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  1. niceeeeeeeeeeeeee i want thatttttttttttttttttttttttttt please develop that in stake i really need that
  2. casino just like zigzag777 website but with bitcoin accepted
  3. i tried it 4 times and all 4 times worked
  4. hahahaha your guys so fun. You guys keep doubting that this is 100% safe. It is safe if your not greedy when betting. You have to feel normal to my strat work, not greedy. <3 best of luck, and also try it, but try not feeling greedy and it works 100% times
  5. People are demanding bitcoins in exchanges, so that is a very high demand, so with high demand comes high fees a way to bypass this is, buy ether, send ether to poloniex, exchange to bitcoin!
  6. This strategy is all about chances. First lets discuss how people usually plays. They do in small bets like 4000 satoshis and something like that, and then they bust. Thats always the same history. Small bets leads to greedyness. So im here to show the best game and the best strategy. For infinite profit. Infinite fun. Guaranteed money. The best game: Dice, because you know your chances. Avoid games that dont tell you the chances like mines and stuff like that. The best strategy: 100k deposit all in 2x payout and then withdraw. Keep doing that untill your rich. Note that you can do that with 1000k satoshi that may work too. If it worked your free to tip me brears thanks for you attention, i hope to help you more soon with my revolutionary strategys
  7. Since bitcoin, jumped from 4000 to 9000, the old minimum withdraw should decrease since its worth much more. My suggestion is to decrease minimum withdraw to 100k- or at least 150k Many people like me dont have huge amounts to play with, so we play with what we can. The thing that stops me from small deposits is the 200k minimum withdraw, If it was less i would deposit more since i would be able to withdraw Thats my suggestion that the new withdraw minimum would be 100k or at least 150k Thanks, if you support this change leave a comment so we can get popular on top trends here at stake
  8. [4] Video Poker [1] Hi/Lo [3] Baccarat [N/A] Casino War [N/A] Three Card Poker [N/A] Punto Banco [N/A] No-flop Pineapple [9] Casino Hol'em [6] Joker Poker [N/A] Wild Texas [5] Sicbo [N/A] Pai Gol [8] Red Dog Poker [N/A] Two Cards High [N/A] Zero [2] Blackjack [7] Blackjack (Double Exposure) [N/A] Pontoon [N/A] Card Craps Username: brears