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  1. benr banget gan, kalau buat post juga harus yang asik biar bahasannya gak putus putus
  2. I rarely play Plinko, winning on the Plinko around payout 4x and 4x respectively
  3. I don't think there can be a safest script, it's just a lucky factor. if there really is a safe script maybe many casinos have gone bankrupt because of the script. But the fact is the script only makes us fooled because it seems like it won't lose even if you use any script you will lose if you are not lucky.
  4. kalau untuk budidaya udang sendiri harus pakai air asin jadi harus di sekitaran pesisir laut , kalau tidak di muara sungai yang airnya asin biar si udang mau hidup.
  5. even though they forbid it would not interfere, but the problem of America often makes many decisions that refer to making losses in many countries, because what we know is that a big country that tries to always make all countries follow what they make. And this is bad enough if some countries follow the decision which results will make the crypto price decline again, and I am very upset about this decision.
  6. I also feel that you are quite strange, even though binance stopped trading and he is the biggest market in the world if you think the possibility of bitcoin going through a dump.
  7. I want to add but I have forgotten because the user suddenly chatted to me and talked about wanting to borrow bitcoin to play. But I didn't respond because I didn't recognize him and he blocked my account, and it didn't matter to me
  8. I have a hobby of sleeping, playing chess, fishing, playing betting games. I really like a variety of things that are very difficult and want to prove if every difficult thing we can pass.
  9. happy mother's day for all the mothers in the world and don't forget to give a gift to the mother who gave birth to you
  10. for me is mines playing games makes me motivated to increase bets to make a profit, even though it's the beginning of a red barrage
  11. if I become an owner, I will make a rain of 10 bitcoin for all players on every hour. then upgrade the faucet, then add a present to everyone who posts in the forum, add cryptocurrency currency, create special bankrolls for investment, add sports gambling, making payout 99.99 with a profit of 9900 sounds crazy to surprise many players.
  12. my biggest hit was 800x when playing video poker games with bets around 0.1 dogecoin, I made a profit of around 156 dogecoin
  13. I have tried limbo with payout 6,000,000 but it always fails because it always stops even though the connection is smooth and I am surprised by that
  14. I quite like automatic betting because it's easier to play. And to get payout 800x is very possible because we do not need to do it manually. there was only a slight problem because I often experienced a roll and suddenly stopped.