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  1. I believe 1x2 team will be a get good response in crypto and gambling field in the nearer future. Its better to buy and hold many more to gain profit for the future. I hope the developer team of 1x2 will not stop doing his best for this project.
  2. 1x2 platform will make use of smart contracts which provide the benefits of transparency, fairness.This is even better than other traditional crypto's, as you feel confident and extremely secure against manipulation.so, i think in future crpypto accepting sportsbooks will rule the gambling field.
  3. 1x2 coin will become a traditional way for sprots payments in gambling sector soon..! 1x2coin have advantage that you can used it as an investment and transaction tool.Surely the step of 1x2 team will make the new trend in the crypto world.
  4. 1x2 is a crypto currency with new hopes will bring changes in the sprotsbook sites. There is no doubts. I guess 1x2 team will reach every goal.I am convinced with what they told in whitepaper and i know 1x2 coin won’t disappoint us.
  5. I'm glad to see 1x2 Coin project planning around the idea of giving betting tips to the investers of the 1x2 coin and i believe it is what gamblers need in worldwide.so my hope is that we witness continuity in this project. I joined this project wholeheartedly to become a professional gambler.
  6. yes i'm very much addicted to the gambling because i place the bets on something even i don't know about that .