for eges games .. 20% for total wagerred.... 15 for deposits money......... 1% for withdrawls send....... and we will be, may be in big extention! lol Greeting...! @Edward
  9. thank you very much sir @Kate we will try it quickly and seach all srtas to have realss winns at Keno Game .. i love your suggestion
  10. yeah I think it's very exciting even if it's not you who is hitting that you resell a fiesta that comes to mind to say yes yes, hell to encourage in your mind whoever plays like this Greetings...!
  11. If I ask you ... what are you betting on, what percentage are you going to win? can I be pretentively I am on I will win when you parried ??
  12. So you, too, like me, suspect some incomprehension of this new version of Stake? .. we support each other .. I do not really comfiace the Stake 2.0 unlike the old version .. Greetings.. bro
  13. it's a good strategy to avoid putting trivial ideas in the minds of players like you are rich or something else lol nice it bro @Mistake
  14. Align Right .... mine is to win Mines Game with b letter and in reverse mod
  15. yeah me an my bid sister !!! shut up
  16. Ahahha lol ,,,lso ive made lots of litecoins due to its price drop and hodling until its price go higher expecting a comeback. Hope litecoin will be the second Bitcoin someday, which is really hard. Cheers...!
  17. he is dead he is dead ............. who? ......................... big kaka muscle
  18. Mydicebot is ti same as Dicebot or just more FAKE than Dicebot?
  19. nice new guys .. thanks for sharing us .i will remember
  20. heheheheheh lol you are laughing me guys lol
  21. Seriously, I still have not been able to strike hard at KENO until now, either it's bad luck or I'm not trying it for a long time ... so how can I be so profitable? if all the times we have been there are always attempts at losses? Cheers...!
  22. mine is :: lool mine is happening every 19th of august
  23. Religion is a means of expression, expansion and protection for those who have a ...... I think how little help to grow the country to the extent that we use it to double our strength of attacques for a better! That's why we have to believe in something bigger than us to draw our energy from typing ... These ar my thoughts about religion .. thanks for the question religion and education are two very diferetes things and no no no the two can not be put together in my opinion because in the same school, we can find several religion !! Religion must be taught in all schools
  24. I start by checking if all my friends are fine, if the day was, if they plan to do important things today then I wish them good luck because for me it pleases me and I am sure that it the plais also finally if I obtained considerable gains, I sometimes make rains and sometimes tips Cheers...!
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