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  1. pras111


    I am quite often chatted by beggars and I do not respond to that at all, but I am quite annoyed that they always send quite a lot of messages and make me quite disturbed in playing, yes I myself consider these beggars people who do not want capital because they want to play but without capital and I hate it enough. I once gave him once then he asked again after that I really did not give him at all
  2. sama om hidup di desa dengan lingkungan yang sejuk wah pasti enak banget , dan yang terpenting ada sinyal
  3. Hello friends, have anyone noticed the problem in the forum regarding the number of views. so I was reading a variety of topics then I saw a problem that the post was reviewed but no one saw even though it was definitely the reply to the post. does anyone experience this,
  4. we can get rakeback for accounts that already have stars, so my account does not have a star so when playing often experience lost there will be no rakeback that comes in, it is quite sad because if the money is lost there is no change even though a little. right now I'm trying to become a VIP because if I already have a star near the name then it's certain we get a rakeback and that will help us greatly when we experience defeat.
  5. sudah pasti saya bisa membayangkan hati agan kayak turun tiba tiba sedih , semua orang mungkin mengalami hal ini
  6. I also experienced what you experienced so when I was starting a pattern that I used when I was just starting out I was very quickly hit by a bomb and I made the next pattern and I was hit again by a bomb then I noticed in the first pattern there were no bombs. and I repeat it over and over again to prove it and it turns out it's enough to upset me so every new pattern I use always fails to hit. so I conclude if I am impatient in playing so playing mines is only for those who have patience.
  7. in my opinion it is quite risky if he experiences defeat because the money lost is not a small amount. so I myself thought if he was a glassy person and he was looking for entertainment by playing gambling in the casino and he was lucky enough and still able to win. but I did not imagine what if he experienced eternity, maybe he would be unconscious and would immediately try to kill himself because he had lost quite a lot of money.
  8. dulu saya suka as roma juga saat ada pemain yang radja nainggolan yang punya darah batak dan juga el sarawy dulu mantap banget .
  9. I think sharing gifts is a way for him to get a profit, so by sharing prizes many will watch it so he does it. but I really like streaming players who give out prizes because with that I can get a lot of benefits if I succeed or get lucky. but if it doesn't work, I don't get a loss as well, sharing my own gifts might be based on a sense of wanting to share something that was successful so he did it.
  10. I am also currently experiencing something like that which is where I am experiencing a crisis of victory. so for almost a few weeks I have quite often failed to hit and win. yes to me this is quite annoying because what I hope is that I can get a lot of benefits but I fail because there is no victory. I think if I'm currently out of luck so I haven't won yet. I hope I can immediately get a hit with a big profit.
  11. agan hampir sama kayak saya , saya kalau mengalami lost akan makan yang banyak biar bisa lupa kekalahan karena kadang selalu jadi pikiran meskipun kita mencoba tidak peduli
  12. I never set a time when I stopped, because in playing I was quite happy so I could spend hours and hours actually actually it was quite important but I always failed to manage time because I was too enjoying the game while playing. playing sometimes if arranged we feel bound and makes our mind become uncomfortable so what i do is set my target profit so my target in a day is 10% of the capital i have so that time will really make me bound.
  13. I myself don't really understand when I'm playing hi games, but what I use as a way to play is that I always try to open the whole card by selecting a small multiplier. because with it done continuously, it is certain that the multiplier I want will open. but sometimes I like playing with harena bots that are pretty good and we don't need to play manually. playing with bots also makes us simple so we just have to check whether we have got the advantage and then leave it
  14. pasti om untuk usaha skala besar kita harus selalu sabar yang terpenting lokasi strategis dan bisa mendapatkan banyak keuntungan , sabar membangun kuci kesuksesan .
  15. yes I am quite disturbed by this because there are many players who often ask for friendship and also chat who then I open they ask for tips from me because I have succeeded or have withdrawn and they think I have a lot of money. I hope that there is a hidden model so that we send it to the account that we have no one has tapped it. I think with the addition of the code so the privacy of the asset account that we have will be very closed