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  1. This time I want to share information for friends who want to add a total number of friends on account of stake friends. This only applies here does not apply to other sites because I do not play games on other sites: D Okay for those who know this information, I can skip this tutorial first: D For those who don't know, hopefully this information will benefit you all First of all you choose the game in the stake named Mines I will give an example using doge coin that I tested with faucet 0.1 doge, after that my friends choose what friends will click then your star will see how the risk for lost is very small 1.01 I think this is the best it's time to try guys
  2. teriimakasih banyak genk berkat trik ini saya bisa mengejar minimum chat di room terbaik buat om coeg
  3. Hello my friend .... I wants to ask how much your biggest loss while playing gambling at sake me: 2000 dogecoin please answare .... to the ask me
  4. blackjack is not fair .and me play blackjack this losts 200 dogecoin than not balanced
  5. hallo ijin bertanya om coeg bagaimana cara untuk menggunakan stake v.2
  6. wah bagus ni bisa buat variasai main ketimbang dice terus
  7. Nama user stake saya pras111 Setuju stake banyak gratisan
  8. Temen temen mau tanya alasan temen main di stake apa ??? Kalau saya sendiri stake termasuk fair